Lucus lowe can be found on the sidelines
at almost every Brockport football game he suits up in sneakers rather than
cleats he wears a yellow hat rather than a
helmet and his jersey is covered in signatures I’m Lucas
I’m 16 and I’m on the brockport foottball team Lucas has been involved with the Brockport
football program since 2017 when camp good days and special times named him an
honorary coach for the courage Bowl a football game and fundraiser that
benefits the camp all of our honorary captains have the open invite to come to
any game that we have and they’ll be on the sidelines with us Lucas has been the
only young man that has actually taken us on it in the sense that he wants to
be part of our team and when you get to know Lucas you want him to be part of
your team Brockport alum Pete Sidari watches over Lucas on the sidelines
they met at camp good days when Lucas was first diagnosed with cancer. it’s just grown into this whole thing that’s been happening in the last couple years
here with the football team with Lucas for now when we come into a game and if
he’s not there it’s strange you just expect him to be their home and away and
he gets the guys fired up he walks around fist ponds everybody grabs
footballs he feels at home and that’s exactly how we want Luke is to be Lucas was diagnosed with leukemia at 7 years old he’s had one relapse multiple
experimental treatments and a bone marrow transplant that led to a
condition called graft-versus-host disease This last year was a rough year
so these guys got to see him they’ve seen him through his journey which is
really really kind of cool he was really really sick and
yeah 60 pounds heavier than he is right now he had a hard time breathing he had
a hard time walking anything he and he was still out there when his family has
needed to they watch Brockport football from the hospital because no matter how
he feels Lucas says he won’t let the team down
the best part all this is watching him get better and I think that’s what I
think the players like watching it as well as the coaches when Lucas is here I
I don’t ever ask him about his health I don’t talk to him about how he’s feeling
his smile usually tells me that no matter what he’s going through he’s
happy to be here I like that break because it lets me
know that I can put stuff behind me now I don’t have to worry about it because
all my life I’ve worried about is it gonna come back am I gonna end up having
to do this again but when I do something that I like like football it gets my
mind off a thing like that I want him to know that not only is he part of
our team he’s just another kid right so we’re not gonna spend time on focusing
on how he’s feeling we want him to know that when he’s with us he truly is part
of our team he’s not gonna be able to play football I’m not gonna be able to
see him play a sport like I would have liked so by him being on the team and
interacting with the team it’s it he’s a football player the relationship between
Brockport football and Lucas is something really special you know they
love the guy and it’s easy to love Lucas but they make him part of everything and
all that he needs to worry about is is how we find ways to be successful and
how he can help inspire us to be successful and how he inspires us is by
base being here physically and obviously with us emotionally