Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to another episode of our Skin
Comparison Series! In this video, we are going to feature new
skins, and compare them with a previous skin of the
same hero. On this episode, we have Clint’s Newest skin,
Badminton Champion. This skin can be obtained by buying it in
the shop. So, get it while it’s hot, and while it’s
on sale. This skin is pretty good for sporty players
out there. We will be comparing this skin with his previous
Special skin, Guns and Roses. Okay, so let’s move on. To begin, let’s check out Clint’s basic attacks. I just love how those blue rays hit the enemies. This is pretty cool to be honest. It gives the cool vibes. Now, let’s feature Clint’s passive skill. As you can see, he shoots out blue rays with
shuttlecock feathers. That’s pretty cool. I kinda noticed that Moonton produces skins
that has to do with feathers recently. Maybe they want to save graphic design cost
for feathers, maybe? Well, we love feathers. So, whatever. Now, let’s feature Clint’s first skill. A racket is formed on the area-of-effect with
shuttlecocks shimmering above it. That’s pretty cool since it is still related
to feather effects. We love feathers. Next, we have Clint’s second skill effects. He shoots out a circle formation of shuttlecocks. Okay, that’s weird. Lastly, we have Clint’s ultimate skill effects. As you can see, blue feather effects are shot
with the grenade. Blue feathers are kinda unique to be honest, since the recent skins with feathers are either white or yellow-ish. What do you think of this new Skin of Clint? Comment down below and tell us what you think! I hope this time, you got a part-time job
at least so you can buy diamonds for skins. And never sell your parent’s stuff just to
get money for diamonds. That’s a bad thing. That’s against the law. Don’t wait for popos to bring you to jail. Do not forget to like and share this video. Also, subscribe to our channel for more updates. For our skin giveaway event, check out our
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