Hello Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial
Arts Centre of Oshawa Ontario. Tonight we are going to show flow drill #3
which teaches you the basic counter to the backhand um, counter to the backhand clear. So let’s get to this and break this down. Alex is going to feed me angle #1. I will do the slap off. And he’s going to do the tapi tapi block. Once again. Now, I am going to fold this in. And do a #7 poke. Let’s do this again. Here. Fold.
Poke. Now, this is the point of the drill here. As you saw in the last video, he would normally
fold this over. I’m going to counter that. So let’s go back to here. So when I see this coming, I’m going
to pull my stick And grab. And give him a #1. Let’s do this again. Here. Bang. I check his hand and grab it. I’ll feed him a #1 and we’re going to
continue this. That’s flow drill #3. Let’s do a combat application
of this. Very simple. So let’s do this. We start out the same way. Here to here. And now when he does this, you grab this and then strike. Let’s do this again. Boom! One more. Boom! And now let me show you a couple of possibilities. Here to here. As I grab him here, he may decide to throw
his stick. I’ll use his arm as a shield. Or I use my stick to block his stick and finish. Or a slap off here. Okay? So that’s flow drill #3 with a combat application. I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you’re in the Durham Region and want
to learn Modern Arnis here in Oshawa, contact me at [email protected]
or click on the links below. Thank you for watching this video. See you next time!