all right Costa Rica [Music] so we went to Costa Rica yeah placement beach volleyball so about two months ago this guy named slotko hit me up on Facebook it was like hey do you want to come to Costa Rica I was like yeah the cold mouths like dude we’re in for Costa Rica right yeah we’re in yeah the day after he came back from snowball on long story short we said yes we spent 12 days in Italy playing in snow volleyball flew back to LA spent 20 hours in LA and flew directly to Costa Rica yeah rather was in charge of planning this trip right and it was seamless right after his Locker messaged me on Facebook he asked me if that any girls teams were interested so I was like Gina do you want to come to Costa Rica with this boom yes she brought Emily hartong and the four of us had an epic adventure in Costa Rica this guy is like oh flew us out and he owns this land in Jaco Beach Jaco Beach Jaco Beach Jaco Jaco Beach okay how cool rose and so he built this beach volleyball court there and he brought in teams from Costa Rica from Nicaragua all like Central American champions and we just played in like exhibition matches right let’s give them a tour of the premises yeah yeah this is the BMX ramp these are the bathrooms in the showers refreshments [Music] all right so there are seven teens in the men’s side and we played pool play on the first day just leaves Friday and is like about a hundred degrees it was so hot playing and 100-degree hundred percent humidity i legit almost died on day one yeah so some pretty good competition but it’s so damn hot so right now Riley and I are sitting the semi-final is gonna go play this match hopefully we can survive the heat so let’s see what happens to go from 32 degrees snowing volleyball to just sweltering heat to play twos and not have Trifield on your team it’s hard yeah it was a significant change in atmosphere I think one of the coolest parts about this video and our past four videos is that it’s really cool to see the beach volleyball community’s enthusiasm for growing the sport these people literally build courts wherever they want first no volleyball they built it on a mountain in Costa Rica he built it on a plot of land because you can’t play in the sands of Costa Rica cuz it’s too hot like these people just love to play and like not only did we go but you had the best teams of Costa Rica come out you had the best team from Nicaragua come out and a few other countries and it was all just based off a chance of one guy reaching out like hey you want to go play in some exhibition matches which were also televised on national sorry yeah national Costa Rican television yeah with an absolute epic announcer well amigos say more Panamanian or oficial de tournay antennas inaudible o de playa donde los hermanos McKinnon esta in prota protagoras Ando Wales if Atomos para que se encuentran toh kweh go yah Samos yo neighs aah BMO’s Costa Rica Pura Vida pink soccer announcer and then put on a beach while stadium the guy the guy’s energy was awesome company Kawasaki – who do we see at any moment is he coming – in 70 days Madison’s nickname was Madison the absurd Molly and I was Riley the crazy lady right in the middle and Madison Ellis Udall and the people we played we played slotko and his former partner Flaco I guess was one of the first Costa Rican teens to play on the FIB B tour and he’s still you know place today because he has his own court right the other team we planned is like a local Costa Rican team and then we played Esteban and Salva Esteban went to you age then transferred to San Diego lived there for 10 years went back to Costa Rica young his own limo bus company yeah and then some she also lived in San Diego for awhile came back to Costa Rica worked with his friend and a hot sauce company and you could also find them in every single Ralph’s in the u.s. oh that’s right yeah it’s pretty cool yeah he gave us a bunch for use of the next more it’s actually really good but you know like I think what we’re rather trying to say like you get to meet people we’ve gotten to meet people that we would have never met in our entire lives if it wasn’t for like making videos like this and just saying yes I think with beach volleyball it’s easy to get lost and focusing on just the wins and losses but this sport is about so much more than that the community and the people that you get to meet for me and I’m sure you agree is worth more than the competition sometimes so honestly the heat we like we struggled in you know we battled in the in the semifinals but we lost to the best team from Costa Rica they were great Nicaragua ended up winning Emily and Gina took the finals they played phenomenally well could not have picked a better two people to go on a trip to Costa Rica with and to top it all off on Sunday his locker took us on his boat 30 miles out to this island called tortuga island absolutely incredible right it was so beautiful we were sitting on the boats this guy came up in a canoe he had just free dived for fresh scallops pulls up his whole little spread cracks him open for us shave some fresh onion and lemon juice on top with a little dash of hot sauce and we ate fresh scallops off a canoe I mean what that was an experience that was the conclusion of our Costa Rica trip that was nice great that was great