Hi guys, this is CHOCOLATE. It is one of the most famous candies because of its delicious flavor It has fans all over the world, meaning, people love it So today we are going to talk about all the frequent asked questions of CHOCOLATE …but in a more scientific way so what is Caffeine? Caffeine is a xanthine alakoid substance that is found in nuts of variety of different plants One of this plants is the cocoa tree, where the caffeine is found in the seeds. Why? Each cocoa bean is surrounded with a sweet white pulp that animals love to taste So to protect itself from the animals, the coca bean, which is the main ingredient to make chocolate ..is filled with chemicals that create the bitterness when eat fresh, like Tannins Theobromine And of course, caffeine Sugar, salt, flavoring agents and cocoa beans are the main ingredients to make chocolate As we all know from the previous part, Theobromine is one the three chemicals in the cocoa bean. With human, we do not have problems when eating CHOCOLATE …because our stomachs function Theobromine very quickly, so it is okay. But when it comes to dogs, they cannot eat CHOCOLATE …because their stomachs function Theobromine very slowly And this will cause the dogs to vomit, and lead them to death. Do you ever wonder why you want CHOCOLATE when you are depressed? It is because CHOCOLATE contains Serotonin. What is it? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which chemical formula has Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. This neurotransmitter can make you happier So when you eat CHOCOLATE, Serotonin is activated, and your depression will decrease! YAY!! So eating CHOCOLATE will somehow make you feel better , therefore, make your day brighter. People usually believe that CHOCOLATE causes heart attack. Well, NO One of the main reasons why heart attack happens is because of clotting blood. Many blood cells get stuck and tight by fibrin ( it is like a rope) This stops other blood cells, and our heart does not receive enough blood for its pumping job. Luckily, CHOCOLATE contains Flavonoid(s) A chemical that can thin the blood cells, and stop them from getting stuck So that the heart can actually beat normally So CHOCOLATE is actually good… for your heart