the working poor to everybody that night with
not a lot of stories about the cause i don’t care about it needed to you russia from long island minnesota or you’re kidding this however a game between the boston bruins
in the montreal canadiens so it’s featuring a lot of people who do care about hockey in
this is actually totally fascinating story montreal holy have started investigation an assault investigation at the weather across was committed when visiting you know chara of the boston
bruins putting yet on max patcha ready of the canadians in a
game in montreal raft you seen the hit here it is again will show it to you first in the full-speed
but it’s on the replays where you get the real sense of the devastation here’s what happened again i think it’s for
nothing in the second period canadians on top of the bruins when this first sort of
starts to happen and uh… the uh… i don’t know who has reporters
point just kidding so there it is uh… they hit was there a
compass raise truck knocking down saturating naturally on the edge badly should
be ok serious injuries which are the big stocks definitely have to do you’ll see the replay here uh… hometown
again the good news is that for the ok broke some fashion hoped for a lot of issue here which i find fascinating
not the least of which is perfectly simple criminal invested into sport violent he’s
regular basis imagine a police investigation this country it violent hitting football part of that five to the structure comes out they take
a nap subway you’re really get to the replay the police say they’re asking auto west by
quebec’s director of criminal you’ll prosecution you remarkable again please add after evidence
collected driven fairground investigation there take a break their there’s a better
reply companies the and intrigued with it give them a little or if she had minutes goes
right into that games well i don’t quite a couple of things i don’t
understand first of all let me get some of the fact that the way gather the will back
director from old people prosecution after the investigation the n_h_l_ said they are
not going to punish today that show so there’s not gonna be any punishment so police up in canada they’re investigating whether crime’s been
committed the n_h_l_ is like they waited a day to make that decision gary
batman the uh… president of the n_f_l_’s yes cream allied commander the n_f_l_ n_h_l_
excuse me he was testifying before congress to talk about how to get more kids to play
hockey like so that you didn’t debate in this country
but one of the president should involve himself and what’s happening in wisconsin but congress entertaining the president of
the n_h_l_ to try and get more kids to play hockey the actually happened how to get more kids to play out society point which is bear that mine your tax dollars at work should we maybe have a no-fly zone over libya should we do something about wisconsin and that really are placed they would get that n_h_l_ guy after will
see if we can get some kids delays on some states or so anyway the uh… a couple other at that same things
here about this so here’s what the uh… coaches yuck martina montreal again member patcha
ready place for montreal just working said that uh… naturally fractured
the fourth cervical vertebrae but it’s not displayed still the fourth cervical vertebrae and got the concussion will remain in the
hospital for further valuations no other prognosis for the time being obviously
he’s out indefinitely he’s ok he’s talking the outcome of the uh…
the hit on patcha ready awful an unfortunate that the n_h_l_ said it had to results uh… from the act and not whether there’s
a police investigation and not to the extent of the injury but the act itself and whether that in and of itself uh… was legal now patcha ready he’s the
guy who got hit full tsn if canada upset and disgusted that though we didn’t suspend shar quote this is from patrick i’m not mad for myself on that because of
other players here hit like that tickets okay they won’t be suspended and other players
will get hurt the way that i did maturity told tsn he thought chart was intentionally
trying to run in into distension at the end of the bench quote he was trying to get my
head into the turn buckle at work there’s no way in american athlete even if
those things existed in the sport they played would use the word station and per bottle freddy got my head and the turn buckle we
all know where the term buckle is i don’t know buckles it wasn’t a head shot like a lot of the head
shots we see but i do feel he targeted my head into the term buckle like i said term
buckle three times at about eight seconds that guy not from the united states char says no no intent to her just a hockey
play that developed i know deep down i didn’t do it intentionally i said before that’s not
my style and ever try to hurt anybody i play physically i play hard not say anything but
i intend to do the two teams play again on march twenty fourth th that would be uh… entertaining adapters fight in the game
gamblers will and there’s the replay get so here’s the deal there’s big debate in the
n_h_l_ uh… about what exactly whether it’s a legal hit or not it seems to me that most people i’m hearing
say no he does seem to give them a little forearm job there’s some michael’s iraqi friends to explain what exactly rolled up our i had party chara
hat on that donors and because no one understands and talking with you grew up playing it’s impossible to freakin lor as a grownup but nonetheless it doesn’t seem like it was
necessarily that illegal apply but let’s leave that up because i don’t know
i don’t like it uh… i care that the guys all right what is that break-ins station slash fern buckle doing that you tell me that they like we design that
atom bomb the we beat the nazi easily rallied against the japanese in won the cold and managed to go into a rack and get out
of there like six months and give the demo i could have happened but we did all these great things in this
country we build skyscrapers we can’t figure out how to design a hockey
rink where there’s no term uncle regain shell the
guy’s head into it don’t have a turn buckle just kind of last
go around i’m not an electrical engineer a kid skate
again i stayed with the girl to try and impress ur so that she’ll sleep with me didn’t know it it won’t happen ella’s ghetto wobbly and i pulled out like
a little girl but i’d know that we ought to be able to develop a little ice rink that
doesn’t have that thing waivers level does added embraces fourth very bright and given
a concussion it kept me that complicate my opinion march twenty fourth pristine play again