Hello everyone! It’s the day of the Truck Cup Final. I hope you are all as excited as we are! It’s a 5-a-side match between the Construction
Trucks and the Regular Trucks and I’m the referee! The construction trucks are going to play
in yellow – so they are all ready the right colour. But the other trucks are all different colours. So for today’s game they are all getting
painted blue. Everyone looks great, but there’s something
missing…. …I know! Football players usually have a number on
their shirt! Let’s use even numbers for the yellow team
and odd numbers for the blue team I wonder if Maisie and Sid have finished getting
the pitch ready? Wow, the pitch looks fantastic, well done
Maisie and Sid! I’ve got the football, and here come the
teams Is everyone ready to begin? Three…Two….One! The Yellow Team has the ball! Danny passes it to Rick! Oh no, Rick has flattened the ball! I hope the Mechanicals can pump it back up
again!” Well done Mechanicals”
That’s a yellow card for Rick, the Blue team get the ball” Max has the ball, he’s nearly at the Yellow
Team’s goal” Oh no, they have George as their goal keeper! He’s enormous! He fills up the goal! Can Max get past George?” YES! He’s done it! Max scores a goal! One Nil to the Blue Team! Look at him go – brilliant dribbling! It’s like the ball is glued to his tracks! Hang on a moment! He’s attached the ball to his chain! That’s not fair!” That’s a yellow card for Ryan, the Blue
team get the ball again! Rebecca has the ball, she passes to Fiona.” Hey, Fiona’s using her flashing lights to
get the Yellow Team to move out of the way! That’s not allowed!” Yellow card for Rebecca, the Yellow team gets
the ball” Danny has the ball – he passes it to Florence! It’s all down to Florence now…can she
score for the yellows? She weaves past Fiona, she weaves past Max
Vicky is in goal, but she can’t stop Florence! It’s a Goal for the Yellow team, that’s
One goal each! And that’s the final whistle! Both teams have scored a goal! It’s a draw! What a fantastic game! It was a draw, so everyone’s a winner! They can all share the trophy, we’ll keep
it at the garage. Everyone looks so happy! Well, almost everyone! Maisie and Sid don’t look very happy –
Ahhhh….I think they’ve seen what a mess the grass is in after all that driving around! Sorry! Don’t worry Maisie and Sid, the grass will
soon grow back! Thanks for joining us for the Truck Cup Final
today! I hope you had as much fun as we did! For more videos from me just tap here
Or to subscribe to my channel just tap here See you again soon….Byeeeeeeeee!”