(upbeat salsa music) (ball bouncing) ^- My name’s Kevin Cunanan. ^I go to Claremont McKenna College ^and I’m involved with Camp Kesem at the Claremont Colleges, ^track and field for CMS, and the men’s club volleyball team. ^It’s, yeah, we do have a team. ^(laughing) I’ve been a volleyball player for about six years. I started in my Sophomore year at high school, and I, you know, tried out for the team, ^and then I really fell in love with the sport and I continued to play and I was really excited to continue, to have that competitive atmosphere in college. And so, I’m really glad I found the club team. So, the club volleyball team, it’s a little bit hard to find at times. When I was a freshman, I kind of had to poke around a little bit to find it. The team has been actually very high profile in terms of national standings and stuff, which is exciting. Last year, we went to Nationals, which is a huge meeting of just club volleyball schools across the nation, and it was really exciting because we placed in the top seven teams, I believe, in D2, which is a pretty huge accomplishment. We practice about three times a week, and we have season in the Spring, and we compete in tournaments against other teams like BCLA, CSULB, USC, and a bunch of other competitive D1, D2 colleges. The opposite hitter on the team is very important for blocking defense, but also providing another option for the hitters and for the setter. This year the team is looking really good. We have a lot of really strong players, some newcomers, some previous players, returning players, and we hope to do really well at Nationals this year. People always make fun of me because I’m the only CMCer. They’re like, “Where’s the representation?” And so, I’d really love to see more CMCers come back to the team or join the team fresh. We’re always looking for new athletes to join us. You don’t necessarily have to play volleyball before. It’s always great to, for people to just come out and try out, and see where they are. (upbeat salsa music) (woman mumbling) (men yelling) (shoes squeaking on floor)