It is three days away until the big
HSBC Sevens in Hamilton this weekend and the Black Ferns are all fired up
to play this weekend as Hamilton is now part
of the word series. For more let’s cross live
to our reporter Te Okiwa McLean who has more. I’m here at the FMG Stadium where there is little
to no movement here at this very moment, but this is the calm
before the storm of people and fans come Saturday. However, today I followed
the Black Ferns this morning at their last training session
and spoke to one of the women who is hyped to play on home soil
for the first time. Making it matter
as they prepare for battle… …and this princess from Mataatua
is anxiously excited. Mahina Paul is set and ready
to wear the black jersey on home soil for the first time
after making her debut in Cape Town last year. Representing her hometown, Poroporo, on the world stage
is a huge deal for her. However, she isn’t reaching
new heights alone as she walks alongside
her childhood friends. When it comes to small places
like Poroporo and Ruatoki, it’s great to represent
where we come from on the global sevens rugby stage. On top of everything else, this is the Black Ferns’ first
tournament, as part of the World Series, on home soil. Relaxing and assessing game strategy
is Paul’s main focus right up until D-Day. When do the teams arrive
in Hamilton? All the teams have been
in Hamilton since Monday. All of the teams have
been doing community events all around Hamilton for the last
two days. Let’s just say most
of the accomodation is all fully booked which shows how huge this weekend
is going to pan out. Absolutely. Thank you for the update there
in Hamilton, Te Okiwa McLean.