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Welcome everyone to The Sports gaming podcast. Sean stack in the money green with my partner
picks Ryan real money. Kramer what’s happening. Kramer little a little slobber out there.
Slow. I mean I’m sure people are watching it on
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Joining us as always. Colby Dan a.k.a. the database.
What’s up guys. What’s happening man. Great to be here.
Great to be here indeed. Fresh off our Washington state trip went up to Pullman Washington got
to hang out with the great Coach Leach. And yeah man it was an awesome experience.
It’s great. Coach Leeds Coach Spurrier I met Yeah you did.
You went up out of just went up and introduce yourself to coach superior spirit coach superior.
We got to hang out on Friday. I got to see him do the walkthrough Give it
give that to talk old shit. Yeah he is all but I guarantee you he still thinks coleslaw
sandwiches are for pussies will you. Will you be able to get around that well.
How will these 71. That sounds like are you going to hang out.
No hat on his head wearing a thin long sleeve. Of course I can’t show weakness. I don’t know.
I would’ve been fine with a sweatshirt a hoodie and maybe a hat.
The old ball coach indeed. Yeah. Colby of course referring to the fact that Ryan embarrassed
us in the press box by eating a coleslaw sandwich sitting next to former NFL players this guys
eating is a disgusting act. Your book is loud. How do you make a sandwich
that is all coleslaw right. Yeah.
Look listen I had a great great time in Pullman but I don’t know if pokemon is a vegan friendly
town. I mean they had pasta salad. I did I chowed down on no less than two plates of
pasta salad and veggies in there some broccoli some raw broccoli. That’s always good for
you but yeah. And then the rest of the spread was just nothing but inflammation. So I had
to I had to resort to my MacGyver like food tactics and just saw the coleslaw was like
Well I like coleslaw on top of the pulled pork when it’s on the roll. Maybe he’ll like
it by itself. On Friday we saw the went to the practice
the walk through and we saw the offensive line with their shirts off. You know uh you
know you were probably a bit aroused by that but anyway no I was not aroused with these
these men might not be of age. They have to wait a little bit I think they
have medical associations in their day. You know I do know there are some players
that I think believe the Center for your UCSF Knights is a vegan. I know that that’s a thing
of Florida. I’m starting to learn more I started I heard
more about the community that was pretty funny. It was a nice when we went out to dinner.
Colby and I of course got the rabbi and then I shot a video over on a sports killing podcast
or Instagram sports gambling podcast of like shot of my steak. Shot a Colby steak and then
heading over to the pile of pasta. That was really good Ryan. Ryan soy boy Kramer.
And that was that was a nickname courtesy from Scott Powers. I came in with the soy
boy as the nickname and that’s got a great ring to it. So congrats. Soy boy but yeah.
Awesome awesome gameday experience of a Pullman went it and hung out at the cube which is
there huh. Which is like their local Washington State Bar as we pretty gamed beforehand. Can
I share something with everyone. Sure. When we were in the cube and it’s a
small little bar you know like basically your stereotypical college bar writing all over
the place. Mm hmm. Gardner meant you definitely laid some seed on the walls of that place
for sure. And I had this moment where I was like God
damn I’m old which happens more frequently now.
But when I saw a couple younger people turn the corner holding a beer pitcher filled with
blue liquid with an upside down red book it’s like holy shit that looks horrible.
Yeah yeah like that looks like a heart attack. Yeah they call him a trash can. Well adios
motherfuckers is is the drink name that you may have heard him at.
They used to have him back at Saddle Ranch have Red Bull on those things.
No that was it. That was an idea a Long Island juiced up past being made out of you. It’s
like if you mixed Windex with Red Bull. Honestly though if you if you’re just willing to put
a can of Red Bull in your drink. Yeah. Do you know where that cans back they’re not
washing the outside of that camp. We are in a college town. Alcohol. Then disinfect.
It does not listen go Hawn homework like that. Me as a bartender. That’s what Colby tells
everyone. Don’t worry. I disinfect that’s pre make out pick up dough or the alcohol.
This. Don’t worry I’m clean. I had some alcohol earlier.
Don’t worry. You know you got a cut. I don’t have a car. I gotta work on that man. Don’t
worry. Kobe was a Kobe was socializing with a lot
of folks at the cool bar. Oh yeah. Yeah. I met some US and some damn fine Washingtonians.
It was fun right. Like it’s always fun leaving in like L.A. where things are much much cheaper.
We had a situation where this bar here. No no. Okay. We had this situation where there
you know again typical college bar. Like people don’t realize they don’t tolerate bullshit
like waiting in the 20 minute line for a drink. So the first time call we waited the 20 minute
line for the drink. You think this is bullshit the next time we’re sitting neck right next
to the bar we just lean over we’re like hey can you get us some drinks. And she’s like
oh I can’t help you like that. You have to wait in line. And then she goes. But I could
do it for some special tips and it’s like I thought she was a first.
So I don’t. Yeah I’m like you give me five shots of fireball. I think we got around a
whiskeys with her and she’s like I’m like. And I just I think I just threw 60 bucks out
and she’s like that’ll do. And it’s like in L.A. like 60 bucks maybe you wouldn’t have
covered those drinks. Yeah. No. Yeah. Oh you would have a woman. That was a thirty dollar
tip. Yeah. So yeah. Good time with the coop. Good time at the kick. There was some awesome
graffiti that I posted. My favorite was I want Menchu to be my daddy.
So that was that was some of the Cougars shown some cute glove.
And then there was of course a 1 800 CALL A kook graffiti that I saw. I saw a woman
come up and go and take a photo of. And then she’s like. She said to call me.
They got my phone number on the wall. She did say that to me. She did say that to
me that’s that’s not the first time she’s she started off.
With that. Oh that’s her go to move. But yeah it was awesome.
I mean she’s basically walked up to you like I love the fuck. Yeah I get that a lot. You
know I mean from time to time when I dabble in these small towns in L.A. it doesn’t happen
that often. It is certainly an interesting weekend certainly. But yeah it’s a beautiful
ranch house that being to almost any place with llamas.
I’m all about you know it’s basically a bed and breakfast out in Idaho because we couldn’t
find a place to stay in Pullman. So I don’t know it’s like on the border. Yeah right on
the edge there. And yeah posted some videos of us hanging out with some llamas. Of course
posted some sweet photos from you know Coach Leach’s office and just the facilities the
facility in general. My favorite is the Coach Leach here Picasso remake of Coach Leach.
That’s pretty awesome. He does. You can definitely definitely at the vibe that the man does not
take himself to say he’s got a good sense of humor. He’s got a talking pirate. They
have a giant Bigfoot statue that they move from office to office there’s this like somewhat
like serious but hilarious shot of him just jogging onto the field that’s like it’s like
yeah. He thinks he thinks all the swell and then the old timer is Have you ever seen the
episode of crane or sorry. Seinfeld where Kramer gets a painting made of himself where
he’s like not wearing a shirt on and that’s what he stands and I’m sorry Costanza. Yeah
and he’s in some like tidy Whitey boxers. Yeah and like you know seductively turning
the camera. There’s a coach Leach version but all this I’m going to post a video on
Twitter axiom podcast kind of with some with some highlights.
I was mostly surprised to how much they were willing to to give us access to places.
It was fantastic. I definitely get like getting a tour of the
facilities which are super awesome by the way. Yeah I like it. Everything is just windows
onto the field. I like weight room windows onto the field Leach’s office windows onto
the field and I was a little surprised they were just like yeah.
I go walk around Coach Leach’s office chat. Yeah. Offensive defensive. I get it some more.
It’s like it’s a it’s a marketing room right. It’s got all this cool memorabilia and shit
all at the same time it’s like he’s letting these random strangers at the coach’s office.
And that was the other thing I didn’t realize and Kramer was alluding to it when he’s saying
like windows onto the field. Basically their entire football complex is right behind the
one end zone and all the windows overlook the field. So kind of wherever you are in
the complex you got get super dope. So it was great when we could watch you know
what was our lead pipe like do we give out was you minus 10 or ten and a half.
And what happened. You did gave out was you minus 10 and then. Yeah. We were actually
on the field to see the the seventh Touchdown forty nine points Max. Then we’re quarterback
and Gordon just set the record. Yeah. I see it in person. Set the record for most passing
touchdowns in Washington state history. So we also get to experience the Borg you Borg
Borg. Boy. Oh you guys. Yeah. Drew Bledsoe there
we are. Yeah. Hey listen stranger man. I don’t know Hunter. I don’t write a big alarm. I
don’t know. The kicker is on the same plateau as Drew Bledsoe Jason Hansen was in the NFL
longer I think it’s good time. It was funny too because some of the game
were down. Kind of hanging out on the field and then a lot of it were up in the box in
the press conference and it was like the first a big play down the field we all like Get
Up and Cheer. No. Yeah. Guys guys you can’t cheer and cheer
and then it was. We kept catching ourselves because we got money we got money. We’re homers.
We all have money on was zoo minus 10. So then we’re like Yeah I kept trying to provide
analysis that was impartial but clearly me cheering for was like wow I don’t know what
that Stanford guy saw in that throw dude. And I think we got to go back every year and
make this our thing a yearly trip to Poland. Yeah I’m down to reinvent ourselves the Pullman.
Yeah. So I’m going to say we delete our gals off the spreadsheet and our new goals in the
wash are being squeezed. Yeah. Yeah. It’s almost like you’re stealing
some material for later in the show. Because I have a single similar angle.
Okay. Okay. I’m intrigued. Which doesn’t really happen much with I would go a little further
to say when you’re in college you don’t want a long term girlfriend. You want to make sure
you’re staying fresh. You want to make sure you understand what that means.
So I think it’s time. SEAN Yeah. Europe. Ryan’s on one tonight. I don’t know. Oh full
disclosure I had some cocktails for the podcast. He’s been on a run and it’s late. Shit. Yeah.
And oh by the way I think what 24 out when do we get home. It’s like everything’s washing
together. Hey we got him back on the sauce at the Pullman.
Yeah after a few of those uh coleslaw sandwiches changed his life around.
I mean obviously the worst part of the trip was when when you guys went to that burger
place and I watched them make those burgers by in an ice cream scooper and scooping ground
beef was a delicious griddle and just using a spatula like flatten it grill one side flat
the other like cooked properly and were delicious I could taste freedom with everybody.
Then I watched them pulling like a fucking chickpea Burger out of the freezer and I heard
the guy behind the counter is like one pussy Burger one pussy burger for soy sauce boy
one burger where. Into the microphone he goes this soy boy one
burger for soy. Yes I would like a plant based diet.
You know hashtag soy. I’m all a soy boy. Great nickname. All right
let’s uh will briefly touch on week twelve as I am I’m on a 7 0 and 1 run on lox and
bonus blocks the last four weeks. Couple other things to highlight. Kobe hit his lock his
three teen ts and his bonus lock should it hit the dog too. Kramer of course the overall
leader seventy three sixty nine and for maintaining his dominance of the top twenty five at twenty
three point one for less although I’m nipping at your heels I’m twenty one and 17 and I’m
coming off a nine in three week putting you guys in the rear view there what else what
else to highlight. Back to back cumulative winning weeks and
the six pack. Yeah. No one again Kobe flying through a shot of
myself. We you guys also sprinkled very does tell
me I was originally taking Iowa and Notre Dame and you guys peer pressure on me as veterans
day some peer pressure me into taking Navy. Keep your fucking energy or so Navy was certainly
a bad pick and Baylor God damn it Baylor you were stealing me. I mean I love Baylor. Plus
10 was my locker so. I wasn’t that angry but Baylor you really should have won that outright
and made me look like a genius when you’re out. Yeah he didn’t you’re gonna squeeze your
way in a college football playoff. Instead I’m going to have to hang my hat on Oregon.
My other crazy pick that everyone said I was a maniac.
Baylor still beat Oklahoma in the big bowl championship. There’s still an outside chance.
Kobe did you not middle that game. Oh it’s beautiful.
What are you complaining about. I haven’t had a great white ahead as my dog. You listen
to me at halftime and you said wow this Oklahoma number is way too easy.
Let’s hop on that. I put a whole shitload of money. You had a horrible day horrible
weekend No. It was a beautiful weekend. My 49 and charger
gate area forty nine a card Oh God. Q. So Colby has a bet where he I think he
tees it to minus four. Yeah it’s a four point game and all time to
do the lateral play and out of nowhere the offensive lineman just hurls it towards the
base of the car nor the Niners score they go up by 10 they’re just like cool game’s
over. Not you. College basketball is now checking buzzer beater to make sure the spread doesn’t
get fucked with the NFL better get in get getting the line. None of that is a perfect.
And then go. And then what happens if we get to the airport. Kobe gets upgraded. Yeah.
Come. Plus I was on a gravy train of biscuit wheels man carried over today.
You know I hit my uh hit my Pa late today. God damn do congratulations on. Life is awesome.
Guy is sick. I’m gonna do my thing right here. Call me
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kick on an action. Well we got some Wednesday action. Oh okay.
All right. I’m trying to figure out these dates because
clearly all I did was wrong. Yeah I’ll fix. No I had it incorrectly. Someone must’ve went
through. No. Call a few drinks. No. Call the. I didn’t have this one incorrectly. I know
it was right. It’s the all the other ones we got that sorted
out the behind the scenes stuff that the fans crave Toledo hey the fans are telling me I
should go to different networks. You know what’s happening here. I hit a parlay
and we got to have a talk. That’s what it is. Yeah one guy tweeted out
you in all caps. Have you ever thought of hitting that wager talk. Yeah. I always like
thinks he’s a rockstar. Hey good good at me. Feeling good. You know
to here someone else follow that up with yeah he knows more. Here’s my take on. What’s that.
Don’t let the door hit you on the way. Yeah. Also of course we know more and of course
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Well let’s pull back the curtain on the industry real quick wager talk. Oh well you know what
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every division one game you get. Sean and my self’s NFL picks which by the way we’ve
been making those since 2011. Nice come at me.
Wade your talk now I wonder do those other companies eat coleslaw sandwich.
No they’re definitely into informality everybody I’m sorry if I like to be inflammation free.
Kobe I haven’t heard my ankle pop in three weeks. All right go for it.
They don’t eat cause so they eat shit all right. Toledo Buffalo Buffalo seven and a
half point favorite minus two 30 or minus 320 in the money.
Toledo a plus 260 dog total sitting at 54. Colby crack open the six pack with a winning
selection or more likely the side you’ll be on what’s gone. Oh.
Well there was more action tonight and I took the money line to Michigan and wrecked shit
on my pa late last week if you remember we all took Eastern Michigan against our bowling
green one of those teams that we dominate zips horrific some action cheetahs treated
us pretty good. So uh I’m on the I’m on the rockets here. Look Buffalo’s good there. They’re
having a little bit of a setback after winning 10 games but they lost their quarterback and
top two wideouts this game’s in Buffalo but to lose a cold s place too. So I feel like
the weather is a neutral thing there and uh Toledo is the better football team this year.
So give me Give me the seven and a half until the spring of some of the money line.
Hey Shawn. Yeah. What happens to public dogs. They got fleas. They got fleas. Give me the
buffalo bulls. Getting it done against Toledo. Yeah. I’m also in Buffalo. This is pretty
easy. You can. You’re really going to feed a team going to Buffalo in November. Bulls
mafia. Just because Toledo is cold to Buffalo five
to eight yes in the last seven games a season but also six and one eight. Yes. In their
last seven games at home. A great home field advantage. And uh yeah I. What’s not to like
about the Buffalo Bills. It’s it’s gonna be a good spot for them. I’m not uh. Toledo.
Thirty eight degrees. Yeah. Perfect. Perfectly the weather. What is the temperature. Actually
look this up in the weather until you know it’s thirty seven right now so it’s kind of
a moot point but again you can’t go against the mountain levels. That’s the nighttime.
That’s middle of night. This is for kick. Thirty eight degrees at kickoff. Yeah they’re
gonna be in trouble. Yeah. Give me the buffalo balls all day. Kansas heads the Iowa State
in Ames Iowa. 9:00 a.m. Saturday kick. Iowa State minus twenty four and a half against
Kansas who’s had some moments. They’re not the joke they once were. Call me what do you
do. Rewind. Well they got the mad hatter and less miles
and he’s a legend. They still are three. They have three because I got that under wind for
the win total so. Well I think they’re going to still be at three after this week but I’m
taking the twenty four and half points this number a little too too high I would say we’ll
get the win but the Canes get the cover. This is a fucked up week for college football.
I’m going real shock. Give me Iowa State. Yeah less miles isn’t going to prepare a team
for a tough road trip. I know they’ve been playing well I know I
know they’re a popular Texas maybe the last second field goal to beat them in Austin Texas
is dysfunctional Iowa State I would say need needed a last second feel a little bit Texas.
All right. The transitive property doesn’t work in college football or Kobe but I’m going
to continue to. Although this Kansas team is better and it
appears less Myles is doing something right. He won’t have them prepared for this road
trip. Iowa State rules Kansas one at Boston College
Virginia Tech loses at Boston College. That was different what you gotta say about that
was the old Virginia Tech. Yeah. This is a crazy thing I feel like this
Jayhawks team was way worse last year. They’re actually pretty good this year. They would
play me in a bowl throw in the SCC and I think they’re much better this year than last year.
They lost twenty seven to three. So they want to cover that twenty four and a half point
spread. I think they covered again this year. I think Kansas has something to play for a
little bit and that’s pride. I will stay. Yes certainly there is a much better team
and that’s why they’re favored when it bye bye. This many points but I would say coming
off a big win against Texas maybe looking ahead to a bigger game at Kansas State the
following week nice little sandwich spot. Ryan you might meaty coleslaw spot if you
will. So I think I think Kansas covers this. Kansas just became bowl ineligible so maybe
the kids are down from now. I think they’re I think they’re right. Colby
about this. I do know about this now.
Take the Jayhawks speaking a dream crushers Minnesota had their dreams crushed by an undefeated
season last week they lost but now they’re heading into Evanston Illinois to face off
against Northwestern Northwestern. You might remember as my bonus block has somehow
pushed it thirty nine but when I put the bed in it was it was off the key number of thirty
nine at forty one and a half and I still thought there was value. The Northwestern was down
three nothing at all. At the end of the first quarter and now I tweeted out like well I
was fun while it lasted. That’s over. And then they somehow pushed
a thirty nine point spread not expecting a similar outcome here a thirty nine point win.
But they are at home fourteen point two against the Golden Gophers.
Colby which way. What are we doing here. This line jumped up from when I wrote it.
But uh I’m going to go with the Gophers because Northwestern is dog shit. You mean like just
because you destroy humans doesn’t mean you’re a good football team. Uh I will say this though
if I could call an audible I would take this off the six pack right now. Wow. Because I
learned that Tanner Morgan is a Yeah. He got concussed last week so high. That’s their
starting quarterback from Minnesota. There is a chance he might not play this game. Mm
hmm. So why are you making this play. Well I just learned that when I was sitting in
your driveway for 30 minutes. Oh I’m sorry. Sometimes the town’s got away.
Colby. Hey. Well you know what. Sorry boy. Things.
I’m going with the Gophers regardless. Give me the Gophers. We’ve got to pick it. It’s
on the sheet. Mm hmm. Okay. They’ll get it. That was like the right thing to do. I think
I saw Northwestern only out game. UMass by one hundred and ten yards.
How do you win a game by nine points and lost the turnover battle by two and a half game.
That’s a miracle right there. That’s probably never happened before. You can’t take Northwestern.
Yeah you can’t. Coming off the bat like they’re not.
They have they scored forty six points all year. Oh that’s a good question. No I don’t
know. I know they haven’t. I know they haven’t. I know. Let’s see. They’ve scored only scored
22 against Purdue. What did they get against you in LV three against Indiana zero. I you
guys rarities against you. Yeah. They’ve scored thirty five but they’ve scored over 50 0.
All combined I guess. Okay. Oh yeah. No not in one game. Yeah.
Yeah. They lost 20 did nothing to Iowa. Fifty two to three. Ohio State thirty four to three
to Indiana. And yeah you got a fade Northwestern coming off this huge victory career victory
the gator aid was dumped. Minnesota. Even if they don’t have their starting quarterback
I still like them. Bounce back I think. I mean it’s a really good team. It was very
obvious at least to me and most of the betting public who got this correct with Iowa minus
three last night. Very obvious he missed like a 19 yard field.
Yeah I was on the list and I got shot on the right side of this one.
Now with Iowa got up to that big lead and with dog shit the rest of the way I like I
like the resiliency that Minnesota showed got a great performance and I just spent I
mean the thirty five points they’ve scored in the road all year so they outscored their
road total. There you go. Northwestern San Jose State heads to Las Vegas
Nevada. Square off against you and Alvey you’re only a six and a half point home. Dog Colby
what are you doing here. I’m loving this. SANDERS estate team and I’m
loving feeding you and I’ll feel like I did last week with my bonus lock of Hawaii coming
into. Vegas and getting it done. But San Jose State’s just a better team that there us a
fifth year senior quarterback and love. He’s good. They are still playing for a ballgame.
They get this win and all of a sudden they get a final game against Fresno in San Jose.
Stranger things have happened. The Spartans are gonna push towards this bowl game. Get
it up by more than six points in Vegas. You know he’s is really bad. Or they can just
go and have a good time in Vegas which path they take Kobe. These are techies in San Jose.
Okay. San Hosey is a great time. I don’t think a techie is going to San Jose State. No disrespect
to the. They have the greatest engineering minds that say there was a state. Yeah.
Yeah. What are you doing. KRAMER Oh. I told you I was gay. I was chalky this week.
You know these garbage. I see what Kobe’s doing is putting them on a tee for him. But
check this out you know we want to know we’re gonna see SCC. Oh well I see. I think in general
it’s not a great year for power 5 conference center as a state.
Want to know we’re gonna see SCC Wow. San Jose State Spartans according to the odds
a shark supercomputer thirty five point eight predicted score to nineteen point eight for
the U on LV rebels. You know we just uh. Pretty fucking bad too and 5 8. Yes. Their last 7
1 in 8 straight up in their last nine. And uh yeah man they’re just I don’t know.
You know they’re not doing it for me now. Very exciting San Jose State. They’re able
to move the ball. I mean you look at the matchup. As far as a passing yards through 30 passing
yards on average compared to you know the two hundred and four. That’s a huge difference.
That’s enough to cover a six and a half point spread on the road. Give me big Sparky. If
you call on that I know it’s a Michigan State but I’m having some fun. Call it Duke squares
off against Wake Forest Wake Forest a seven point favorite in Winston Salem North Carolina
Duke interesting team are they good. Are they not. Colby what are you doing here. Uh.
They’re not very good. And if you remember last year um I locked
up this game I was in Durham. Oh. And and wait for us 159 to seven against uh some guy
named Daniel Jones. Duke’s Duke’s four and six. They’re not they’re
not horrific. Certainly got bad or a bad Syracuse team in
Durham last week and they got beat pretty bad. Wake Forest. Yeah they shouldn’t lose
the Syracuse at all. Wake Forest is coming off back to back road games. They’re coming
back to a beautiful Winston-Salem that’s always home. And uh I just think they have a better
team and they’re gonna get it done. Here. I’ve definitely been on the wrong side of
the Hokies this year a number of times. I’m with you. Colby again I said I was gonna be
Chalky. I am fairly confident I know the S.E.C. this could be a big game for Duke revenge
spot a situation where they need this win and then a win next week against Miami to
be bowl eligible. But strangely Cutler seems to have lost this
team because if you if you look back to the week because they seen as a c they didn’t
play much better again. They saw Eli Manning then Daniel Jones being horrific on the same.
Like what do you know you’re responsible for Daniel Jones even you.
Well we can you duck. I don’t want you don’t want to get blood on this shirt. Oh yeah.
Shots fired. Give me Wake Forest. I’m going against the grain. I’m Brad and my boy cut
Cliff. This guy’s a QB whisper I don’t know what he’s whispered to these guys but Duke
actually not a bad road team against the spread 8 2 and 1 against the spreading their last
eleven games on the road but more more importantly have had kind of head wakes no when it comes
to fifty nine to seven last year. Yeah Duke 7 and 1 8 yes and the last eight games won
playing on the road against Wake Forest Oh wow yeah there’s a guy named Dave Clawson
and he’s changing shit sixteen to eight yes and their last eight games against Wake Forest.
So I think there’s a little bit of a I think they get up for this game.
Duke’s going to struggle to keep keep pace that’s why they’re getting seven points.
That’s all they need. Final game of the beautiful Kobe six back T.C. you against Oklahoma Oklahoma
coming. Coming off a crazy come from behind win against Baylor there. Oh man how did Baylor
fuck that came up. The Sooners Lane 18 in Norman Oklahoma. Colby what do you do.
Well look Oklahoma is the luckiest team in the nation. Oh two weeks ago they pass interfered
on a two point conversion where they would’ve lost the Iowa State if the refs just magically
just didn’t call which I’m ok with because I like when they don’t call pass interference
because often sucks but um they should’ve lost last week to the league when Kobe’s like
lifelong arguments could reflect he has to figure out a way to what’s the tiebreaker
who wins. But I like this. I like this T.C. team. Yeah I think they’re getting much better
as the season goes along and you’d give me 18 points it was at 18 and a half when I wrote
this but 18 out I still take it. And uh come on. I mean look. PATTERSON They just beat
Texas Tech they beat Texas eighteen point is too big of a number for a team that Oklahoma
can’t play defense. The Oklahoma offense is not as good as it’s been the past two years.
Are entirely the Oklahoma team is not as good as they were in the past two years.
I mean this Oklahoma. I would love to see you if this was like them
being like ten or eleven point home dog. I don’t know if I love this in the situation
where now Oklahoma is coming home after that big win they still need style points. I told
you I was gonna be jockey Colby. I’m coming back to the chuck wagon. They come home.
They just let your leg shipping. Give me Oklahoma minus the points.
Wow that is a big number to play for this Oklahoma team. I think I think that took a
lot out of that Oklahoma team that that game against Baylor. I think that scared them.
I think it’s going to be tough to get up emotionally. I mean that was a draining game and now you
got to play against the teams you team. That’s certainly not amazing but there are at least
decent. They have Penn State Utah Oregon who play each other Penn State has Ohio State
and Alabama keeping them between them in the five spot.
How was Penn State how style points. Penn State rated ahead. Minnesota didn’t play head
to head. That does seem uh does he. I’m also noting that a for loss I had Ohio
Iowa State team is ahead of my Hokies on an athletic state.
Mm hmm. The USC 74. Get the fuck out. Yeah. I just
think it’s gonna be tough for them to get up for this game to blow out to you I think
tease you. On the other hand will we’ll have a competitive game against Oklahoma.
The thing with Oklahoma that you have to remember is for them to blow someone out.
It’s not that like that can be a couple extra minutes and I’m just banging out some 90 yard
drives. So I really do think they’re gonna they’re
going after style points here because there is a lot I guess I really do think they’re
not nearly as good as a team as they’ve been the past no no.
Also I don’t think he was Oklahoma’s defense. I think Oklahoma’s defense is going to give
up like 20 points. So I think it’s going to be tough to cover that giant now 70 30.
TCO is the popular side right now so that would concern me like that. That’s one of
those where everyone’s like Oh no. This is TCO Oklahoma’s not as good as we think they
are. Look they almost lost the Baylor and I would state they come out and roll.
Oh yeah. Before we move on to the top 25 talk about our pals over at Ace her head. Thought
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You won’t be disappointed. Ace Ace dot com slash s GP.
Don’t beat the bookie. Be the bookie. Colby moving on to the top 25 when Penn State heads
to Columbus Ohio. Square off against Ohio State. Oh it’s you. Eighteen and a half point
favorites against Penn State. Big number but Ohio State right now number one team in the
game dominating left and right. A feeling you’re going to go Penn State. Am
I right or am I wrong. No you are right. Just because I mean I didn’t
lock this some. I’m like N.C. naked Patsy like this. I’m just a little I’m not all the
way sold on Penn State. Like when I look back two years ago when they had said Quinn Barkley
and everything. Yeah they should have been Ohio State but the past two years really.
But there’s something about Ohio State. This year they look like they’re almost doing
what you want to know what the thing you’re trying. It’s a great tip of your tongue. Ohio
State is faster bigger stronger. They are going a little brother the shit out of Penn
State. Earlier in the week NBA writer for the sports gambling podcast Zach Bronner
was like hey is there is there an opener you guys love more than this Penn State. No. And
my response was Yeah it’s a lot of points hard to see it getting to twenty one.
The more that I look into this game the more I think this this number is going to climb
to twenty one if you like Ohio State you need to take it now take it early in the week because
it’s going to climb. I truly believe that Ohio State is going to
get the fuck out of the way of this team. This team is dominating and I think specifically
in this matchup you’re going to see Penn State struggle to deal with this defensive line
and you’re going to see Penn State’s struggle to deal with the speed in this Ohio State
often does it scare you at all though that frankly when you say go Oh Franklin the past
two years. Yeah. Penn State in my opinion where that
were the better team. Both games that they blew. Ten point leads in the final five minutes
of the game but for the whole game Penn State was in my opinion the better team in these
matchups so that I think Franklin does a good job coaching against Ohio State it’s different.
I mean honestly I think my or not being there the team’s a little you know it’s not the
same team. This team is 8 and 2 against the spread. Yeah but this is also the easily the
best defensive plays they’ve played all year. So I will we’ll see how it goes but when you’re
a nine and one team that’s 5 and 5 against the spread and you’re playing at 10 a. team
that’s 8 2 against the spread. That tells me that even with inflated lines Ohio State
is still cover. Meanwhile Penn State I think you can’t you
look at games like this I think that throw the numbers out throw the numbers out a little
bit you know I mean like maybe you hit maybe right on this I was I was a little reluctant
that’s why I didn’t lock it up at NC and compared she did but I still think it’s too many points
you’ve got it you’ve got to go with the dog in this situation yeah I’m going shock yeah
I’m going Ohio State this Ohio State team is kind of yeah they’re just on another level
Penn State is a good team for sure but they’re not they’re not getting the college football
playoff and I don’t think they’re competing with this Ohio State team Ohio State is at
home it’s the early kick they’re gonna have a bunch of momentum I give you it was Penn
State plus eleven eleven and a half as a home dog night game where they really would have
an emotional edge I think they hang with them but yeah you’re right Colby it is your you’re
going back and forth between factoring in this year and how the team looked versus how
they matched up historically I think this Ohio State team is an outlier if you look
at this rivalry and I unfortunately think they’re gonna kind of put it to Penn State
and make a statement I think they’re the one that’s gonna make the statement not Oklahoma
when it comes to covering a big number this week we I mean again you look at the basketball
games they squeaked by Indiana they lost to Minnesota Indiana 7 and 2 though coming into
that game they’re not a bad team OK they’re not Ohio State is in a different class right
like you have you have a is a classic look ahead man come on.
This happens everywhere this happens all the time OK. The week before they lost. Yeah.
Is that a look ahead to. No but that was back to back away games.
They looked like shit for a half against Michigan. I just think this team has holes. Ohio is
the horse they do have I was there I still cover killing of Sean o house they roll sixes
heads down to Waco Texas. So they’re already in Texas.
Well that’s far right. Austin the Waco Austin Waco Waco.
Great place to hang out. A lot of good things go down in Waco. Baylor minus five and a half
against Texas twelve thirty kick Pacific of course.
Colby what are you doing here. We’ll go with the Longhorns man. Uh Baylor let me down last
week. I had him on the money line. They should have and uh obviously Texas coming off a loss
in Ames which I predicted by the way and uh. And I just think it’s a bad spot for Baylor
to get Oklahoma and Texas back to back Texas is going to come in.
Give me the fight and get in five and half points. Come on. Even a Baylor wins will be
by three or four. You know are we worried a little 101 miles.
By the way is this just Texas fly or drive by bus a hundred miles. I get a lot of money
in that program. I hate this spot. I hate that we have to pick this game so I feel like
both teams are better. Texas is just a bet against team because once again they’re just
not like they need to get Mack Brownback or something.
How are they not gotten the most out of their talent yet. Yeah I’m actually having a little
bit. I spent a decade and everyone will certainly be on Texas dude. You know you’re going to
tell me what Tom Herman does as an underdog. I believe in their coming off a loss. They’re
coming off a loss. They’re going to beat Baylor on the other hand. I don’t feel great about
laying points with this Baylor team after what just happened right.
This is where Sean says dream crusher that I am a little worried about this Texas team.
I mean both teams I mean well I don’t know. I just think you got to take points here.
I mean at what point is Texas just broken if they lose this they’ll have five losses.
That’s tough. They might not be bowl eligible. I’m going.
I’m going to Baylor here. Yeah me too. And you brought up a good point. It could be it
could be a dream crusher spot for sure but I think Matt rule when they kind of rallied
the team even after that crushing loss they did that like weird bear thing where they
all got in the knees and like held up the bare hand. He seems to really still have this
team’s ear and I don’t know if I could say the same thing about Texas and their team.
It feels like another lost season for the Longhorns and I think Baylor responds and
they respond in a decent way. I think what we still need to win like they’re
still in the conference championship game right now. It’s not guaranteed yet. If they
win if they win this year they control their destiny.
Yes yes wins for them back. I do believe I do believe Texas is still alive.
To the Texas is broken. They just got to put it to the side.
Texas has been good against the spread seven to eight years in their last nine games on
the road versus teams with winning records. So they’ve shown up as a dog against probably
higher quality teams and Baylor. I mean why they didn’t have an amazing resumé as far
as the College Football Playoff is they don’t beat teams by crazy big margins they just
win games. And so I think they kind of have a statement game here and win by a decent
margin. So give me Baylor minus for Texas getting fifty five percent of the tickets.
Thirty eight percent of the dollars shot. We like that.
We like that the Aggies takes to save them head to Athens Georgia to square off against
the dogs. Georgia they’re not dogs. They’re minus thirteen point favorites. Colby what
are you doing here. I’m barking and barking and barking MAN This
is the the week of the dog I guess I’m not I’m not even convinced Texas Saddam is that
good of a team when your best win is a you know South Carolina or Mississippi State or
something just a true dog shit schedule for them but it’s a bad spot for Georgia. They’ve
got a huge win on the road and Auburn they’re coming back home and they and Em’s kind of
rested they haven’t really been challenged but like I said Not since early when they
lost their three games to Auburn Bama and Clemson. So give me a name to cover this number
I think Georgia might still get the win but uh 13 is too big with number 13 in the half.
Georgia is trash. They are the worst. They should make the playoffs. These homes do they
have the worst loss in the top 25. And for some reason the college football player lost
we have a horrible South Carolina team. Yeah. Am I crazy. The Georgia just doesn’t
pass the eye test is one of these dominant top four college teams. I get it They’re nine
and one but there’s so many teams even against Auburn.
That’s the worst loss they have the worst loss that if anyone in the top 25.
You know like I’m not a big Alabama guy but you can make a case for them. Oregon Well
I like I would certainly put ahead of them even Utah. You could make a case for Oklahoma
Minnesota. I mean there’s it’s crazy. These 1 loss teams even Baylor Baylor’s 14 somehow
no Baylor should be ranked higher than Georgia right. I mean they had that close loss to
Oklahoma. Who is. Yeah. So I’m saying it’s probably better than Georgia.
You know no other way. Yeah. So yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And it makes it makes no sense. Makes
no sense at all. So real on the Aggies here Kramer Georgia’s
trash. Yeah but before we do this do we really all want to back Jimbo.
Seventy five main element Jimbo I’m going to do it just because look they haven’t been
up all year. They haven’t played very good all year. They haven’t looked good in them.
This is their chance to shine. I’m not back in Jimbo.
Give me Georgia in a Lee Corso not so fast moment.
Also also Texas saying that was more trash out there with a very unproven look at their
look. Talk about a schedule call where you’re making
great points. I’m not making good points. I’m just telling you I’m not back in Fisher.
No I’m having a hard time doing it to those this is the game that I was kind of like a
kind of like you were with the uh the been with you all day baby Oregon Ducks Quack quack
quack. Head down to Tempe Arizona. Square off against
the sun devils never figured out from Coach Lee to what a Sun Devil Is LSU a 14 and a
half point home dog big number here in this PAC 12 matchup. What are you doing Colby.
I’m going to do it again. Guys I want to take a look.
Been failing organs all year and they’ve been making me eat my words. Was this was who should
have beat him. If it wasn’t for some terrible officiating they’re coming into it. This is
I’ve watched college football since the early 90s and this place has always had a a four
top 10 teams almost like Iowa to come into the desert as a top 10 team and players on
a state not Arizona Arizona State it is a dangerous dangerous dangerous. You know why.
Because when they get there the night before Arizona State deploys their horror team on
the opposing church and the Irish drain all the starters. If you don’t I mean yeah.
So I’m riding with the sun devils and I say sprinkle some on that MONEYLINE sprinkle some
on that MONEYLINE. They’ve been. They did it 98 wouldn’t have done it. I’m not taking
Herm Edwards. You play to win the game. Gary Sean’s Oregon Ducks Quack quack quack.
Give me the ducks. They’re right on that. Quack quack quack.
Blood breath or urine. No thanks I’m full. Classic line from who was the guy who does
the play by play in the Mighty Ducks. Oh that’s a great question. I’ll look that
up. But while I’m doing that let’s talk about the Oregon Ducks. I think there’s.
Here’s the thing 13 that’s right on the edge there right on the bubble right. And you saw
that from this uh Clemson team. Clemson felt a little disrespected a little like Oh really
you’re not going to put us in the top four extra little a little something.
Well something something and I think Oregon took it and now I think they’re all they’re
gonna be able to move the ball at will against this Arizona State team. And Colby you’ve
talked about it. You’ve bet against Oregon and they keep finding ways to beat you against
the spread especially this Oregon State team just has the ability to score quickly ability
to find big plays both on the offensive and defensive side by then.
With the exception of maybe the USC game though I’ve never been in touch like Oh my God this
is a really good team. No. And and I kind of predicted you know again
my couch for not player that they would make their would make it in which it was kind of
a long shot and they haven’t been as good as I as I thought they’ve been. However certain
teams just kind of make plays kind of have a little bit of juice and I think they just
have that right bit of swagger that you need to come in on the road and blow out a much
worse Arizona State. And we’re still talking with the Oregon. Oh
yeah. Sean’s really in Oregon. Pittsburgh heads to Blacksburg Virginia where
Virginia Tech is a minus 4 point favorite Cramer. I’ll give you the honors of kicking
things I’ll just wager on the game Shawn minus for this.
It pains me because I’m not a big flinty fan. But he’s done something. Something happened
around that Duke game that galvanized this youth allow them to. In their only loss since
that game which shouldn’t have been a lie. I went to Notre Dame with their third or backup
slash third string quarterback almost took it to the owner. They should’ve won that game
the refs and I didn’t want to be that guy. But now they’re just steamrolling teams.
Granted Georgia Tech is hot garbage. There’s a bunch of hot garbage in the SCC. Pittsburgh
they’re dangerous at home. This is not a home. They’re a dangerous team whenever you play.
Their debut at Clemson with the Shawn Watson in Clemson South.
If this was if this was in Pittsburgh I’d be worried. Virginia Tech’s getting ZERO respect
with this number only being three. Call me if you were gonna be like sorry for you if
you’re going to tell me. Sure. Virginia like might not have the home field advantage they
used to and it might be a day game but this year told me on a neutral field.
Virginia Tech’s only winning a point maybe a half point here. Well I’ll tell you what.
No I’m taking the pants off. I’m also rock and I think it’s a terrible
spot for Virginia Tech though how many times do we talk about this. Fuck my life. Tour
is happening next week against UVA. I think I think you’re miscalculating the fucking
way left or right because teen years in a row have destroyed you.
Right now you’re playing better ball than you’ve been. You’re looking towards that HCC
championship and you’re sleeping on this Pittsburgh team that’s pretty good.
It’s a classic look at a headline again great coleslaw sandwich spot between dominating
Georgia Tech and then looking ahead towards the rivalry game that finally matters against
you V.A.. Pittsburgh is that shredded cabbage in between and also a hot spot. I think that
could be trouble there. They got some cabbage in there some mayonnaise guidelines carrots.
Honestly you guys are just being dicks right. Hashtag Sorry boy. I think what’s going to
happen is you guys are really just being dicks right. Well I think what’s going to happen
is Virginia Tech’s going to get down. They’ll be down like 17 nothing and then they’ll
come all the way back to win by three. Yeah. Twenty three to twenty. So I think that’s
what’s going to happen. I think Virginia Tech is going to have a late run. It’s gonna be
a field goal game. I think actually Virginia Tech wins. I’m not really going to touch it
but I do think it’s a hair big hair big. So I’m I’m done with the picture and your question
who is the announcer. His name was Bob Miller. He was also the play by play voice of the
Los Angeles Kings. I don’t know if he still is but he. No I think he retired in 1973 just
a bit outside I think last season in return. He was a mighty ducks and Mighty Ducks 2 currently
resides in Woodland Hills California. Did not get the call for Mighty Ducks 3. That’s
true but I don’t know what happened there or maybe did get the call on the number wasn’t
right. Closing things out are gals. San Diego State as Tex the Warriors face off against
another group of warriors the Rainbow Warriors and beautiful Honolulu Hawaii Hawaii a minus
three point favorite. Colby what are you doing here.
First things are still pledging for was to be. Yeah yeah. This is it. This is the last
week we’re picking San Diego. Okay well guys. Yeah because they’ve been fucking us or at
least myself all year. Don’t focus last week I had a nice chunk of
change on vagina to Matt nation who I liked. San Diego State in that spot and I was kind
of on the fence and I was like dude. Yeah they’re definitely covered. And I did it.
So yeah I was on the wrong side of that one but I’m going to stay on the road on the opposing
side of San Diego State. I think the Rainbow Warriors that this is a huge uh conference
game here for them they’re still alive to to win the Mountain West West Division and
traveling all the way. And I’m telling you man JP lost men 2.0 is San Diego State’s quarterback
Agnew. He ain’t that good. Yeah he’s not even that you asked me last one was a power in
college. Yeah but I was just saying he makes crazy decisions and it’s gonna boring. Yeah.
Yeah it’s gonna burn him. He’s the way he is. He’s bottom 10 quarterbacks.
There’s no way San Diego State keeps up with Hawaii.
I think Hawaii wins this game and uh yeah. Give me the Rainbow Warriors minus three like
potentially a lot of snow in Hawaii. Yeah. So for those of you who live on the east coast
I’m sorry but someone might be locking up an 8:00 p.m. Pacific.
Sean tell me why you’re gonna take those pussies down who said cause they just keep covering
spread. They invited us on campus. No they haven’t exactly been a closed thing. Hey hey
bro. Pay for play. San Diego State the as tax. I’ve actually
been uh I’ve been really enjoying Mike Leach’s book Geronimo.
Lot of a lot of actually I mean Mike Leach great character great great football coach
but really knows this stuff when it comes to Native Americans. Learned a lot of cool
interesting facts about Native Americans and the Geronimo of course as you know Apaches
something like the craziest warriors the bad motherfucker. So yeah some real bad ass dudes
and he he breaks down a lot of lot of things he really enjoyed about them. One of their
cool hunting tricks that they used to do. So docs would always come and swim on their
legs. So what they would do is they would float out pumpkins and other big boards right.
You would like this hashtag plant life and so they would float them out there on the
water and at first the ducks would get scared and then they would keep floating the pumpkins
out on the water. And then the ducks would get used to it be like Oh okay. This lake
just has pumpkins floating around. And then what these fucking smart ass Apaches would
do is carve out the pumpkins completely carve it out carve out a little eye hole and carve
out a thing and set it on their head and then walk into the water with a pumpkin on their
hair. So these ducks just think they’re a floating pumpkin and then just grab a bunch
of ducks in a giant sack murderer and eat the shit out of them.
I expect the same similar performance from her as Tex plus 3 baby.
They’re not Apaches though just to be clear the ducks got they got it right. I would say
it’s gonna do with them. They’re not all the same show but that’s why they say Wesley Snipes
part Apache bad motherfucker. I always bet on black.
That’s right. You want to fade black. All right here we go. Time for our. Lack Doug
cheese presented by my bookie dad promo code SGP. Play win and get paid and my bookie dat
AJ Colby. How are we playing winning and getting paid this week over by a bookie that A.J.
I am going to lock up. Let’s just let’s just do it.
Give me the San who is a state Spartan not in Vegas so to it.
The clients didn’t do it they don’t deserve this.
Kobe is a state minus six and a half. And then my dog is gonna be the Toledo rockets
plus 260 Toledo plus 2 6. Max nice and my is that that. Oh what am I what am I Ben.
I don’t know what do you but something something delicious.
Okay uh let’s let’s let’s tease down I don’t forget the number. So let’s go where we at
here let’s knock down say. Let’s take J key numbers only Kobe. Yeah.
I don’t patent it. Look I’m. I’m hitting at seventy five percent or whatever the fuck
the number is. What do you have buddy huh. Not that good.
All right. So. So let’s go Texas up to eleven and a half. Let’s take Okay Kansas up to thirty
and a half. And OK. And San Jose State just to win the
game. Mm hmm. All right. Was a state down to a half in my bonus block
will be the alliance I and Lovie Smith who’s already bowl eligible coming into Iowa City
after they beat a top 10 team catching 15 points. I will look I was gonna. They’re a
good team. They’re good at home. Three score is good. I’m not buying that. Give me the
alliance. Plus 15 in our city. Wow. Just coming out of left field a lot.
Is it my turn to your turn Sean. You can go next right. You want me to go next.
Yes well from my large give me Hawaii San Diego State cannot keep up with this score.
Sean I want you to look up look up my column in the sheet.
The fuck am I going to take a dog when I went all favorites. Not one dog. Wow. So ready.
Go off the grid. Do I Do I have permission. Yeah you have to. This is a horrible strategy.
Horrible strategy. UCLA MONEYLINE. There you go. I’m coming. Let me pull up and
I will. You know I’m looking over at one side they don’t have the money line.
It’s not going to go to another side. It’s a whole hassle.
But listen Clay Helton is still the coach for USC us here at UCLA. Nothing to play for
but this rivalry yes. A bowl they win they go to a bowl. Wow. So you’re telling me there’s
something on the line. It’s really on the line for USC. Well Clay Helton preserving
his job potential. What if they don’t want that.
Yeah I think he’s done it for twenty five on the money line. Give me the Bruins.
Coming off an absolute whipping against Utah it was brutal for my team’s hashtag fired
chip for my tease. Let’s say there’s a state wins that game with
teams that down to a half. Oh yeah. Ohio State down 2.
Oh yeah. Well let’s go to Ohio State down twelve and a half. They’re gonna murder Penn
State and wake forest not losing at home minus one. I like that here’s your bonus lock. Oh
since I’ve already gone off book once. Dare I go off book twice.
So couple options here. Colby why your opinion one Boston College has turned into an horrible
team. Do you take the points we like them generally against Notre Dame. Historically
they’ve become an absolute horrible dog shit team. Or do we fade the team that just got
broken by Notre Dame and take SMU against Navy.
I’m actually on Navy against us. Oh so so you don’t agree either way with me
but the other one the other one kind of like I can see that NBC never gave me Temple plus
10 and a half Cincinnati fraudulent shouldn’t be laying ten and a half points in this. I
like I like Temple in the temple zone stuff man hashtag Temple stuff. I think more Cincinnati
is or is from. You’re not going to take Western Carolina against Alabama or Sanford against
Auburn. What is that Western Carolina. Sanford against Auburn. Look at you see the SCC games.
This is this is FCX week for the. Yes. The bottom of the FC Yes.
Not even it. Not even James Madison or North Dakota State.
Here’s my quick thing about the College Football Playoff. If you’re gonna have a ranking system
that is time based where you start ranking teams and then based on their ranking at that
point they only go up and down. They don’t get it’s all a reset ranking. We. Right. If
you’re going to do something like that you have to put a rule about playing NFC East
team this late in the season at least. If so make it like a decent FC at school.
These teams are horrible. Forget that. You just think that’s what you
want. Bye Week. Great. I think there should be rules from the point the college football
playoff rankings come out. You’re no one’s allowed to have a bite. I’m all about that.
I’m all because all it does is it creates inequity and now that we’re looking at teams.
So what if they don’t play. They can move up if other teams lose why they’re
not playing. Exactly. Yeah. Western Carolina is not playing. How did they get better. Right.
That was a fifty eight point shot in the way. Yes you are on the clock.
I’m on the clock. Hmm hmm hmm interesting options here to take I think I like that.
I like to go first. I think this is a great bounceback spot for them against a highly
fraudulent Northwestern team coming off a gigantic victory. Give me the Gophers minus
14 road favorites. Wow. For my dog. Give me Texas aim to win outright in Georgia. Let’s
say it’s around like 430 450 depending on where you can get that right now for my teams.
Interesting teasing options. I’ll take T.C. you up to 24 like it. I’ll take San Diego
State up to 9 don’t like it and I’ll take a pit up to 10 and for my bonus lock. Give
me Miami of Ohio squaring off against horrific accurate.
I love this Jen. I don’t think that’s an accurate. Well you mass is a bye week right. So he was
really he was really hurt up by that. Well I haven’t ackwards. I like writing history.
Right now it’s pretty fun. I think accurate. My name is given away like 30 31 in the middle
of Ohio right now. My peanut allergy. Hashtag mash.
I’d like that play. I’ll be but I’m gonna lock that over on on the college experience
I’ll tell you that. Check that out over at the college experience
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I feel like we should leave every episode with all of us putting our hands together
like a Will Bundy’s on this on this was your helmet. You know what I mean. No. All right
all right. Good to see you. Team on three solid pitch there. Call me and
of course everyone thank you for participating in the sports game and I guess and for the
sports gambling part. Yes I’m Sean stack and I’m on the green and he is Ryan 5 stars.
How yes. By Sean T green hashtag D Jen’s only get those reviews in Kramer. Let it ride.