That goalkeeper was bribed Servus and welcome to a new video Today I challenged Konzi We’ll challenge each other in three different categories We’ll start with the crossbar Enjoy The two freekickerz old-timers will now A 2017 challenge Rock paper Scissors Well actually it’s almost the same but we’ll do it anyways Doesn’t really matter who begins I tried it three times Michi doesn’t show a pair of scissors, he shows three I’d say, Michi begins Each of us has three shots which we’ll take consecutively Whoever hit more crossbars after three shots wins We’ll have three rounds, then it’s fair May the better one win So close First try It was super close Whoever scores first can build up pressure Both of them simply deliver here At missing Second try We don’t want marginal hits We want hits Oh, I heard something there I heard it, too Michi is a fair sportsman. He heard it, too Michi, how did it sound? Impossible to hear -It had an upwards spin
-Too bad, Michi. All three were close And Konzi, the crossbar-king I didn’t want to win with that second try What do you have to say for yourself? The beginning is always hard Crossbar, part two That’s Konzi’s week side Yeah, I’m completely lost. I don’t know where I am Three times too high and now too low Michi builds up the pressure I’m still without orientation here Oh, yeah. It was a bit higher but still not good Still bad niveau But if Michi scores now… This man shows nerves. And he shows his class He only scores when he needs to If he didn’t score he’d already been out Now i got to hit it as well And Konzi simply shows his skills from his allegedly weaker side Now I just need to secure the win And again he shows his class Okay Michi, don’t mind the pressure. You need to score I had the feeling it would hit the target Different post Wrong post. He did leave you a chance Good goal, but no crossbar I wanted to make it too secure Double, and tripple Bonus crossbar Michi can level the score again for this round Let’s see how he can handle it He can’t handle it and misses but Konzi has got his last shot just for fun and it hits the crossbar behind the goal Konzi won -Tight one
-Nice aluminum scorer After the first crossbar challenge which I was barely able to win we come to the free kick challenge We get suported by our keeper No, not you. We’ve got another one with us Alright, 2 rounds in total No we see who will start Rock Paper Scissors I did it! You begin What do you think? How many will I save? Let’s see what these two can do Ok, 5 shots. You can choose your own speed Whoever scores more goals wins this round That one fit right in Good save Yeah, I should’ve shot low But the one was crazy The start was bad And in the end I was unlucky You can’t score nice goals cause you will cheer and loose focus Yeah you should only be focused on scoring A bit of a tactic there If I have to jump for the first shot, you’ve got a good chance Not how I shoot Now the pressure is high Now I can extend the lead Michi can end it right here Yeah, unfortunately he can’t get negative points The first one was nasty After the free kick challenge the score is 1:1 Michi won it with flying colours This will be the third and last challenge The bench challenge by Jan You pass the ball at the bench it rebounds then you have to shoot the ball over the bench and score a goal It’ll be 2 rounds again, 5 shots each Whoever scored more goals wins He’ll be the overall winner I was ready all along We’ll decide who begins You should’ve stayed with your tactic The scissors are quiet popular with us So let’s see this That’s the tactic already Michi is on fire since the second challenge since I changed my boots Does this one count? We can’t show this That’s just a joke now I’m just so lucky A bit risky Yeah, but it would’ve been a good shot But I’m glad we finally have a goalkeeper The first two shots had me doubting The goalie is bribed Unbelievable Michi, that really wasn’t on purpose Just lucky for me Cold as ice What’s up with him? What about the keeper? Where is he? I already thought we didn’t have a keeper You can’t even take the help Tight game Didn’t think it would be this close I didn’t dare to just smash it Man, I just shoot way too hard No more misses now? Yeah, if I still want to win Winning was never my plan Just keep your hands away from the ball I already saw that one inside of the goal I saw the gap there Jan, what are you doing? I’m exhausted *punchline in German which really doesn’t work in English* Show me the appropriate gestures Michi drank some kind of precision potion today Nice one Too hard Too bad The safe version