all right listen up you maggots you are
in nurse school you a tryout for the nerve team hey yo what’s going on guys
Papa Jake here from Cuba me and we are back with a brand new video and today
guys we back at school as you guys can see we are in our school what’s up guys
it is day four here at the school fourth days school I’ve learned so much so much
knowledge has come we’ve had robotics class we’ve had art class we’ve had
science class we have done so much we also had a terrible lunch lunch was
really gross and we escaped from detention did escape from detention only
a gym would play dodgeball which was awesome but we of course are back with
Dana Morrow for and if you guys have not been following our school series and do
not know what’s going on they were safe in here right listen this school is not
a normal school ok the principal is up to something he is doing something with
the school’s money and putting them into developing some sort of robot army we’re
gonna figure out a way to take him down and the only way to do so is confront
him on one of his secret missions in order to do that we must join the nerf
team the next meeting with his robot manufacturers are during the nerf teams
field trip if you guys aren’t caught up to speed yet here’s a quick video to
recap what’s going on so you’re telling me that the plans are all in order the
robots will be shipped to the factory and no one will be able to trace what
we’ve done here listen here I’ve talked to my guy we’ll be meeting with him on
the school’s nerf team trick while the players are playing nothing I’ll sneak
out to have a meeting with him all right so now that you guys are caught up as to
what’s going on here we’ve got a mission to complete all students report for
first period to that it’s the classes starting all right Logan some to get to
our next class remember AK normal we don’t want to raise any suspicions with
the teachers just do a normal day at school and we cannot go back to
detention whatever you do don’t break any rules one I think we have a music
class next class my name is mrs. Claire clarinet and today we’re going to be
learning about oh right
today we’re gonna be learning about music now music is a lot of fun I see
some new faces today well what’s your name hi yeah my name is Jake oh nice to
meet you Billy no no it’s it’s Jake sorry Fredrik okay now this is a guitar
it’s used to make music let me show you you can see the guitar is quite
impressive for making music now I’m going to assign each of you an
instrument I want you to work together to create a song I myself made my arms
own July be here uh no mrs. Claire that’s okay we don’t need to hear your
song you kids get working on your song and
when you’re gonna you can chemin trade it to me all right well I guess we got
to make a song do you know anything about making music I’ve never played a
guitar in my life I’ve never even played the drums before okay all right I think
I got the hang of this Logan follow my lead
ready 1 1 1 2 3 4 go tattoo it yeah that was awesome maybe we
should start a band Papa Jake and Logan band all right well
I think we passed this class mrs. clarinet what did you think I think
she’s sleeping okay well why don’t we wrap up and go to our next class then
yeah I’m gonna grab his motor from my locker before we head to the next class
I kind of miss like that how you doing little buddy I missed you
geez moto missed you too oh dude you’re awesome well the next class is computer
class and then after that we can try out for the nerf team and we really got to
figure out what’s going on here the school is falling apart I don’t know
where the money’s going but this principal is up to something we gotta
figure out what it is Jake I agree with you but do you think we might be
overreacting overreacting Logan this principal is up to something
he’s funneling money out of the school to make some sort of robot army I mean
just look at this place look at the water fountain it’s not even a water
fountain it’s a water bottle with tape on the bottom is a drink out of this it tastes like tape no look something’s
going on here and we’ve got to put a stop to this principal come on we’re
gonna be late for computer class let’s head there now well I guess this is the
computer lab surprised they even have computers given the school’s current
position looks like we’re the first ones here though gizmo’s no dancing right now all right I
I know you really want to dance but this is not time to dance okay look right now
we’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the school the teach you’re not
showing up early actually might be door advantage I’m gonna log into the school
system see what I can find all right looks like they’ve got a
pretty standard firewall I’m gonna try and buy passage where did you learn it
on a code not coding hacking I learned it back when we first started building
box sports I had to program all of our wiring how
do you think we made a spaceship Logan here’s a little project
Logan I’ve hacked into the school’s mainframe it looks like there’s
information here on the robot army most of its under lock and key but I’ve got
access to Kies motos files there’s moto robot battery power firmware upgrades
intelligence capacity 40% Logan craft ease moto what are we doing these moto
I’m gonna plug you into the mainframe and see if I can upgrade your firmware
maybe then you’ll be able to give us some more information on what’s going on
all right there’s my tickle a little bit buddy all right hold on Gizmodo all
right upgrade nikitos powers now setting intelligence to 100 volume over 100
battery cell capacity 100 access levels 100 and here we go cheek are you sure
his motors gonna be okay it’s a risk we’re gonna have to take Logan if we can
get him fully upgraded he might be able to help us take down the principal okay
if I passing the password key now and we should be good to upgrade them in three
two one didn’t work kiss Manu is that you my god
oh wait hold on something language mode to English how
are you doing today – did words Gizmodo are you okay buddy I’ve never
been better Jake dude Gizmodo looks awesome he’s a lot smarter did you know
I mean why do you enjoy dancing yeah no I I knew that Gizmodo look we’re trying
to figure out what’s going on here and why the principal’s creating a robot
army are you able to help us the principal is a bad man and that’s a
no-good his mother can help you guys out okay perfect cuz motive do you think you
can hack into the mainframe and get more information on the principal my hacking
abilities only go so far but with your upgrade intelligence you should be able
to do it okay that’s a piece of cake for is moto and does morale do you know what
time it is you’re late for your nurse tryouts okay
his mother you stay here hacking the mainframe
we’re gonna go to Newark Trav’s Gizmodo before we go
can you make the lights red of course I can making the legs right now oh sweet
thanks keys mother okay he’s not Siri he’s cos moto stop using him like a toy
he’s got a serious task at hand you maggots you all are in nurse school you
I’m trying out for the nerve team my name is sergeant legs and you will refer
to me as sergeant I’m a former member of the egg and nerve net seals all of you
will be receiving enough luster you will learn how to reload great example clean
battles and fire your Nerf blaster and I want you to be able to do that over 100
times you will sleep with your Nerf blaster you will eat with your Nerf
blaster rays with your Nerf blaster its girlfriend mother invites you to her
birthday party you will bring your Nerf blasters now if
you want to make it on this nerve team you will have to show skill you’ll have
to show passion and most importantly heart the briones nerve team means not
only being good at nerve you see this guy’s a little bit intense
yeah we’ll give me six that’s what’s up son sir I don’t think I can do six
thousand push-ups then you will all be doing chin-ups in here if you have one
text beyond the nerf team you will use your heart you will do chin-ups without
a chin up bar that is what it takes to brain and the nerve team do you hear me
some movie look I’m doing it just let that heart he’s gonna part now we will
be starting with target practice I will be setting up a hover shot which you
will be taking turns firing hands if you are successful in hitting one ball you
can join the Newark team here is how I do with the auger shop and that is how
you tackle the derrick Powershot you are up to debts all right line up man best
of luck just remember use all the training he gave us didn’t give us any
training right okay just just name for the balls okay can’t hit them sorry man
we just gotta keep practicing come on we can do this here let me have a go two
L’s lay down I got it it only took 3,000 tries but I
got it let me think me on the nerf team okay
I’m gonna call the sergeant congratulations son you have chosen to
be part of the nerve team uh sir if he’s on the team I’m on the team as well
we’re a package deal package Dale well considering no one else came to tryouts
I suppose you can also to be a part of the nerve team our first match will be
against Miss Mary Fox for Raiders tomorrow I expect none of you to be late
for the bus we leave bright and early sergeant now