(relaxing music) – Hi, guys. Vanessa and Melissa here
and as you guys know, we love to share some
of our favorite things. – We absolutely do and we also love to share our favorite shows
which is why we’re here today speaking with MP who is one
of the stars of Hockey Wives. How are you? – Hi, I’m good and yourselves? – [Vanessa] Good! – [Melissa] Thanks for joining us today. – Thanks. – [Vanessa] So we’re so excited
for season three to start. – Me too! – Are you? You’re like, everything’s
gonna come out, right? – Oh, yeah. – Exciting stuff. So we saw you go through
a lot in season two and we feel really invested in you and everything that is
going on in your life. So can you kind of give us
a little bit of an insight into what season three will hold? – Oh my God, if you thought
that season two was like rocky, wait for season three. It’s like, it’s even worse. So it started like very, well, last fall when Brandon
got his PTO with Toronto we were hoping and he was gonna sign here and then he ended up
going over to Germany. – [Vanessa] Right. – So I was like — – And that’s huge. – I know, but it was, I think it’s gonna be really interesting to see how we both deal with it. – Yeah. – I think for the first year since we started dating seven years ago, I dealt with it better. – Okay, okay. – Yeah, because being overseas you have like no friends, no family. – [Melissa] It’s like isolation. – It’s isolation. – So do you feel like
he’s kind of experiencing what you previously went
through to some degree? – Maybe but you know what? I’ve been super lucky because
I did a lot of compromise to be with him but I never
really gave up on anything. So even when Brandon was
away, I still had my friends, I still had my family. – [Vanessa] Right. – So I do feel a hockey wife
but not really in a way — – I thought that was like the
best advice, honestly, really, ’cause you kept yourself. You kept your career and
that is ultimately the way to stay happy, right? – Yeah. Well, you just kind of
touched it a little bit that you went through this rocky period especially in season two
where you had the cancellation of your TV show, he was traded and then injured. How did you, I mean it’s probably your
world’s crashing down for every moment there. – The whole thing, yeah. – And for us, I think,
and our viewers at home, I’m sure they can totally relate to that. What would you give for
advice in that situation? How you stuck it through
and how you stayed strong? – Find a good psychologist. – Okay, well, there you go. – [Vanessa] You know what? Talking is important. That’s what we do. We talk it out! – Exactly and I think that a lot of people are ashamed of it and they
don’t want to be judged and they’re scared of it but
it’s actually the best gift you can do to yourself and if you can’t afford a psychologist, find someone that you can trust
and that you can open up to because at this point in my life, I had no show, I didn’t know what was
going on with my career, I didn’t know what was
going on with Brandon’s. I felt like my whole world
was falling apart around me and then I was like, I need
someone to help me with this, and I sat down and my
psychologist, she was like, how did you survive until you sat here? ‘Cause it’s crazy. – But good for you for knowing
that you needed that, right? And I think that’s why
people love watching you on the show too is
because you’re so honest and you’re so open. – [Melissa] And real about it, yeah. – Yeah and real and like
we can all relate to that. None of us have perfect lives and even when you’re in the spotlight, dating or being engaged to an NHL player, life is not easy, right? – And I have a lot of friends
that are in relationships too and there’s a lot of
things that we related even though our lives are very different, the struggle is the same. – [Melissa] In a relationship. – It doesn’t matter what you
do in life or who you’re dating or who you’re married to, it’s — – It’s all relative, right? – Exactly. – Okay, well talking about
all of the things that you do because you have your YouTube channel, you have your show, you have some crazy amazing
deals going on for yourself. So how are you balancing all of that? – Well, you need a good manager. (laughs) – Okay, these are good working
tips, everybody out there. – Yeah, well, I mean, we have a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are listening to us,
right, so that’s great. – But having a very clear
schedule so when everything is written down and you
can like go day by day and not get overwhelmed by
everything you have to do with the month, I think that’s like the
best way of doing it and a couple of years ago, I was doing a morning show
and an entertainment show both at the same time and
my schedule was insane. I was waking up at like 1:30 A.M., going to the office by like
2:30 and the host of that show, the anchor, told me once, he was like, when you feel like you’re
overwhelmed and you’re drowning, just do it like one drawer at a time. So see your day or your week or your month as like this big shelf
and then you just go like at like one drawer at a time
and then when you’re in it, you’re 100% dedicated
to what you’re doing. So then you don’t think about, oh my God, then I have to do this
and go pick up the kids and then do that — – ‘Cause you’re pulled in every direction. – Exactly. – And then nothing gets 100%,
things get like 50 or 60%. – So like the drawer thing. – Focus on the drawer. I like that and also you have like your own personal
brand really, right? So there’s a lot of women
out there who are also trying to be entrepreneurs and
mompreneurs and trying to create — – [MP] Mompreneurs! – We like to call ourselves mompreneurs. – That’s so cool! I wanna be a mompreneur! – We want you to be a mompreneur too. (all laugh) So what would you say to
mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, who are trying to create
their own brand online, on Instagram and, you
know, some good tips? – I think to be genuine, to be yourself and not to feel ashamed if
there’s things that sticks out or like if you’re a
little awkward or weird or if you say things that don’t make sense because I feel like this is
what will make you relatable and also find your unicity. What makes you different,
what makes you stand out. I think that — – Not being perfect, right? – Well, I always say that
I’m perfectly imperfect. – [Melissa] Yes! – I love that, I love that. Well, you are perfect but you’re lovely and you have a great personality. – Honey, we’ll spend one day
together and you’ll be like, holy cow, she’s not perfect. – Yeah but I love perfectly imperfect. That’s real, right? It’s real. – And then people can relate
to you so much, right? Especially in a world of social media where it’s the white boxes
and everything’s perfect, especially I think with moms in business, it’s scary sometimes and
you feel overwhelmed, right? – And don’t try to be perfect because I feel like
perfection is so boring. – Yes, we say that. – [Vanessa] All the time! – Really? – Yes, that’s like one
of our biggest things. – We’re so over being perfect. – I know. – It also will kill you. Erase perfection and find happiness. – I delete all the Instagram accounts that give me stress or a complex. So if a girl’s too hot and she
works on her photo too much and I can tell that like it’s
impossible to have this body! Like otherwise, she doesn’t
eat or she eats once a year, I’m like, unfollow. Unfollow is the most
liberating thing in the world! – I agree, I agree. – And that’s why like sometimes
I post photos on Instagram with like zit creams on my
face or like looking like an absolute shitbag — – Well, on the show you’re
honest too like with that, right? – Even last year like my skin
was at the worst it’s been. – But, you know what? At your engagement party, I loved that you were
in your regular clothes and you were like — – They were not even
mine, they were Brandon’s! – And you were like upset
about it but you were, I know, but you looked so beautiful
and you were so real and that is why people love you and I love that you’re like that. It’s so great. – So we know we’re going into season three and you are one of the
two original cast females – [MP] Yeah. – How is the group this season now? – Well, I feel like this year
because we were so spread out, three of us were in
Europe and then the rest were in the States, so I feel like it was more
focused on every single journey instead of like putting us altogether but Catherine Laflamme,
she’s from Montreal as well, so we’re four girls
from Montreal this year? Three girls? Four? Four girls from Montreal. – So are you guys hanging out a lot? Are you getting along? – Well, I didn’t know them but Catherine, I did know her and she’s
launching her kids clothing line so we did lunch together and
she wanted to have some tips and tricks for Instagram and social media. So it was fun to — – So you’re able to kind
of help each other out. – So you’re being nice
and sharing all of that. – Well, I feel like it’s
important to support each other and there’s so much
jealousy and competition even in this world where
I feel like we should all be there for each other
and support each other. – And there’s somebody
for everybody, right? I think that’s one of the
biggest things that we say that there’s a million moms out there for all the different mom groups
that are out there, right? – There’s an audience for everyone. – There’s an audience for
everyone and so I think that’s really awesome that
you’re sharing your tips with another mom, or another entrepreneur. – And I know that there’s a lot of people that influence me too like girls that I met through the years that gave me amazing
advice and so I feel like if I can be that girl for someone else, then I’m just super happy. – [Vanessa] And we love it. – [Melissa] That’s awesome. – Okay, we have to ask the big question. Will we see – – We don’t have a date. (all laugh) – I’m like, will there be
a wedding in season three? – You knew it was coming. – Okay, what I can tell you
is that we talk about it which is a massive
improvement from season two. – And season one. – Because we wanna see you try on dresses and like we wanna experience
that with you. (laughs) – I can’t promise you anything but — – [Vanessa] Okay, okay. Well, we’ll be watching. – Make sure to watch. – We’ll be watching, we’ll be watching, and we hope that you will
all be watching as well on Wednesday nights on the W Network, 10 P.M. Eastern/Pacific, Hockey Wives. Thank you so much, MP. – Thank you so much. – Loved speaking with you. – I need to give you like a third guest, I’ll be happy to come back. – [Vanessa] Alright,
alright, awesome, thank you. – [Melissa] Okay, bye guys! (whimsical music)