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the sports Camile park. Sean. Stacking them on agreeing with my partner
and picks Ryan real money. Kramer rocking the Yale rugby shirt. What’s
up Kramer. DOUG Yeah. I’m not. You know things are the Kramer f my life tour. Strong right
now that Black cat man ran down the field. The Giants are the guys you want to talk about
Virginia Tech basketball. Go Giants are up to a commanding 9 to 3 lead and the black
cat ran out on the field. KEVIN HARLAN Great call on the Black Cat. Make sure you check
that out. But we’re here to talk about college football. In studio. So is Kobe DSK the database
himself. What’s up dance. I mean he’s we’re in a private school Pussy Shirt. Well he’s
going on he’s easy switching over time. Virginia Tech also a man for the record Notre
Dame so close to the outright victory. Come on now. What happened there.
Well a couple of things happened. One just when you think the my the fuck my
life to our Kramer centric I’m about to be put away. It comes back like that undertaker
gif nowhere it seems dead and it rises from the grave.
What are what is there to commentate on. This was a great great performance by Bud Foster
in the defense. Notre Dame is trash. Not that good. Unfortunately it looks like
they’re going to go over their win total now. We. We nailed the situational let down that
Notre Dame would potentially have. Yep. The spread was never a question but it was clear
that some of the referees must have had Notre Dame thrown in the MONEYLINE parlay. We have
some horrible calls in that game. Dude I’m not even gonna be like all the calls. I’m
not going to be that guy. I’m going to be the guy that says that one call on the interception
that would have ended the game where it was not roughing the passer. I told myself I was
going to use too many f bombs. I’ll do that for if you want.
And it was it was it was tough. It was tough to consume. I knew I saw I felt it coming
the whole time. It was a completely different feeling than that of watching Monday Night
Football where the Giants just complete dumpster fire and you know.
College basketball started today guys. So there you go transition into college basketball
and of course as always the college basketball picks page is back better than ever.
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COLBY We were on fire tonight. Open up the season on the right way. I mean
just killing it there’s still some games pending or a record so I don’t know what it will be.
Currently it’s good though. Oh it’s really good. Really good man. Yeah. Oh kay. Actually
you know I wore the the Ivy League shirt because I know if you saw the game last weekend or
at least the ending of the Dartmouth game I did not hail mary baby. Really I need to
put this on the uh the SGP feed. I think that this is more about supporting
rugby in a collegiate program that isn’t Virginia Tech today. Unfortunately people seem to be
forgetting that Justin pointedly is attempting to abort the program.
He’s literally like alleyway hanger style training. Oh my God. I’m sorry. That’s what
he’s doing right. We’ve discussed this disgusting. We’ve talked about how well it was quite clever.
Right. They have no scholarships there’s no point firing him right now. They have no scholarships
to give out next year. The five I think five or seven whatever. Let’s gonna go to Mike
Young in this basketball team unbelievable optimism there. So how will that fall fall.
Open up the season on the road HCC play get in the dub. Since when are they actually playing
meaningful games in the backyard. That’s like college college basketball. They’d listen
to Coach K here. He’d lobby for this in the offseason mean given the month of November
we just give it away to the NBA and all the other sports. I love it. I love college basketball.
Die hard you know. So we’re not going to like Hawaii anymore
and playing those who are still doing that. No games on a battleship.
I was actually gonna try. Always. You always gotta love the under any time they play on
a carrier. I was going to try to persuade you guys to send me out to cover the Maui
invitation but seriously I know Shell is going to have to go fuck Huckabee it’s a serious
budget deal. Why are we not doing like the Venice Beach
invitational with these college they get an exhibition thing. I’m not kidding.
I think that the homeless population in Venice you know you out there you recorded a podcast
with me in my house and you went to the drum circle after that I remember and well that’s
guys whose They got his boa constrictor Oh let’s get to it let’s talk a little college
football Oh baby. And of course the presenting sponsor of this
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my God. Full season right around the corner. College basketball like you said just tip
it off NBA of course. The National Football League giving a tennis
up here tennis. What the hell’s going on with that next week Kramer we win a tennis T-shirt.
I think. It’s going to get that bad. He’ll be he’ll be gone. He’ll be talking to tennis
soccer U.S. politics. Oh man. Who doesn’t want to bet on politics.
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Sean Champion’s League going on right now. Oh yeah I cannot wait your favorite teams.
I ax or Ajax as you call them. They play. They should check out the Champions League
preview for Mr. you know their billy boy hearts and the sports gambling Podcast Network. Ryan
I was really considering watching some soccer but then I remembered both football and shadow
to join. Wasn’t really soccer player growing up. Not. Eddie was killing lions didn’t you.
I mean you read his biography he killed like multiple lions. He’s the Africa having car.
Three people got that reference. I was one of them. I got tired of her and tied to Bubby
Brister and Colby I’ll be really excited. I saw Kevin Cobb light up VCU for 500 yards
in Greenville. One time I got really hammered that day.
So I mean so how do we start the show. Do we do a few. Do we. A moment of silence for
really tiger. Or how they found that buyout money. Isn’t
that ironic. Yeah. They said that 20 million to watch. We’re gonna let them coach a couple
of years. Meanwhile there’s gonna be like an unfinished
highway in Florida because it will tag people just be like driving off the on ramp. What
happened to the money. I mean there’s a lot of unfinished everything.
They’re not gonna be able to shut down the pill mills Florida because all the all the
the money that’s supposed to go to the FBI or like local law enforcement state is just
going willy Taggart whenever I think of Florida I just think of that that they kind of like
the airplane angle from cocaine cowboys showing like 70s my ham here it’s just complete shit
show. Yeah. Tough tough one for old Florida state there and Gil Brandt tweeted out a meme.
Yeah. Which is crazy because I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t know how to use means brave
kids got a hold of account although he was one of the leaders in football analytics.
First decide to put football numbers into a computer. Gil Brandt and he tweeted out
a photo of Baker Mayfield kind of like that before and after Baker Mayfield photo that
everyone seems to be having fun with. And the first one is you know Mike Leach for
the Florida State coaching job. All other candidates and the all other candidates for
the FSU job is of course the sad Baker Mayfield with the mustache. But we’re hoping Coach
Lee stays in Pullman right. I think Pullman is a great fit for Coach Leach. It’s big for
the Jason. They don’t have big feet down in Florida. Maybe Chupacabra is. I could see
him getting in. Well I think what is alluring about Florida is strong pirate connections
and I think the sea could be calling his day. There’s a lot of sunken ships outside the
coast of Florida that can’t to be part of the appeal is landlocked there in Tallahassee.
I believe Leach stays at a place in Key West if memory serves me correct.
That’s kind of far I would think maybe he’d have to go for the Miami if anyone you think
is. What kind of pirates are we talking about here. He’s he’s very close to Bermuda. He
can. He can sail out to the Bermuda Triangle investigate some stuff. I feel like that’s
how I feel. I feel like Mike Leach in the Bermuda Triangle is a real person just doesn’t
strike me as a guy who’s going to recruit the state of Florida. Well it’s true.
I don’t think he’ll he’ll be big in the smiles and sell star rap albums.
He’s a genius. He is perfect for the Pacific Northwest and again super excited. We will
be there and. Oh my God. Almost eight days now.
Be heading up to Washington Parliament great state of Washington hanging out going to go
catch a game. You want an updated weather report showing. Yeah sure. Let’s do it. Let’s
see 10 day forecast for. All right. What days or oh they have the dates we’re gonna be there
and of course while Ryan’s pulling up the weather OK. If you guys if if you’re a cougars
alarm if you’re if you’re a Washington State student you’re gonna be in the area or if
you’ve ever been in the area and have some local stuff to tell us about. Feel free to
drop us a line. Food back said. I told you guys that I’ve heard about the cheese. All
right. I to go on a Saturday. We want bar recommendations sports bar to watch NFL on
Sunday and food recommendations. Those are the two essentials so anybody run an establishment
in Pullman. Oh yeah host. Yeah. You get to meet and greet him. Look at him stand up there
too. Happy to watch football there on Sunday. Don’t oversell yourself relax.
Saturday November 16th it’s going to be higher. 43 low of 35 with a 30 percent chance of rain.
Oh that sounds fuckin football. Well I think we’re going to need one of those
things good edibles. We’re going to need some honey for.
What’s that thing called the you throw the plastic tarp over here with Oh uh your poncho
yeah. Charge that’s what I’m looking for. Come on
down. John Jamieson. I haven’t had rain in six months.
I didn’t think I thought about not giving you that job. Yeah. What was good was put
some absolute shit. Come on right. What do you think.
Loading the database up with liquor. This area. It’s very late to be sorry for you buddy.
All right. Do you want to weigh in Colby or Kramer on the college football playoff.
It’s a joke. Is it relevant. It’s not a playoff. It’s an invitation. Did I mention this. I
mean how many years do we got do this Minnesota number 17 number 17 a team that’s got a harder
schedule than Alabama thus far. Number seven. Well just to be clear the dance base. Top
25 has Alabama six yes or the seven. Yeah but I’m saying is Minnesota’s had some close
calls given Bama the benefit of the doubt but I’m saying to haven’t 17.
Well I would say I would say here is that there. They’re kind of hating on Minnesota
but Minnesota has a path to prove themselves right because they have. Well so does Alabama.
They had a team of Penn State. They have Iowa and they have Wisconsin. So if they win those
three games they’ll be they’ll be in the top temperature.
But I mean what. Why put them at 17 then. Because you know they’re not a major market.
How is Georgia ahead of Oklahoma. Oklahoma lost their game on the road to a team that’s
very good and Kansas State Georgia loses at home to a third string quarterback in South
Carolina. What the fuck is that sometimes about what a losing record. I mean it doesn’t
make any sense. The logic is retarded. Well I was Baylor not. Yeah.
Baylor should be Baylor a team I predicted might use Baylor and or how I make what I
put in the College Football Playoff. And they both went out. They both have a shot
to get in there. I mean I need a little bit earlier loses a
game they could win they could beat Oklahoma again in the Big Ten Championship.
They have to. Yeah I guess they could lose the Oklahoma. As long as they beat him in
the big bowl championship but they need a little help from some of the SCC.
But as you said they’ve been good this year. Dude I know. Me. I’m saying who’s clearly
ahead of them in the ranking that they’re a joke.
They’re a fucking joke. I can’t I. The real next level thing that Sean did. The
Internet’s not talking about this shit but he accidentally left Clemson out of his playoff.
What was accidental about it. Well at the time it was accidental clubs and not in the
current playoff field. I mean at the end of the day none of this really matters. The top
now where I think they got the top two teams right.
I think. No they got the order wrong. Unless you’ve got a much harder schedule than Ohio
State thus far. Look I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me
who gets the ones he who gets it. No because that’s a big deal man because they’ve gotten
the playoff wrong every year. But now I will say that they will. This is wrong. If LSU
and Alabama play in the first round they play each other. This will sort itself out. I think
the Penn State Ohio State thing that’s going to sort some stuff out so some of this Penn
State players point to Minnesota this week. It’s again. I like Minnesota but this year
they’re going gonna be correct. When Minnesota gets the basket I think they’re going 17.
Feels wrong to it but it’s wrong. Michigan at 14 is a fucking joke dude. Why. Because
Wisconsin beat them by 35 points. I agree. I think there’s some clear biases here. I
think Wake Forest on this. Yes. Grow Memphis. I mean dude there’s a they’re just the worst.
They’re the absolute worst to me. Their standards are terrible read the root
like Pino Pino. When I went on inside Vegas which is now I know something else but I’m
saying no it’s still inside work but I went on that show and Pina actually read to me
because I had never gone to the website and read there.
There are laws of what they look at. I challenge you to to to look at that. It’s fucking unbelievable.
What about it. I mean it. Just go to the website learn about it. Each one is so bad that it
just read these readings right. Every game counts. Yeah read it read within
it though I read Think we’ll get to it. I mean I don’t think people want to. This is
what we gave him whiskey. I’m sorry. All right let’s get to it. Let’s crack open
the six pack. We don’t have a problem with this season.
We don’t have a problem. No I do. I have a problem.
The order. While we’re Hold on let me ask you. We’re giving the playoff exactly what
they want. They want people to argue about it instead of just having 16 teams where there’s
literally going to be no argument and settled on the field.
So let’s not buy into it and let’s let me ask Kobe this though if if we were doing the
proper way which is 10 conference winners six wild cards. Where do those six wild cards
come from right now. Well the six teams. Yeah. Where are those six while. Well two for the
big ten. Potential Uh yeah. Right now would be two.
Why. Uh Big Ten getting three teams in the SCC is getting two teams in the middle is
the product. No. That’s probably to get three and three. Well okay you got this you got
a change you got two spots left. Where are they going. Uh Pac twelve probably you’re
gonna put one for the PAC. Well one for the Big twelve. Yeah. I don’t think so.
All right. Maybe we may. Maybe.
Well guess you know what though. Who really wants to see an extra like three relevant
cast college football games. We’d rather see the this the Smokey the Bear. Fuckin Memphis
Tyrell. Yeah yeah I mean it’s just retarded because because I’m dying to see it why is
Florida I’m I’m upset with Florida. I’m like well how is Florida 10 and Auburn
eleven. It’s retarded a hundred players ahead of Baylor for to play to FC s teams this year.
Most importantly they’ve lost twice. It’s ridiculous. What are you joking. Absolutely
ridiculous. Team is ahead of an on Baylor’s played a good schedule so far better than
Alabama’s schedule so far so far I’m saying right. As of today when they’re looking at
these things how is Notre Dame ahead. So how’s that dude. I mean come on.
I’m just trolling. Let’s go. Let’s get to the six pack. It’s really back in control
week 10. Just real quick. Once again I hit my lock and my bonus lock. Kramer hit his
lock and his tees. I should have hit a plus seven hundred dog
too. By the way. We were overrun our dog. Actually I hope you
enjoy it. I never updated this. I hit my team. What did I do. What did I do. I hit my TS
your mathematics are wrong. Washington lost by less than nine and a half
points. Yes Kobe did hit his tees. Congratulations
for Kobe. That’s where they got their backs or the teeth. I’m sorry. You’re right now.
Bonus blocks seem to be the way to go with this podcast.
Ryan hit at 70 percent myself 60 Colby 70 percent regular lacks Ryan 50 myself 45 and
Colby 55. So those seem to be the way to go. No the
way to go is my top 25 picks 1911 baby look out. The thing that’s clear to avoid is Kobe’s
six pack which no one is too well at most surprisingly. Kobe himself because he gets
to pick the games. Well look on the college experience. We lost more than six. It’s hard
to rate six in order. All right. I’m gonna prevail. There is there is something funny
about us taking all these games that not only are no one watching the games.
We’re also not figuring out how to hit kids since I don’t want to speak for everyone but
I’m pretty juiced up about the central Florida Tulsa.
Okay here we go. Let’s do it. Central Florida squared off in Tulsa. Tulsa Oklahoma where
you see f a 17 and a half road favorite Friday 4:00 a West Coast kick. Minus eight twenty
five for the U.S. f nights Tulsa plus five seventy five on the money line.
Colby what are you doing here. I’m going to ride with the Golden Hurricane
to cover this Golden Hurricane or covering machine shit I covered last week. I don’t
know what happened. I went to the UCLA Colorado game which by the way talk about the worst
football game I’ve been is UCLA decent now what the hell’s going on.
Yeah. They’re winning. Sam Bradford Bennett. So just to be clear this is now the third
consecutive week we are picking a game in which the Golden Hurricane is playing our
game. It was two weeks ago where we learned that a golden hurricane was passing through
a fan. And we continue to pick them.
I’m taking to Tulsa plus 17 and a half to UCSF Knights central Florida. The defense
not one it was what it once used to be this stat from od shark twenty six point eight
points per game over the team’s last seven games. So if giving up 26 27 points a game
and you’re given a you seventeen and a half points at home that’s uh that’s gonna be tough
to cover so yeah give me Tulsa I am one and one against the spread over the last two weeks
selecting the golden hurricane that is that courtesy of a bet sports sure courtesy of
BET spurts or my very sweet Google Sheet that we’re all looking at right now plug that away
I mean come on you know you know my my style I’ll pass through a fan on me once shame on
me. Is that what they say. Well I’m going to piss
through a fan one more time. What’s the expression I’m gonna pee on your
leg and tell you it’s raining. Sure yeah I mean do that in the shower all
this it’s on my ass and tell me. It’s not like that 20 20 percent of the tickets on
Tulsa oh 80 percent of the money. Danger danger. Look out. Yeah. It’s central Florida is clearly
a very public site here. Let’s let’s fade that ash.
All right. Let’s move over to Troy Alabama. Twelve thirty Saturday kick where Troy is
a two and a half point home dog against Georgia southern Georgia Southern minus 135 Troy plus
115. All right. How are we back in Troy here. What’s
going on. Big letdown spot for Georgia Georgia southern
Georgia Southern pull the upset against upstate. I’m still gonna ride for the Southern because
the home is there a triple option team to get better as the season gets goes along Troy.
Neal Browns now now at West Virginia this is not the Troy team we’re used to they’re
not very good. Georgia Southern is going to come in and Troy and we’re close to hit my
over on towards southern. So I need this one know.
You got to fade this let down by you got to take Troy Georgia Southern just pulled off
the upset of the season correct yeah correct but they also did it on a Wednesday ten days
to prepare now for a four for Troy. Oh okay. That’s fine.
We’re going face the darn to base mode. Give me a dog give me Troy. Sean you can chime
in whenever you like. Oh thank you Ryan for allowing me to talk in the fucking podcast.
And then he goes and I talk. What do you mean I’m going not to. I’m I’m
about. He’s a config I’m taking Georgia Southern because they’re eagles and I’m not fading.
How’s that for fucking analysis. There are also five it to straight up in the last seven
games. Foreign one eight. Yes in their last five games against Troy. Much like the barbarians
they own Troy. So give me Georgia Southern. The Visigoths. They they they sacked Troy.
I expect the same thing from Georgia Southern. We had to remove the we had to remove cap
or bear from the set last Sunday because the Eagles were playing the Bears.
So yeah sure you carry animals stations and they may want and covered. So you’re welcome
Brian. Nor Texas heading the beautiful Ruston Louisiana. The square off against Louisiana
attack where Louisiana Tech minus five and a half favorite minus to turn on the money
on North Texas plus one seventy five. Colby are you back in North Texas here.
No. No Skip Holtz East Carolina. Former head coach. They beat Virginia Tech several times
and skip Holtz. So uh you know he’s doing something good in old Ruston. They lost the
first game of the season to Texas. They’ve won seven in a row I grant. The shed has been
a little weak this North Texas team. Not the same North Texas team we’re used to seeing
despite despite uh you know with the flux of quarterback’s name I can’t I’m drawing
a blank right now. MASON Fine. Well they are three and twelve in their last fifteen against
the spread. Never a good sign. And I’m telling you there’s a buzz around town in Reston about
Louisiana Tech winning and winning the conference. The buzz around Rustin.
You don’t even know about him. I’d like to check out this guy where there’s all those
car dealerships down in Orange County Rosslyn that’s Tustin listen it’s a great joke for
the one listener and. Listen we all know I’m in the exchange is
also there on local TV your own Ryan Seacrest. Yeah I’m sure we all know we’re Sean’s going
here. I’m sure he’s be back in the meeting Greene of North Texas. That was my nickname
in high school football possibly because let’s use our. Yeah. How’s that work for you. His
daughter also sarcastically named me green. Yeah.
Louisiana Tech’s the play here. What conference was Louisiana Tech in before conference USA.
Well we’ve been in for a minute. Have they. Yeah. I’m 10.
In fact they’re 8 and 2 in the last 10 games against an opponent in conference USA 7 0
straight up in the last seven. But yeah. North Texas horrific against the spread. I am worried
about. I feel like everyone their mom is on Louisiana
Tech here. My what’s that. What’s the money split run. You think everyone and their mom
is on it. My mom just texted me today and she said about the battle and the sixty five
thirty five money on North Texas. Oh OK. So I love that even more than. If I mean if if
the public’s backing North Texas. This seems like a play on for Louisiana Tech. I’m surprised
the public knows the North Texas is Louisville. Thank you. Headed down to Miami.
Square off against Miami of Florida. Twelve thirty kick Miami minus six and a half point
favorite minus two fifty on the MONEYLINE Louisville plus two hundred.
Do they go in and get the win or the cover in Miami Colby I mean everyone talks about
Manny Diaz thing they’ve tried to say Miami’s a top 15 preseason team like they’ve won a
few games in a row despite having like 20 yards of offense. Well not the force taking
but the the pit game in the Virginia game. Um I still don’t believe in this Miami team
and I will tell you the real the real Coach of the year or new coming coach to the ATC
is a guy named Scott Satterfield coming up from upstate. This Louisville team was really
really bad. They didn’t have enough offensive linemen on scholarship. Their move in defensive
linemen the offensive line shit like that. Satterfield is legit. Give me the points and
the cardinals coming into you know what this field is the stadium is not even toxic.
I mean this Miami control its own destiny. No no. I believe they have too many losses.
Does and Virginia control their own destiny and Virginia. Yeah those are just hilarious.
Pittsburgh to Ryan I think Miami might. Maybe they don’t know because we’re going to beat
Pitt Miami with what they do last week they beat four state. They made it literally murdered.
Haley Tiger. Is this a letdown spot.
Yeah I think so because you’re coming off a huge rivalry game like the coach got fired.
You feeling great about that. Are we worried that this is like the get you bowl eligible
win. No because they start Florida International on the schedule in two weeks.
So you’re saying that they’re not worried about this one they’re going to they’re just
they’re penciling in that Florida International win because they’ve a road game at Duke. I’m
against you I’m taking Miami I think these boys want that swag bag at the whatever fucking
ball game they’re going to and they see this is the way to certainly punch that ticket
Miami rolls here if you wait after you pay it are you picking me up.
Yeah I’m picking them but I’m very confused here. Does Louisville have a turnover chain.
No. Does Miami have a turnover chain. Yes. Always take the turnover chain.
Louisville. I’m not I’m not down with that logic. Louisville. Are we really.
It’s a basketball school. Yeah. Come on. Call me Ma Jax is in the two and nine eight
yes in their last eleven games against anyone the SCC six and 14 80s and their last 20 games.
That includes a decent chunk with their new coach.
I locked up Louisville tonight in basketball and that came through for me. All right. It’s
a basketball school. It’s a basketball school. Now the basketball
started. I’m going to start pointing out we’ve just
we’ve done a bunch of basketball schools already. You know what you mean that we have Georgia
Southern Troy North Texas is a Florida Gulf Coast are they involved in here that they’re
working on universe funding for their football for a dunk university whatever they uh Dunk
City you know what it was like lobs it was something substance Yeah something like that
it was they were a chiropractor scoring well their coach Joe Dooley left for East Carolina.
So they’ve been shit ever since he left for East Carolina. They’re in the bottom of their
division East Carolina. Baltimore just shocked the world like they normally do. OK you ready.
Dunk City. And that was it. Yeah that’s kind of a shitty name. I thought
it was something cooler a Florida dunk coast. That’s not very catchy. All right speaking
of games in Florida in which no one will be watching Florida International squares off
against Florida Atlantic in Boca Raton three o’clock West Coast kick FSU minus 10 minus
390 on the MONEYLINE Florida International however plus 3 0 5 the other way.
I’m sorry I googled Florida goes. Gulf Coast epic run and I was going to type
nickname but I did and I just hit enter the second thing drone footage of an epic mullet
run fish that you’re for I love Florida like I said a lot of things you can say that ride
because you’re from I property I am a taxpayer in the state of what we’re a second we don’t
pay taxes. Whoo hoo hoo. You know I’m. I’m enjoying the.
Are you going to run there just like going all in on Trump.
There you go. There we go. Call me that. That’s what it is. Which way are you going. Love
me some floor. I’m gonna write you are you an owl or a panther. I’m an owl.
I’m an owl. Hoo hoo hoo hoo motherfuckers Lane train made himself available for the
forest a job I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna go with them but who Lane Kiffin. That’s okay.
And you know I was high. He’s available. I was high on this if you team coming in.
They’ve been let down for me all year. I thought they’d be much better. They’ve been struggling.
They even last week they struggled when I thought they would.
I was going to say I feel like we’ve been we’ve been selected for the international
games a bunch too. Hi I’m on Florida Atlantic to get it done
for Atlanta came into western Kentucky last week got it done ruined my bonus pic of western
Kentucky that blew it blew off a double digit lead.
All right. Don’t you get a hilltop or so why you watch
you’re gonna watch this game. Most likely I haven’t looked at the time slot
you’re taking. I’m taking the owls for the Atlantic minus
10 gave me Florida International show how Ryan contrary.
We’re gonna have a late any word on uh in the extra Thursday Thursday for the international
airport. What’s going on for international. I just love their name is for the international
sides assume it’s an airport. I’m sure they’re very diverse unlike the National
Football League. All right. So I’m going to bet I’m going to take the
uh I’m going to take the FSU panthers. I feel like the public isn’t back in the Panthers
10 points is a lot for FSU to give up. Or to delay I guess you’re saying they’ve
been 96 percent of the money on Florida Atlantic. Yeah. Come on. I mean we saw this in the Packers
Chargers game when you’re getting 90 percent of the people on one side you get to go the
other way regardless of how much it may make sense to back Florida Atlantic care Wyoming
last of the six pack finally a game I like. Colby Wyoming 715 kickoff against Boise State
in Boise Idaho minus thirteen and a half for Boise State minus 550 Wyoming plus four hundred
in the Smurf turf. Colby what are you doing here. Well if you
listen to the college experience I read. I spend two hours a day listening to each other
each episode. My second number one or I did Top 10 locks
of the season for 10 teams win totals. And my second was Wyoming over five and a
half wins. They open up the season with a win you know against Missouri from that from
your guys beloved SCC and wow. And Craig ball former North Dakota State head coach for you
know putting them in hurting the head of a guy named Carson Wentz who was his recruit.
He’s the one who taught him everything he knows about life. You should look at Sean
when you’re speaking and Jesus and and I really love what he’s doing at Wyoming their smash
mouth football team good defense and boys he’s coming off of a comeback come from behind
win in San Jose they’re coming back the boys who were they kind of they win but they’ve
been forced under Harrison that they’re not the same as they were with Peterson that kind
of fall asleep at the wheel. Wyoming has played them extremely well the past couple of years.
I like Craig bowl to cover thirteen and a half I think it’s too big of a number boys
he gets the win. Kramer what are you doing here. Can you play
the new sound drop of the backup bag. Truck backing up. Sure I can. I can keep that
up for you. That’s animal control back into Sean’s driveway.
I to set a trap. Look at all those points for a Wyoming trap. Now listen. They came
metric is strong with this team as Josh Allen came from the. Came from the trenches of Wyoming.
Give me Boise State. Lay the point Sean my my true Pat. You know what I’ve also noticed
recently. We love our town community. But you know the PR is now a common acronym
for power ranking. Power rating my church my power rating on this number Sean. I have
this Boise State minus twenty one and a half. This is a ten star potential locked play of
the season Wow. He’s right. We hit the locks on Sean’s really
only chat over there. He’s no why I love game. Why do you tell Colby to hit the lock sound
effect you’re playing. I played the backup sound effect. I’m pulling up my information
to make the case for why I knew I should have brought the whiskey. Wyoming 780. In the last
10 games covering a 70 percent clip. It’s gonna be chilly up in Boise. It’s gonna be
much like the weather we’re really experienced in Pullman. It’s got a little bit cold up
there. You’re gonna want those Cowboys. Cowboys. They know how to ride in cold weather. Sharks
supercomputer. I just don’t know how to quit this way over to the odd shark supercomputer.
Has the game predicted twenty eight point four for Wyoming and only 33 for the Boise
State Broncos. Wyoming a strong atheist Team 5 and 3 much like the Broncos. I’m going to
take team getting a bunch of the points and they’re not a public dog so they don’t have
fleas. Give me the nice and clean Wyoming cowboys
catching thirteen and a 60. There you see them. Yeah. Mean Did you not hear my whole
thing about the trap that’s being set for you suckers. Let’s just.
I mean I think there’s potential money line play here.
I’m just checking to see if how many picks I agreed with you to. OK.
That’s always a good move like a golden hurricane. That’s what we know right. You’re looking
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Today’s the day. Now is the time kid going over an ace for headcount slash SGP. You had
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get up to six weeks of their award winning sportsbook management software completely
free. Ace per head dot com slash S G P Sean. Yes. Real quick aside someone slid into my
dreams. I know when this happened I obviously don’t
check my DMC too frequently but nobody told me we need to maybe stick to the picks and
stop trying to be funny. Oh wow. Oh yeah. As we’ve been picking these horrible games
and maybe thinking that he’s probably very upset right now I see this insidious Florida
International again. What the fuck.
That’s right buddy. Well both seasons coming soon and Kobe can’t
pick the shit. What are you talking with Jimmy Chang a bull. Oh man there are a cavalcade.
Now the boat. The uh I mean the bull. Well there’s a lot of wow. Yeah. The bowl season
isn’t a naming ceremony for people like Colby because it’s a bowl game. So he feels like
it’s important right. You mentioned. Someone gave it gave you some feedback about not trying
to be funny I the I Tunes reviews beg to disagree. We got a groan from at. Welcome to UAB. Big
fan of the program hit us up at welcome to UAB. We need that we need that Cisco drop.
Enter the Dragon. Jarvis lined pockets that’s what’s killing podcast dot com little cable
some merch there. Because you’ve earned it with this sweet review.
It’s just simply titled The best two grown men coping with their midlife crisis is by
talking sports and gambling. They bring on guests a lot to help them with their gambling.
They call their listeners clients which makes you feel special. So I keep listening highly
entertaining. Five stars we’ll shout out to you at welcome to UAB longtime client and
friend of the program. Hell of a good guy helluva good guy. Okay now we’re talking top
25 movies. This is where the rubber hits the road 9:00 kick in Minneapolis Penn State a
minus 7 road favorite against the Golden Gophers the Gophers plus 215 Penn State minus two
sixty five on the money line. This is a tough on Colby.
The game day decide to go here they go into Alabama. Oh guys this is a you know unlike
the Kirk Cousins led plus the Minnesota Vikings that they’re playing a dome the Gophers don’t
outside. And they’re calling for a nice 35 degrees
20 percent chance of participation. Jesus they’re gonna participate. Yeah.
And uh and look I’m all in this fucking boat. Everyone’s
focusing on this Ohio State Penn State game. I still need to see more at Penn State. They’ve
beaten some good teams. But give me this boat. Give me this boat and what P.J. Fleck is doing.
Former Northern Illinois wide receiver. You know he’s doing a big time and I just
got a contract extension so hey give me the Gophers 17th in the nation. Disrespect. They’re
gonna prove that this fuckin Saturday. I’m a little worried. I would love this spot
if a house there was next to. Yep yep. I think it allows them to focus a little bit more.
I it’s a little cold. State College isn’t this cold. Oh it’s fucking cold as shit. It’s
a guy who had two years at Penn State. It is insanely cold. These Penn State kids they’re
used to hanging out waiting for the loop bus and just freezing their ass off as they go
from frat party to frat party. This cold weather is not going to deter the Penn State Nittany
Lions. They’re gonna roll Jimmy Penn State minus seven. I know it’s going to be the Golden
Gophers Super Bowl but Kramer made a great point. If Ohio State was next week instead
of two weeks from now I would think this is possible. Look it’s bad from Penn State politics
to look ahead it’s only two weeks. You know that’s a hard look at spots on Kobe. These
these kids they got their nose to the grindstone. They’re doing things the right way. They rallied
around the fact that someone made fun of their teammates dreads.
How many sandwiches did you make Mike McQueary when you were there. You didn’t even bring
up your point. What’s that. Back to back road games. Of course. I mean that’s a big that’s
a big factor. It’s a big factor here. They’ve now come off a stretch where they’ve played
Iowa pens they are Iowa Michigan Michigan State. There’s some physical games going on
right there. Yeah I like Penn State just as much as the
next guy. Not the stuff that Sandusky like the rest of the rest of Penn State I’m into.
I think this is a tough spot for them. I don’t think you’re coming by. I don’t think it’s
quite a look ahead spot but I do think the situational element of Minnesota is having
the season of all seasons just so disrespected 17th in the nation.
Yeah I don’t think that’s gonna be on the bulletin board all week. Come on now. This
boat’s being rowed this guy did it at Western Michigan. He’s doing it again in Minnesota.
I think there’s something to that. That just reminded me of the Vikings all time party
bus. Oh yeah yeah. Party. Yeah. Party boat. Sorry if you’re if you’re a younger listener.
Do yourself a favor and read Smoot. Look up one of the all time boat trips. Odell Adele’s
a boat trip. Nothing on the original Viking hits boat trip.
Yeah. Yeah. I mean it was. It was this close to the Vikings from the 8 hundreds. It’s possible
right. Yes there was pillaging.
I’m I’m going. I’ll take one so I’ll go with the Gophers right. Marion Barber is he gonna
be in attendance. Oh the boat guys. The bears are getting hit
our way and you’re getting cute. Come on in 1911 in the top 20. Let’s get this guy. By
the time a Quiznos and he thinks he’s entitled to his state is coming off. But yeah I mean
a lot of those points would have made sense if they weren’t coming off a bye with Indiana
next week at home. So this is a perfect spot for Penn State a great he’s got the best team
they’ve played on the road all year. Well I was going to say do we know Penn State.
They went in they went in and took care of Iowa. I mean they went on the road better
than Iowa Minnesota. Actually has an offensive. I’m looking at
their schedule right now. Who have they played. Where we’re like. That’s an impressive win.
I’d say their best win is Pitt and Pitt should have picture went to overtime and they kick
a field goal with a minute I have left the Michigan right.
They beat Maryland by 59 points in Maryland. That’s a nice Maryland sucks. Yeah I would
say Michigan is but next year where we make Michigan wakes up in the first half. Maybe
they don’t even. They dropped the touchdown Michigan. That should go overtime. We’re on
Minnesota Kobe. We can agree here now that we’re out of the six pack now that we’re in
1911 against the red zone we’re going Minnesota plus the point. And even if Joe wants a quote
that I think we’re covering if they’re hungry. Yeah. Especially ones that are cold in Minnesota
run faster but die with game. They weren’t coming off a bye. Right.
But Iowa has zero offense. Minnesota has an office they two capable running backs. They’ve
got a good wide receiver. Can I say the other sneaky part of this. Let’s
say it’s nine. It’s an early kick. Yeah. Loving it. You know what that means. What time zone
is Minnesota. Minneapolis. Is it central. 11:00 a.m. local time. Oh.
Could be. Lewis was the last time Penn State kicked off at 11:00 a.m.. No I never did.
It’s normal for the Bobby clock we’ll be OK. Come on dude.
I’m not backing LSU heads into Tuscaloosa Alabama. Alabama a minus six and a half point
favorite minus to 35 on the money line MONEYLINE Jo burrow and the Tigers plus 1 90 dogs. Colby
let me guess you’re all about Alabama this week. This is the week you hop on the Tigers
on the podcast. All right tigers and look even though I took
them last year and they lost 29 and I think yeah at home I’m double I’m doubling up here.
Alabama’s place in play no one this entire year so far their best team they’ve played
is Southern Miss two are hurt. What’s the two is questionable but these probably
are all bullshit. I think it’s a game time decision.
I think it’s all bullshit but I think LSU is actually a better team this year. Alabama’s
team struggles on the defensive side of the ball had a lot of key injuries lost a lot
of players from last year’s team. I think LSU is prepared for this. I think Breaux is
the better quarterback in this game. Give me LSU to get it done. Sprinkle that on the
money line. Wow. Colby cone is shot Sheffield square sharp
rotation. Yeah just like terrifying we square sharp
eye to like our LSU. The number is probably too big. Yeah. But everyone who isn’t going
to take a. I guess that’s my boy who watches college football and isn’t immediately like
one. Once you get to six and a half. Doesn’t this have to be one of the few times
or Alabama’s Lane less than the touchdown and won’t get the majority of the money right
now is when is there another situation like that and Alabama 15 no no straight up in their
last 15 games in its conference. So I mean we can talk. Who have they played. Who have
they play. But they’re still in the SCC. It’s hands down the best college football conference
this year. I mean he’s just changed. He’s just trying
to poke the bear. Now all the big 12 is better than the S.E.C.
this year. Oh you heard it here first. All right.
I’m saying I’m Roland tied here. I’m not going to get cute Alabama. You know I’m keeping
a jockey Alabama at home. I love Joe Barrow. I think he’s gonna be a great quarterback
at the next level. But he seems to have some fucking onions.
He does. And I made that right. Two hundred to one hundred to one for the Heisman pre-season.
Did you beat it. No no I saw it was available. You heard.
Had I been telling you I thought he’s now even money I believe no. And I think he certainly
deserves it. I think he’ll come in and have a good game but I think Alabama. I got this
Alabama 35 28. It’ll be a good game though. Who. Here’s what I’m gonna take LSU because
I am a fucking we Tigers. We tigers on spell check. Let’s get chicken
on a stick. Let me get. Let’s give our our our boy. You know what fun I’m going to. I
like it. Yeah a little bit too right. What did you convince to give me. You got
me LSU plus six and. That is not a smart man and he has turn for
the what was the one they always recruited. He had talent on top talent and they never
had a quarterback. They never had a quarterback never had a quarterback as Patrick Peterson.
Finally I don’t doubt it. That’s fine right. Different leagues different leagues different
have different moral compasses. That’s fine by me. I’m going to go with the
chalk. Yeah I think it’s gonna be a chalky dog because I just don’t see who’s taking
Alabama on the spot. Maybe I’m wrong. I think LSU rules here take the dog take the dog.
Yes. Lied right. Yeah the revenge spot you got the fact that
anytime I see Eddie go on TV I immediately think of the movie Water Boy and just him
to mop mommas. I can’t even do it but he’s like my who is Alabama play that’s any good.
The best opponent is Southern Miss Duke or an M and Adams wins are horrible and I was
like 6 and 3 but they’re 6 wins are so bad. It was best wins Ole Miss to a Sox team but
the more I think about the more I’m just gonna say right LSU tomorrow. But I guess it’s going
to be a field goal game. All right. Yep. I’ll stick with Alice here. OK. Here we go. Last
of the top 25 Iowa heads into Wisconsin in beautiful Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin Lane
nine and a half minus 360. I will go in the other way plus two ninety. It was like a little
high for this Wisconsin team Colby. I’ll see you. I mean they’re mirror images.
Wisconsin is just a slightly better offensive team but I also would argue that I was a slightly
better defensive team than Wisconsin. So I’m going to take the nine and a half points.
I know it’s in Camp Randall. I know things will jump around. Shit will go wild but I
think give me uh Wisconsin to win this one. 28 20. Actually that’s way too many points.
Give me the 14 to 14 to 6. Yeah. Just. I mean in the same way we didn’t
get to this but the same reason that I think the LSU game feels we under game just because
they feel like those games are always under games. Iowa Wisconsin total under game I know
Wisconsin is kind of fallen of late but this is the exact spot. These are the spots you
take it Iowa. Yeah. These are the exact specialty again ugly game
where they’re going to be getting a lot of points. This is like a physical team.
This is kind of their dream cover. Well I was normal problem is like when they play
Michigan or Ohio State or even Penn State you know they are athletically they’re at
a disadvantage when they play Wisconsin. They’re not at an athletic disadvantage all
week. They all eat the same amount of corn. And it’s a lot of corn. Iowa five and one
1. Yes. And the last six games when playing on the road in Wisconsin feels like another
cover here for the Hawkeyes. Right. Yes.
You know all white guys just like your first lineup show they did start a a surprising
amount of white guys who went past the unofficial rule of three.
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Good times. Just fucking so strong.
How is the salon closing things out with some listener questions.
Of course what we allow that Colby. We do. Yeah I guess.
Well we only Colby the only allowed one listener Quest Love it. I love the pain it is from
friend of the podcast at Cousin underscore Bush. Who really. Ryan. Like you said put
a sweet sweet mush on the Packers Chargers game. He wants to know about.
Well. Quick aside because I get that you know it’s probably like seven thirty in the morning
on here I’m up I’m getting getting the studio ready for the show. Pretty good Monday the
pregame show and I get the message from Cousin Bush. Biggest bet of the season on the Packers
tonight. I just hit my head I’m like that’s all bullshit. Doesn’t actually mean that.
Of course of course my lock goes down anyone who wants to talk about Baylor was stuck.
Baylor you Baylor minus two road favorite in Fort Worth Texas.
Kelly what are you doing here. I mean I should’ve asked cousin Bush what
he was trying on this one because you know he said the game smelled and I get it it does
smell but Baylor also looked like shit last week on a Thursday against West Virginia.
Long Grass they got the win long rest. I’m still thinking Baylor is gonna do it to see
you coming off a loss. I know the last time they played in Fort Worth they beat Texas
originally I was going to go to see you. I need to find out who most played because I
want to go to the office. But I’m thinking Matt Rowan Baylor just the disrespect they
just got from the College Football Playoff Committee. They’re going to focus for this
one they’re gonna get it done. I’m with you.
I think this is a filthy filthy spot. If the College Football Playoff doesn’t put
an undefeated team in a power 5 conference and they’re coming off long rest and that
rule is a legit coach and I agree Patterson is to the essence a good coach yeah man it
really is. Look what he does Gary Patterson at home as
a dog. I like all of the situational spots for TCO. I just think the fact that the College
Football Playoff came out this week. Yeah I do think that creates this weird narrative
where people are talking about is Baylor any good. Yeah.
So now they get that one more chill motivation and Baylor is great at winning by small numbers.
If this number was. No I’m saying like you look at their scores they win by someone on
Twitter and a 7 said he would make a great NFL coach because he just wins by you know
anywhere from four to seven points. Yeah. The Jets interviewed him and they started
to go out and gaze instead. Great job. Jets. Great job. They really missed out Baylor minus
two potential locked situation in this game. Our gals there back better than ever. San
Diego State as Tex minus seventeen and a half minus ten ten on the money line against the
hated Nevada Wolfpack coming into town. Oh well you look like shit last. Plus 7 0
5 on the money line. I got locked up and I hit Nevada but cash
was that the first football game. People people give me a hard look I’m pretty lenient on
my I watch all conferences yes this game might have been the worst football game I’ve ever
seen never found a conference he didn’t like call me. That’s very true but this game was
just one of those ones where it was like no one wanted to win the game. So look I asked
Texas our girls. They’ve been a little they’ve been a little tough for me to really pigeonhole
this year but they had a they had a bye week this past week and you Rocky long. Give them
two weeks to prepare for the air raid. I’m going to say that uh that the Aztecs handled
business here. Give me twenty eight to six. They beat the odds at Kobe doing scorers.
Now look at that huh. Nevada. Not a good football team. Yeah not a good football team. I pulled
up the schedule just because I just wanted to confirm. Not a good football team. New
Mexico still in your bottom five. Yes. Oh yeah.
Definitely still there because I accidentally watched some of this game as well last week.
Oh yeah. Was it bad and I accidentally watched a lot of college football last Saturday but
this was not one that I needed to spend any time with lay the seventeen and a half.
Always not a good thing to do with this defense. Well. Say the USA team but I’m going to lay
the point. I mean in Nevada can still look there five
wins magically. They beat pretty early in here. They still got you in LV on the schedule
so they’re still gonna get the six to be bowl eligible. This is not one that they don’t
belong in. Yeah. He didn’t say he was in the NCAA melee unlike
the NFL can’t blackball Nevada from making him bowl ballgame. So see what I did there.
Was just reminding people I know what the fuck I’m talking about.
Give me a give me the Aztecs. Nevada predicted to get eleven points according to odds shark.
They just don’t have much of an offense. I’m I’m on board with your guys logic there that
the Aztecs after the bye week can be well rested well-prepared and just kind of put
it on Nevada. What do you think they do on their byway.
Just like San Diego’s version of soaking wet just hot ass everywhere good ass everywhere.
Imagine being in college clothes don’t you show. I’m serious though I imagine if you
like it was that accessible where you were in college. Oh like for us that was West Virginia.
I feel like we would go to West Virginia. West Virginia was rural Mexico. Yeah yeah.
All of everything like Everclear like titty bars with a whole new titty bar. We just received
a second Texas Mexico farm animal stuff. Anything you wanted to do West Virginia was
cool for me. I loved the West Virginia. No disrespect to West Virginia.
All right. Closing things out right off hot off the presses
Oh not a soul crushing one point loss to Notre Dame in the FML tour spot in Blacksburg Virginia.
Virginia Tech a plus two home dog against Wake Forest. Callie what are you doing here.
You know what the fuck my life taught. I’m starting to buy into this thing and it’s real.
And for this to happen I need Virginia Tech to win this game because the true fuck my
life towards setting up like they’re about to win the coast when they lose in Charlottesville.
Colby knows exactly what’s going to happen. So and I’ve been impressed with the whole
he’s been playing a lot better ball than beginning of the year. I know I won’t wait to win in
a way because I would love to see wak play Clemson where a possible spot of Wake upsetting
him would would make Clemson not be eligible for the ICC Championship. But let’s let’s
be honest guys wait weeks a solid team I love Dave Clawson but he’s at a ceiling right now.
You can’t just keep doing this. I don’t believe that thing got hit eleven and one or ten and
two. We have now. They have Clemson next week.
Yeah. And strangely I think the Hokies benefit here because they’re there. They’re not while
they shouldn’t be looking past Virginia Tech always tough to play in Blacksburg. I think
they will be. And fuck you if you think Wake Forest is gonna come in. They don’t play all
the time. They’re not used to the climate down there in Blacksburg. Unfortunately this
game is a little bit later but now with daylight savings and this game is what three. It’s
gonna be dark by halftime. Yeah the crowd will be into it.
Enter Sandman. We’ll be playing. Michael Vick will be coming back to have his shirt on.
I say the force is going to roll. Oh really. No. I’ll say this Shawn. This is just how
ride builds up the ice is for these Virginia Tech games where they get slow.
I think Ray Crittenton is getting his jersey to Kobe’s 100 percent right. Virginia Tech
will the fuck my life tour will. We’ll just have the glorious finale SUV.
Hey destroys a 15 season winning streak. It won’t be this week. Wake Forest has the look
ahead spot and I’m money. I’ve been online I’ve been to plenty of stadiums with awesome
atmospheres and the SCC in the Big Ten that have one hundred thousand people in the seats
find me a better place to go watch a game where there’s only sixty thousand people there.
Find me a better place. Is a place called Greenville North Carolina. We’re not even
talking about right now. Wait for us not use the atmosphere. Not used to Metallica giving
a shout out through the through the big screen before the game. And by the way don’t come
at me and tell me I’ve selected other private schools up until this point. That’s not important.
Private school policies they’ve already come in and slaughtered Virginia Tech on a Friday
night with Duke. It’s not happening two times in one year.
Wake Forest goes down. Disrespectful no here my numbers. Virginia Tech minus 3 Sean. Lots
of value. No no value there’s no value in picking a
loser and that’s where Virginia Tech is. They’re coming off a crushing defeat at the hands
of the fighting Irish. Kimmy wait for us minus 2 as the small dog.
Time for the lock dogs. He’s presented by my pookie dad a jeep promo code SGP. Play
win and get paid. Let’s uh let’s do this call me. Who is your lock.
My lock is the Georgia Southern war eagles. Look no triple option. Yeah I like the match.
I don’t think choice very good this year. Georgia Southern is getting better as see
people realize Georgia Southern records are a bit deceiving because they were beating
Minnesota with one minute left in the game. They also played LSU at the gate so LSU had
as you say Minnesota isn’t good or. No I’m saying the triple the saying toward the Suns
a much better football team than you realize. Yeah I mean but they almost lost the Georgia
Southern Minnesota right. That’s that’s that’s the triple option team. It it’s happened Michigan
almost lost our army. We went to overtime. Yeah. Minnesota didn’t need overtime. All
right. Who’s your dog. Call me my dog. What. What was the value for the customers here.
My clients. Oh Jesus Tulsa. Give him five seventy five. If you’re scared don’t do it.
Oh. Oh. Oh this guy’s is just me. Wyoming. Come on.
I’m just talking to you. I’m going to ride. Louis. No. No. He’s there
plus one time. I mean that’s good value. Give me you actually give me LSU. Well let’s use
them. Oh all right. That primetime dog LSU plus
one 90 right now over at my bookie. Give us the three team tees. Colby.
Mm hmm. All right. We’re gonna go. Well let’s just knock Wyoming up to nineteen and a half.
OK let’s go. Key numbers. Yeah. We’re a team. So yeah I’m got San Diego State down to eleven
and a half. All right. And let’s go. Uh what are we doing here. Give me a. I was up to
16 and a half. I’ll give you 15 and a half.
Yeah 15 and my math is not very good. And let’s just uh oh.
I mean are we all you need for the three team tees or are we already at the bonus locker
dish owner’s slack Colby. Give me Ole Miss minus twenty eight. I got
new Mexico State. Oh here we go. New Mexico State and UMass
is the trifecta of teams Colby. And by the way UMass got a house last week.
Catch you again my bonus lock. All right. And what’s funny is you did it. I purposely
have been putting it on the six pack. Our fans and you guys my bosses my superior said
don’t put you mess on the six pack. Want your fans.
Yeah exactly. That’s my. That’s been my secret bonus last.
Yeah they’re lying in their kitchen. Thirty five this week.
So don’t ruin my pick. Who’s your locker room. Boise State.
The points Wyoming overrated really. Did they throw you off there. No I’m just
surprise Minnesota. Plus 215 for the dog. I like that I once went with it. That was
that was pretty close for me. Okay let me uh.
Sorry to hit the fucking job bro. Do your fucking job. Not just empty you’re
you’re losing dog teams hoagies up to 8. It’s a great great tease. It is a great tease.
LSU twelve and a half. I’ve learned nothing and let’s go. Uh I was going to.
I don’t want to throw Minnesota. I want the bad juju so much like Kobe. I’ll make sure
I get through as many key numbers as possible. We’re going to take Baylor from minus two
to plus four. What the hell. What’s your bonus. You said
he wins games. He wins games. So I don’t need a teaser. But go ahead.
Interview just like you just told me you are I’m failing Notre Dame again. Fuck you. Give
me Duke. Notre Dame goes on the road like that Notre
Dame is not a good football team. So I say yeah.
Some say seven and a half now say Duke is plus eight all right for my lack right to
the private school plus give me those giving that Baylor team minus 2 for my dog interesting
week for dogs. Uh all right. Iowa plus two ninety three they are a very they’re just
you can beat them at their own game. For my. Penn State down to 1 0 is enough.
That’s a very. That’s perfect. That’s a high value team. Take Alabama to another high value
tees Louisiana Tech plus a half high value high value. Is this PSA. Don’t tease. College
is dangerous. And uh Miami minus half. So three teams basically just need to win. And
for my bonus slot give me Ami minus thirty four and a half get that in now. Before that
no moves the way five. That is it really thirty four. Yeah. There’s going you fucking gain
the numbers here. Oh you know it’s funny because nor normally
my bookie shared a little bit more towards the public which means people must be coming
out with some humorous action as well as some you alum triple option that kills the clock
thirty five point a lot of points. Uh sorry Duke is eight and a half. Please
update that on the sheet. Thank you very much. Well I don’t want to be accused of switching
numbers after we taped. You know as we call it is unclear how that works. All right.
Yeah it does. I was going to say didn’t armory put up a bunch of points this weekend or this
year on someone fifty two on Morgan State. Yeah. Morgan State one of the worst FCX. Is
this a good army team. Yeah. They’re 3 and 6 but they’re better than you
mess by a wide margin. As you can tell how did they pick you mess up on the schedule.
So we’re both independent UMass does UMass play like what is. I’ll be honest I haven’t
watched a single minute of you mess up or do they just are these are they one of those
teams that just. Are they doing like fast pace but they can’t play offense to the defense
look it’s wrong. Here’s this classic what you miss is they
went and hired what Bill who was the offensive coordinator of really targets for the state
team hosting. So I was amazed that he got hired at that and they fired Mark Whipple
who’s a decent head coach heard the name before. Yeah well I mean look they weren’t great but
they were putting up points they had a bad defense Andy Isabella on the on the Arizona
Cardinals was one of their wideouts. Andrew Ford former Virginia Tech quarterback was
their QB last year. This team they shouldn’t be fired wipe a wipe it was not a bad coach.
He’s the OCA pit now. You know they’re not bad.
You know it’s ridiculous. Well this isn’t the college experience we’re
running out of time. Studio the powers are not speaking in the first game I guess.
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five hundred to one ticket. You’re welcome. What the fuck.
Kramer let it ride.