So we have thrown a ball through one moving vehicle, we’ve never done it through two. This is the double truck threading the needle shot. Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re pumped to announced our brand-new Dude Perfect blitzballs and bats are finally here. Let’s have some fun Yeah, got em’ Ladies gentlemen welcome to the Dude Perfect blitzball home run derby. Each guy gets five hits. As always there’s points, but this time There’s also penalties. Here we go! Oh here we go, T oh oh I think he’s okay, but man that couldn’t have felt good. I thought it was curving the other way And I thought I was like it’s going to miss me that way and it hit me right there. I have to take a medical leave of absence We’re going to need a new pitcher guys bring it in real quick I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I have learned that when there is one bottle There’s usually two my head’s on a swivel It’s not happening today This is the mobile bottle buster I gotta tell you I like it when it breaks not on my head They call me the ringer Let’s go! Beautiful…Bang! We got a Facetime cody and have him do it. He’s on vacation He declined you. Darn you Cody Jones and by the end of this video, we will get you a woo from Cody Jones oh no, oh! the Cannon! Dang it! ohhhhhhh! hahahaha! I can’t see anything. Well, not happening today ohhhhhhh! the bottle buster, Woooo! Dang it! Listen guys these gloves are tough I got a tough draw feeling like I was in the ring right now. I’ll just Comment below by the way McGregor or Floyd let us know You know here at DP We’ve used just about every target imaginable rings bottles balloons until today ladies and gentlemen the dude Perfect Sticky Target It’s actually just a rat trap, but it is really sticky Let’s get sticky with it You wont go high five your Target I will! Good game I’m gonna go wash my hands Yeah, for an hour My coach always told me not to throw it right down the pipe, but this is gotta be an exception This is throwing it right down the pipe But your coach is gonna be so mad at you Sometimes you’ve got to throw right through the pipe they might jimmy jack it, but its worth… yeeeeeeaaaa!! Can’t stand that celebration. It’s about time. We get a woo from somebody Give it to me boy. Woooo! What have we done sorry Landry, you’ll appreciate this when you’re older plus one, Let’s go This is the bat that I have to use ohhhhh! Heavy metal! This bat right here weighs about a solid 20 pounds And that will do it for cory cotton Yeah there ya go, ohhhh! yeaaaaaaah! Way to go gare What’s up guys, Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here So you don’t miss out on our next video giant airplane trickshot Gonna be good especially thanks to our friends at blitzball for making this video possible if you want to get your very own blitzball or the Brand-new Dude Perfect blitzball and bat click here to go to Also, if you want to see the last video click right here signing off, for now, pound it, noggin see, ya?