What’s up guys it’s Derek from Total Hockey
back on the ice with Jeff here, we’re gonna do some drills to work on your core stability. Keep it tight! Core drills! What do you got for me Palls? First one we’re going to do is some Core Stability
Skating. Alright, let’s do it. Full strides, you’re gonna hold your stick
in front of you here, alright, and if that stick is moving, dipping. Alright, shaking
one side to the other it means your core isn’t tight enough. So you want to get down nice
and low. Full stride, full extension, full recovery. Keeping that stick level. Good.
Coming on back the upper body isn’t moving at all. Alright? It’s just the legs getting
the power. The next one for you Jeff is knee touches.
You’re gonna start here touch those knees to the ice, alright, using your arms for momentum
but keeping your chest up and your core tight. Oh baby! Six pack abs here we go. Ok, getting down low quick, very nice. Feeling the burn boys, feeling the burn. Good. Notice he wasn’t bending over at the
waist. That means his core was engaged keeping that chest up. You try and do this without engaging your
core, you’re going to fall flat on your face. So, good work Jeff. The last one we’re going to do is a tripod
battle. Alright, so you’re going to get into your tripod stance. Your partner, in this
case me, is just going to be tugging and jabbing at your skates and you’re trying to just hold
on to your balance, alright. Good job, that’s it! That’s it! That hurt a little bit but I’m okay. Happy
Gilmore reference. Good. Good. Alright, now partner goes. No equipment?! No thanks. Alright, six pack, you got any tips for these
guys and girls? Well, first of all, I have an eight pack.
Second of all that third drill especially that’ a drill I work on all the time being
a guy who stands in front of the power play. You really want to keep your chest up, right?
Because if your chest comes down the d-man could push you over and you’d fall. Every
other drill always work on keeping your core tight.You practice like that then when you
come into games, somebody is trying to hit you, your abs are tight you’re gonna be way
better balanced. Hey guys I can’t take one knee all day please
like, subscribe and share this. My knees are killing me. I’m old. We’re in the gym today working on hockey specific
core exercises.