-Look at this stud here. Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] This guy means business. -That´s not the poster
for “Thor: Ragnarok.” -No, it´s not.
It´s just you going, “That´s right. I´m a man,
what´s up. Yeah.” You really got to
check this out. I mean, you´re just all jacked. And this is not just you pushing
your muscle up with your hand. -It´s a little bit of that. You got to know your angles. And that certainly — yeah. -Because obviously,
we go to the same gym and so I always run in
to you and stuff. -I remember calling you
a few years ago and said, “How do I get into shape?”
And you said, “This is how you do it.”
So thank you for that. [ Laughter ]
-No problem. No problem. I figured, well,
I´m not using my gym membership. You might as well.
[ Laughter ] -So I´ll take it. -But I saw some cool pictures. This is really you surfing? -That´s one, yeah. It´s not the best shot,
but thank you. -Oh, I think it´s so cool.
[ Cheers and applause ] I think all surfers are
in pretty great shape. -Thank you.
Are you a surfer? -No.
[ Laughter ] Thank you.
Thank you for even — -You´re in incredible shape,
though. So I just made the assumption. -I didn´t know you — I figured you´d surf ´cause
you look like you would surf. -I do? Yeah?
-You´re a good-looking dude. You´re, like, from Australia. -Yep, Australia.
-Big waves out there. -Lot of coastline…
-Yeah. -…around that country. -But you — I didn´t know
that you played basketball. Did you know that
you played basketball? [ Laughter ] -Well, you know, sometimes. I mean, in high school,
they called me “Custard Arm.” -Custard Arm? -Yeah, looks like I was
throwing a handful of custard across the thing.
-Really? -Yeah. Well, it´s not — I´m not
the most coordinated thrower, but I know
what you´re getting at. -You do?
-What are you getting at? -The video.
-The video? -Yeah.
-What do you want to see? -Well, I mean —
-Have you got a video? -Yeah. This is you
in a basketball court. -Yeah.
-An indoor court. -Full court.
-Full court. -No special effects.
No CGI. -Throwing a basketball, seeing if you can
make it into the basket at the end of the full court. -Shall we? [ Laughter ] -Throw. [ Cheers and applause ] ♫♫ [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, that´s amazing! -Only once?
-How did that happen? -Well, I´d love to say
that was the first shot. There was about
643 previous takes. But no one knows that.
-Yeah, exactly. That´s the only one you need, but you nailed it.
-I nailed it. Mate, that was the happiest
moment of my life. [ Laughter ] Forget about kids, marriage,
all that. -Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly.
But I mean — -This, you know — –
You threw it — I mean, that´s crazy that
you can even do that. -I tore most of the ligaments
in my shoulder after 700 shots. But it was worth it
because of the glory of the response of the audience
just then. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, exactly. It´s worth it. -I give you my shoulder. -How are the —
How are the family? How´s the kids?
-My kids are good. My kids are good.
-Yeah. -I´ve got three kids,
two twin boys, a little girl. -Were they excited
about Halloween? -They love Halloween. I mean, we don´t really
do Halloween in Australia, but since coming to America and discovering that Halloween´s
all about sweets and chocolate, they´re like, “Awesome.”
-Yeah, exactly. Yeah. -And I love sweets as well, so. -Did they — what´s your
favorite candy? Do you have one? -I love those red, like,
Twizzler things. Licorice-y things.
-Yeah, Twizzlers. Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Twizzlers. -They taste like Twizzlers.
What do call them again? -They kind of look like
a Twizzler. -I know. It is a Twizzler.
Yeah. Yeah, and the kids,
do they dress up? Do they — Dad is Thor, I mean. -Yeah. -You can probably get them
a decent costume. -It´s cool. I´m like — I can get discounts
on the Thor costumes. [ Laughter ] And they´re like,
“Pfft, no way.” But they love Wonder Woman. -Is that what they want to be? -Which I´m cool with.
I love Wonder Woman. -Yeah, and they want to be
Wonder Woman. -I think
it´s my wife´s influence. She´s definitely
the strongest one, so they dress up as Mum,
you know? [ Audience aws ] Nah, I didn´t mean
that response. [ Laughter ]