he just started out the video by
breaking a world record already what is up everybody welcome back to the channel
and another episode of world record Wednesdays very Break or set a world
record every single Wednesday today joined by David Cao we are in the chat
you’re right yeah a breath I’m gonna weird weird sort
unicycle muscles today we are in Huntington Beach at the Travis Matthew
headquarters they have a basketball court in their warehouse which is pretty
sweet we’re gonna have a challenge David might be the best horse trick shooter in
the world some say I am I beat the King twice he beat LeBron James at horse so I’m gonna take him on and we’re gonna
break a couple more world records that was just you just kinda wanted to show
that you you’re better than something other people have that I wonder I want
to show that been viewing your channel and I know I could beat that yeah
alright here we go this is probably bad idea but I’m gonna be challenging David
now to trickshot horse the way it works David on my channel is you have three
attempts to hit your shot and then the person after that has three unless you
make it on your first or second and then they have one or two tries okay perfect
I’ll let you start you’re the guest alright I’m about to get dominated I’m
safe it’s back to you but I’m safe okay so so that’s an H for me David can
juggle so I can I can do juggling shots come on there we go I know you can make
it back to me okay gonna go to Old Faithful Wow how’s a forgiving forgiving
backboard and rim on that one yeah you got back to me gotta give them something
I gotta get him something first try it’s really he’s really good if I give them
three try but anything is gonna make it really okay well I need to be second
track it’s only hdh folks must now the juggling clubs he’s pretty good he could
probably first try all right first try but no all right that’s
ho2 h yeah that’s kind of mean I won’t use the clips anymore
I’m gone for the the off-court three-pointer oh good okay one more this game is never going to end leave a
comment right now who do you think is gonna win Josh or David leave a come
right now let’s let’s postpone or put it put a pause on the game horse cuz world
record time oh yeah let’s do that the record was 1029 all right man I feel
like I could do more second let’s just save that in case we need to do a part
two to this video crazy only try one alright here hold it for me there you go 29 seated free-throws 29 I think I got
more should have got more it was literally your second attempt she filmed
one more world record which we’re gonna play at the end of this game of course
and it took it took a while yeah I did it’s worth the wait to make sure you
watch the end for that world record but let’s continue this game of course it’s
still mean right yep and it’s I have Hou of age oh no oh dang it all right that’s a toad
ho2 basically just behind this wire i know i yeah wherever wherever hey one nope alright back to me okay
alright I’m going on the other side of the fence oh yeah I might be throw the horse team
nervous that wouldn’t be good that hurt my reputation hi David
backwards from the opposite three-point line
oh boy way up way up well so shooting from half-court we’re gonna bounce it
off the wall off the ground in the first row right one last us here the
cameras were off and I watched him do that three times in a row yeah hor two hor
all right we’re gonna get Josh sweaty for instance of cardio and opposite into
the court we’re gonna throw the ball in the air it has to bounce twice and then
you have to catch it in the air put it and if I make it on the third try Wow Wow look at that’s hor s hor we’re going the full
length from the red circle hey this might be easy for you but it is
a forward facing okay okay it’s back to me and it’s all tied up but before we go
to the final round let’s show that last World Record oh it’s a good one okay
you’re measuring it out that’s 11 meters you don’t need to be about that much you
don’t need to beat it by that much I’m limited here okay and make this shot you
have to go through the rafters just feeling wasn’t there we could do it from
farther back but yes to go through the rafters to make this world record shot
yeah the second that ball goes in is he will
make the of it hit that thumbs up button Oh world record crazy shot too bad that
wasn’t one of your heart stop yeah it took it took it took a few more than
been three attempts though I I lost count I was starting to worry that I
wasn’t gonna get here alright but here’s a here’s here’s the final the final
potential letter all right ghost of luck it’s all tied up I’ve got I’m gonna try
to try something I’ve never tried before some really difficult because you’re
such a beast so here we go alright this might be a terrible idea but it’s off
the backboard dang it that was a bad cookie mistake I don’t
like when he looks up like that through the rafter oh yes no way back to me
gotta go something a little bit easier this time okay the backwards backwards
three-pointer but it’s not the normal it’s shooting with a normal form okay as
normal as this can be and its first try see just choosing something that’s
consistent easy could could maybe give me this game alright guys thanks for
watching follow david on instagram i’m not exaggerating when i says he’s the
most underrated trick shooter in the world I appreciate that
right is that that’s not offensive right no no he deserves millions of followers
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sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet let’s go to the beach hey Josh been watching your videos