So I’ll talk to you for that I mean I got to live on the edge if not then what’s the point Alright I feel you on that you definitely gotta taste on that outrageous no, no, no, it’s not even that I mean, I gotta say some outrages is that that I got to speak my truth? Even if I feel like that even if I know in the moment like people not gonna like it like what everybody don’t get is that I literally said I got a sleeper take but I’m not gonna Say it and then paddy was like naw bro. You gotta say it And I was like, I don’t want to say it because I know everybody gonna kill me for and he was like nah Say it and they challenged me to say it So I said it so so so wasn’t like I didn’t try to use her strength. I tried to But they – but they was like no, you gotta say it. Now you brought it up, so I had to let it fly Lonzo is my sweet baby. But Stefan is my real Pig the MVP. I See now. I can’t be no one either. You know you wael in G. Ok, this is the guy look J Gitaji look even if you put up like you did last year. What was a twenty six and four twenty six and seven Terminus is yeah two rebounds with every play when he was Healthy most of the season then he came back in the play house and scored a third bug and didn’t a whole notion that he doesn’t show up and the play dogs kind of went away – but Any of these he put that up. We know what it’s gonna consist though the voters don’t be like well they stacked up we can’t give them individual awards because he’ll klay Thompson to mate third NBA last year and That was crate it one for hunt to make 30 you see Didn’t make it or you saying are you saying oh you saying that it’s crazy. He did make it No, he didn’t make it right and now I’m 13 No, he didn’t yeah, Wow, and why did that when he put up his name averages? He’s put in put it up then you know, I think his Yeah, I agree That’s my thing again. I’m not saying I think that this would be the best year of Steph’s career I thought last year was the best year stats Korean even judge not appreciate like I Was about the the only issue I had with Steph was I thought they needed to Improve his basketball IQ because I thought it took horrible shots, he made But I thought he just took terrible shots. I remember even Katie before The game which he hit one of the greatest game winners ever even in the interview Katie was like.he its lot of bad shots, and I’m like Yeah, he does but now How do you know but let’s know Katie said that he Katie literally said he hits a lot of bad shot You can find an interview but now when I watched him He doesn’t even take anything and I think it’s a bad shot even like couples night She got swung got the ball. If you really want to hoist up a three he could I mean nobody would have been mad He pump-faked, you know, you’re gonna fly bound goes to the rim. Get easy layup drop it off with somebody else It’s just small things. Like that was like I know you can make the game easier So again, I think this would be the best season of steps career But I don’t think here when MVP for the reason that that um you gave I don’t think they’ll give me something because like you Got Katie, you got stuff you got I mean not what you got can’t you got clay you got trimmer You got boogie like you’re not gonna get MVP over guys. Let’s say Anthony Davis can get the pelicans for 50 wins Look, if look if Anthony Davis do that. I’m wearing a 80 Jersey the whole playoffs And where Anthony Davis Jersey for the entire playoffs on hoops and bruised because that ain’t happening Good luck Your wow the comic They’re gonna make do without that What that did I can’t be they’re gonna the dead come on ad now let you miss the playoff. No, mo. I think that I I think that now 80 is in the level of like LeBron Katy Stuff Harden if you got those guys on your team, you’re not missing the playoffs. You’re not missing the playoffs The playoffs. Yeah, you’re not missing the playoffs. You might get swept in the first round, but you’re not missing the playoffs Hey, I feel you. You’re making the playoffs. Yeah Yeah, yep banks, but alright, bro. We got to move on to the next caller Go ahead get your plug and let the people know again where they can find you and we’ll get up with you later We appreciate you for calling in bro. We appreciate a minute No, I appreciate y’all. Once again. Thanks No breast is the IG the shout out to my boy. Does the podcast was located theater games I thought they’d gotten them at the barbers Network. All right, bro. We Shadid we get up with you next time Alright, well, alright. Peace out