Today we’ve got college football’s top ten marble championship in it will be Alabama, Georgia Penn State, Wisconsin Miami Ohio State Auburn, Washington, Oklahoma and Clemson Alabama and Clemson have both gotten to by The first race is gonna feature, Georgia against Penn State George will be in the dark blue with the yellow stripe Penn State the light blue with the white stripe here. They go Looks like Georgia has a slight lead going down the steps into the first loop Penn State follows right behind going into the loopy George entered into the loop T first followed by Penn State Let’s see who can go down to the jump and enter into the gauntlet first Remember Georgia’s on the right and yes, they’re going into the alcohol and he goes it looks like he’s gonna choose the mill path Right behind it Penn State comes in Georgia finishes first and Penn State will get hung up on the left side Penn State will not even finish Georgia moves on The second marble race is gonna be between Wisconsin and Miami Wisconsin will be in the white Miami in the brown Looks like Wisconsin has a slight lead going down the steps into the loop t Wisconsin’s already there Miami’s is in the brown on the right side Generally the first one into the gauntlet has a chance to win if they don’t make any mistakes Both teams are circling. Miami’s gonna drop in first. Here we go right hands, Wisconsin they bump But I think Wisconsin but Miami gave them a slight flush and Miami has finished in Wisconsin. Will that move on? Next up in the marble race. We have won, Ohio State against Auburn Ohio State it’s gonna be the white and orange stripe over in the solid orange Both teams are ready. Here we go. And they’re off down the first circle into the steps are about side by side Looks like Ohio State is going to enter into the loop D first filed right behind my oven Burn really have some speed going around the loop they and they look like they’re getting ready to drop into the gauntlet which team is gonna go first, Ohio State’s right there offers in Ohio State right behind our bird finishes Auburn is moved on and Ohio State had a slow finish there and will come in second Auburn Will advance and Ohio State is out Wow Okay, next up in the college slip-on marble race. We’ve got Washington against Oklahoma. Here we go. They’re off Remember Washington is on the top and the green Oklahoma is on the bottom there the clear marble they’re entering into the loop D They’re pretty much side by side who’s gonna enter into the gauntlet first Like Washington’s making an aggressive move to get down there first. And yes, they’re off into the gauntlet. They’re stuck. Oh, oh And Washington breaks free followed right behind my Oklahoma Washington is finished. Oklahoma just comes in second there and they got Washington got lucky I thought they were gonna get stuck at the top Washington will advance on Okay, the next round of the college-football top ten marble championship. We’ve got Alabama against Georgia, Miami I’ll take on then the winner of those two teams. Remember Alabama is gonna go up for their first time Then in the lower bracket, we’ve got our burn and Washington will take on Clemson We’ll be racing for their first time. First up though. We’re gonna have Alabama against, Georgia This should be a doozy Alabama is the red Georgia is the blue. Here we go Both teams are off going around the first circle down. The steps are pretty equal Both teams are going into the loonie now, Alabama may have a slight lead It’s gonna come down to who guns to go into the gauntlet first both teams are about equal right now Looks like they’re about to drop in Alabama jumps in first Bama goes on the left Georgia coast and pass them on the right side and wins and gets stuck didn’t even finish Alabama will not even finish in Georgia. Just skyrocket it down on the left side. Let’s take a look at that again Okay, as you can see Alabama drops in first drawer just entering into the gauntlet Alabama chooses to go down the middle Look at that move by, Georgia They ask right skyrocket on the left side Alabama goes all the way to the left gets hung up exact same spot as Penn State in that first race and Georgia just flew through the gauntlet and dominated Alabama at the end Wow. Great job to Georgia They’re gonna move on and Alabama will be eliminated That was a fantastic marble race there. All right. Let’s see how Clemson is gonna do on their first challenge. We got Clemson against Washington Clemson is in the orange and black Washington’s in the green in the bottom both teams rock Side-by-side pretty close to one down. The steps looks like clemson has a little advantage going into the loop d Really again the advantages whoever oh, wow. Look at that Washington skyrockets down the gauntlet first and finished man Clinton’s still working on finish in there and and just watch it just walked all over Clemson and now and that wasn’t even a challenge All right, here we go we’re gonna have Georgia against Miami in this next marble race Which college is gonna finish we got Georgia in the blue Miami in the brown? Looks like Miami might have a slight advantage going down the steps Both college teams are now in the loop D Both of these top ten colleges have worked hard in the offseason to get to this point Looks like Georgia’s dropped down on the left side. They shoot to the right Miami comes down the middle comes right behind Um, Georgia will finish Miami has went down the middle is slightly behind, Georgia. And Georgia will advance and Miami now is out Oh, here we go. We’ve got over against, Washington Both marbles are lined up and ready. We’ve got Washington in the green operating the orange. Oh It looks like Washington took a little bit of a bounce to begin, but has caught up They went down side by side Washington may have a little bit less momentum Now which one is going to want to really win? Oh well look at that Washington jumps into left They go down the left shoot all the way to the right. They finish they born all burn away Auburn is still in the marble Lupi do in there down the gauntlet Taking their time. They don’t really care if they finish now I guess so, there we go Auburn’s in second, and we’ve got Washington advancing on to the finals Wow Wow who would have expected this we’ve got Georgia against Washington in the championship of the college football top ten marble race championship Washington is in the green George’s in the blue with the yellow stripe Both college teams are ready. Here we go Side by side coming down the first one into the steps Both marbles want this as they go into the loop Dee? We’ve got watch another time George on the bottom. Watch this re jump into the goal line right down the middle Too far behind is Georgia and Washington already gets to the finish line while George is coming in. Second Wow Washington’s gonna go on to win the college football top ten marble race championship Congratulations, Washington Thank you for watching this marble race. If you’ve liked it, please subscribe and give us a like and a comment