Oh hi there, welcome to another episode of Celebrity Drv I’m just seductively leaning on the car of superstar Aussie Netballer Jo Weston. She’s here so let’s go! Hey Jo. Hello. How are you going? Sorry about just hanging out the front of your house… That’s okay. Tell me about what we’re in. We’re driving a Nissan X-Trail. It strikes me as like…soccer mum that could go off-road anytime. Yeah, I feel that’s the vibe I’m going for. In my sportswear, just dropped the kids off at school, “Do you guys want to go get a latte? I’ve got pilates at 11 so it’s got to be quick.” You’re 24? Is that the start of a netball career? Middle. Middle aged. I won a premiership at the Vixens in 2014, and I’ve been with the Australian team for… Three…four years…hmmm My memories of when I’ve representing the country always seem to blur as well. For me it’s just another day. I don’t want to brag too much, you probably already knew this but I have socially played mixed netty in my time. What position did you play? GA or no play. What’s the most annoying things that other drivers do on the road? Do you know what really annoys me, is when people don’t put their lights on. I find that dangerous. Do you get road rage? I like tooting people. If people have done something wrong they should really know. Wow! You don’t toot at all? I’m so non-confrontational. If someone totally rear ended me I would get out and appologies. Let’s talk career highlights. silver medal’s got to be up there? Yeah playing at the Commonwealth Games was pretty special. 12 years ago never would I have thought I would’ve been able to play in a home Comm Games again. It’s a very pretty medal though. I wore it to our closing ceremony celebrations and it got a bit um.. Damaged? A bit partied up? I love that you’re still rocking CDs. This is my favourite! This is my favourite CD! The two disc copy of Disco Fever. This is not the CD of a fully grown woman. What was your first car? Had a Toyota Corolla. A classic. Did have a few incidents in it. A pole at Chadstone just came out of nowhere. I didn’t have all the cameras and flashy stuff that this one has now. I will just reverese until I hear the beeps. I don’t trust the beeps. Mine has like green, yellow and red. I never go into the red. I don’t start paying attention ’til red. ’til red? This is probably indicative of our personalities. I go to yellow, you go to red. How’d you go getting your licence? I got it in the first go. Are you a good driver? I’m a great driver. I didn’t go for my manual licence becasue I knew I’d pass with flying colours but I thought there’s no point. I hate putting myself into those situations where I know I’m going to succeed. Are we going to hit the court? There’s one that I used to play at. Home court advantage. I see what’s going on here. Oi Tommy. You suck at this. It’s my job as a defender to intimidate. Can you throw me an alley-oop? Hey Jo thanks for a great day. Ahh I love oranges. Do you think I’ve got what it takes to make the Australian team? I rekon you’re pretty close, you might have to work on your skills. Maybe your hand-eye coordination. She’s very good at defending…or is she?