– Ma.
– Yeah? I guess.
Just let me know. Zarique:
I play basketball
because my mom, she the best thing
on Earth. She’s a single parent,
and, like, I just want
to give back to her what she’s given to me now. She’s a hard worker. She work every day.
Sometime there’ll be days where I don’t even see her, like, ’cause she come home, it’ll be six in the morning,
she’ll leave back out. Newark Central,
the part that we come from, it’s a hard place
to come from. It’s a gang member or
drug dealer on every corner. People in gangs
just to fit in. I try not to get trapped
in the stuff that’s going on out here. My dad, he’s in jail. It just hurts me inside. Sometime I cry at night
’cause he’s not here. And when he was, he did
a lot of things with me. He always pushed me. And I’d get mad
and frustrated. ( music playing ) ( vocalizing ) ♪ Put my art on the line ♪ ♪ No time to waste ♪ ♪ I’ve gotta raise
the stakes ♪ Zarique:
There’s times where I wanted
to be in the streets. Like, I wanted
to quit basketball. I have a lot of friends
that decided to be
in the streets. Everybody I went to school
with from elementary is in a gang except me. But I thought about it.
I was like, “No.” And I got myself together. Basketball
is important to me, ’cause I feel like
that’s the only way I could get out of here. ( music playing ) ( vocalizing ) ♪ Put my art on the line ♪ ♪ No time to waste ♪ ♪ I’ve gotta raise ♪ ♪ The stakes ♪ ( intercom beeps ) Woman on PA:
Good afternoon, Centralites, and these are your afternoon
announcements. The Central High School band
would like flag twirlers
and dancers. They are having tryouts
for the flag twirlers February the 5th, 6th,
8th, 9th, and 12th. Keep in mind,
the National Honor Society is having their
first annual carnival February the 16th
from 6:00 to 10:00. It’s $5 admission. It’s food, music,
entertainment, fashion, and fun. Also, come out and support
the basketball game today. Thank you
and have a great day. – ( bell rings )
– Woman: Let’s go! Where Haddie at, bro? Man: Let’s go! All right, let’s go. Let’s go! Man: Let’s go, y’all.
Let’s go, let’s go! – What’s this? I missed you!
– Oh, why? Let’s go!
Walk and talk! ( chattering ) That’s why you need my help. Oh, it ain’t–
it ain’t what
you thought it was. You just sweated
to open a locker. It ain’t what
you thought it was. You were sweating
to open a locker. It ain’t what
you thought it was. ( bell ringing ) Put that on, man.
We don’t want to look
at that, man. All right, but,
what the– Oh, man…
( mutters ) Come on, man,
start getting dressed, man. ( muttering ) – We listening, big boy.
– All right, first of all, little man,
as you’re all aware we playing
St. Benedict’s, man. They number 20
in the country. If they was ranked in the state,
they’d be number one. They’re not ranked in the state
’cause they don’t play in the state tournament,
so they don’t rank ’em, ’cause they recruit. This gang, they walking in like,
“Oh, we gonna beat them.” That’s how they probably
gonna come in here. “Hey, we number 20,
they ain’t nobody. We just gonna go in Central,
beat ’em up and go back home.” You gotta make ’em play, man. You got aspirations of playing
college basketball, these the type of players
you gotta play against. When I say there’s
basketball players and people that just
play basketball, these basketball players. They bodies bigger
than yours. They probably eat,
sleep right, they work out. And if somebody here
watching ’em today, you know who else
they gonna see? You. Don’t doubt your skills, man. We got basketball players
in here, too. Just gotta work together, man.
We can’t win on our own. Just be ready to play, man. Make foul shots, man.
Goddamn! We missed 36 foul shots in the last three games,
Quan Quan. We losing the games, man.
They ain’t beating us. We losing the games, man. County rankings came out.
We fifth in the county. There’s 37 teams
in the county. You top five, man. You ain’t top five
for nothing. We got a team.
People see it. I see it. Y’all gotta see it,
especially when
we get Haddie back in a couple of weeks, right? Yeah! Fear the 1! Jay:
I was up in Bristol
two days ago and then down in Orlando for the past day
doing work with ESPN, also doing work
with EA Sports. So, it’s always on the go,
and landed, and then it was time
for game time. St. Benedict’s is one
of the top prep schools
in the nation. Everybody on that team
has an aspiration
to be a pro, and now everybody on Central
has an aspiration to be
a pro, too, but realistically,
how many pros do we really have? I mean, Zarique might be
the only one that played
Division One. Today will be one of
those scenarios where he’ll be the sixth
best player on the court, and the five players
from St. Benedict’s will be the five best players
on the court. This is going
to be a beatdown. It’s a character test. What’s up, man?
What’s going on, bruh? You doing good? Good, bruh.
Happy New Year to you, too. You may lose by 50 today, so this is a great opportunity
for you to recognize what high-level
Division One talent is. So it needs to bring everybody
back to ground zero, so we can start
working on it. So we expect you
guys to just have fun and do what you do best. Good, clean, fair game. Best team wins. Good luck, gentlemen. Jay, what’s up, baby?
( groans ) Just landed from work, man.
Came out– I don’t know if I said to you
happy New Year. Happy New Year to you, too.
Are you doing good? – Yeah, I’m good.
– How you doing? Hanging in there. Samsel:
Welcome back to
the Devil’s Den. After a strong start
to the season, a tough game coming up
for Central against powerhouse
St. Benedict’s, one of the premiere programs
in all of New Jersey. Tip off and we are underway. Here we go,
right here, right here! – Right here!
– Dee-End on the right elbow. Nice handle.
Step back, Jay, and got it. Dibba, dribbles
off the screen, into the paint,
scooping layup and got it. Loose ball,
tipped away and stolen, and Precious Achiuwa
with the jam! Shawn:
Passing gotta be harder! It can’t be
them lob passes, man! Joel, to the right side
and stolen. Around the ref goes Dibba
and lays it in. Keep attacking, bro.
Keep attacking, bro. Quick start for St. Benny’s.
No surprise there. Brill, fade away and good! ( crowd cheering ) A little lob pass underneath, and Dee-End rips it away! Hey, Duke! Duke! Hey! Over the top, Brill. A side out,
lob underneath, Dee-End lays it in. ( crowd cheering ) I got two! Brill and Dibba,
the two floor leaders of these squads,
going at it. Oh! That’s all right. Hey, hey!
Brill, good D! Brill, good D! A little jawing
back and forth. This Central team,
unfazed by the big fellas
from St. Benedict’s. Shawn:
Help, help, help! – Dibba drives.
– Shawn: Oh! And Omar Terry
takes the charge! Long rebound
toward the corner, and what a heads-up play
by Brill. – Good job, good job!
– Great D, Brill! Shawn:
Shooter, shooter!
Help, help! – Oh, yeah!
– Push-off on St. Benedict’s. – Time out.
– Shawn: Good job, man.
Good job. That’s great job, man.
Great job. We good, man, we good. Everybody bust, yeah?
Go get it, a’ight? Darnell:
Yo, let’s go, man.
Keep fighting. Mark Taylor:
Guys, are you kidding? We’re taking bad shots,
we’re forcing. We have no patience.
They’re much smaller. You gotta put a body
and then go tag ’em
and go get the ball. I don’t know what to say, guys.
I really don’t. Turn it up. Samsel:
Dibba. Strong to the rack
with a righty layup! – Shawn: Shooter!
– Quiñones, right elbow,
three, counting. Dibba, to the rim!
Throws it down. Souleymane underneath,
and one. – Why we waiting to score?
– St. Benedict’s starting
to pull away. Come on, man,
let’s go, let’s go! Jay:
There you go, Z. Drive by him, Z.
He can’t guard you. Time winding down here
in the first half. Bounce pass to Zarique
on the right elbow, drives in, misses the first,
gets his own rebound! Pulls it down and back up
with it and good. Zarique Nutter!
Full-court pressure by Central and it’s stolen by Zarique. ( crowd cheers ) Central refusing to go away. Poked away by David French. Ahead to Zarique.
Another jam! Zarique, keeping Central
in the game, and Central will go to halftime
only trailing by nine. Good job, Dave. Every player in every
position on their team is
shorter than us. Central is a good
basketball team. You showed them no respect,
and look what you’re in now. Are we gonna
respect ’em or not? We playing, man. Little things,
the little things, man. Little things.
We one step quicker than them. Come on, man.
We all right, man. Same intensity. – Game is not over.
– It’s only nine. You gotta find
that place that we talked
about before, right? Find that place to begin
the second half, cool? Come on, man.
We’re waiting for you. Here we go
with the second half. St. Benedict heavily favored, but only up by nine. – Shawn: Go to the ball!
– Down to Dee-End, spins free on the baseline
and gets rejected. Oh! No foul? Precious, on the right wing, drives baseline and gets
blocked by Zarique. Let’s go, Z.
Let’s go, Z. St. B’s works it
to the corner. The three is good. Come on, man.
We need a bucket, man.
we need a bucket! Brill drives in,
gets blocked. Fast brake the other way,
Wilcher for three. – Count it.
– ( crowd cheers ) Wilcher, great pass
over to Quiñones and gets the layup. Brill drives baseline, throws up a prayer,
won’t be answered. Isaiah Smith,
a tough rebound, and he’s fouled. Isaiah Smith putting in work
against the big guys. Quiñones,
knocks down the jumper. Need a bucket, man! Joel from the corner.
No good. Zarique! Flips it back.
Playing above the ring. Zarique Nutter
showing his stuff. Bounce pass
on the left wing, Zarique splits a double team
and lays it in! It’s been a good game
by Central. They hung around, but
St. Benedict’s is a powerhouse, and they’re gonna win
this one going away, 63 to 44. ( buzzer ) ( laughter, chattering ) Shawn:
All I gotta say is, why we can’t play like this
every game, man? Why we can’t get up
for everybody the same way you got up
for St. Benedict’s? ‘Cause if you do,
ain’t nobody standing a chance. I ain’t see y’all
play shell defense like that this season,
that first half. It looked beautiful out there,
when y’all are playing together, y’all play, y’all help,
everybody taking charge, everybody rotating. Looked like
a thing of beauty. But, I mean,
we gotta sustain it
for all four quarters. I love the effort. I love the effort. That’s what it’s about.
Now, those guys, Division One
basketball players? You could play
with these guys, man. So when you play against guys
that’s not on your level, you supposed
to crush ’em, man. The same intensity,
the same way you played today, you supposed to crush ’em. You gonna open more eyes,
’cause people gonna say, “They was with ’em
all the way up until
the fourth quarter.” Hey, man, we have
a good team, man. I’m trying to tell y’all.
I’ll be glad when y’all
start to realize it. If we take
the little stuff out, there’s no looking back, man. There’s no looking back. Have a good night. Jay:
This is interesting. This is the first time Zarique’s
ever spoken to me about that next level of thought
about where he wants to be. He said, “Okay, does it matter
by what school you go to in order to get looked at? I know most offers
come from AAU, though.” And I was like, “Interesting.
It doesn’t matter. I work for ESPN, man.
I know every college coach
in the country. You want to play D1?” “That’s a fact,” he said. “Yeah, my favorite college
is where you played.” I said, “Then listen to me. I got two-time National Player
of the Year at Duke. I know a thing or two. We got a lot of work to do.” Haddie:
I told him not to doubt me. I told Zarique
not to doubt me because I’m a shooter. And he don’t want
to believe me. And he mad.
Zarique Nutter? You look a little angry
right now. Yeah, why you talking?
I beat you twice. – No, you didn’t.
– I just beat you twice! You beat me once!
Stop lying! – Yo!
– You beat me once. I just beat on
those two times we shot around. Stop, look– yo, I need y’all
to see how he lie, for Zarique Nutter.
That’s bad. That’s bad.
You lying, you beat me one time! You beat me one time. Zarique: Haddie,
he’s a big defensive player. His main priority
is defense. That’s what
he on the team for. – I’ma blow you out!
– Come on. That’s how
you know he’s strapped.
Put the camera on me. That’s how
you know this is strapped. This money in the bank,
right here. I’m talking here.
Oh, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Here, put this on camera. Talking ’bout… – I didn’t know he was
gonna make it.
– That’s what I do, man. – Come on.
– Zarique: He’s a loyal friend, and he’s a real funny guy. – Bro, I hate this spot.
– I love him. That’s my boy. Haddie:
Yo, he cheated! – Don’t wanna play no more.
– You see how he cheat! – Don’t wanna play no more.
– You see how he cheat? Tie-breaker.
Tie-breaker, come on. With the pointer finger, man. You shoot with this finger
right here? That’s the finger
that gets you into the shot. This the last finger
that come off the ball. Zakkiyyah:
I just have one question. Do these people know
that I’m Zarique’s mother? ‘Cause they already know
nothing can go through unless I put
the final stamp on it. The St. Benedict coach calling
me right now, hold on. This is comical.
Hold on, okay, all right. Hello? Good. I’m at his practice right now, and they should be finishing up
by maybe, like, 8:00? I’ll have him give you
a call. Okay. 6:00 in the morning,
my phone is ringing. I’m talking to coaches. We played St. Benedict prep, and then Tuesday, my phone
was just ringing nonstop, from a couple of schools. Some of ’em were looking for,
like, immediate transfers, mid-season, like now. Some wanted to see
what we could do next year. Oh, cash money! One of the schools
that’s been interested are now asking how much money
to get him over there. I would never take money
for my son to go somewhere. They will never have
that type of power over my son. No. The goal is to get
a free college education, and whatever happens
after that, whether it’s pro
or a very good job, I’m okay with that,
as long as we can get
a free education. It’s a tough decision. We don’t know what’s
gonna happen, but I believe a transfer
probably is gonna happen. Could be next week,
could be the end of the season, could be the end
of the school year. We just really
don’t know yet. – That count.
– No, that don’t. That’s– that’s
an offensive foul. It count! He went to St. Benedict’s
already. He went there in eighth grade,
and he wanted out. He didn’t want to be there
no more. He wanted to come here. So, I don’t know. Maybe he thinks
he’s a celebrity. Zarique Nutter! Jay:
I talked to him about it,
and he’s like, “I’m thinking about
leaving the team and going
to St. Benedict’s.” Yo, I’m about to be a model.
I’m getting big. Now I’m thinking,
“Okay, that’s gonna be a hard end of the season
decision.” And he’s like,
“Yeah, I’m thinking about
leaving mid-season, like, you know, like ASAP.” So that’s when,
like, in my mind, I’m like, “Oh, shit.” Like, “Whoa, wait a second.
Like, this is not you thinking about leaving
end of season. This is– you thinking about
leaving, like, tomorrow.” Hey, yo.
I should probably be like… And I’m like,
“If you decide to leave
mid-season, I don’t know how other people
are going to react, and your reputation
is all you have. It’s all you have.
And this is not me saying this
to deter you one way or the other,
but that’s something that you have to take
into consideration.” And I think that’s a lot for
a 15-year-old kid to handle. ( muted chatter ) Zarique:
They offered me three years
of free education at their school. I don’t want to do it
to the team, but I want to do
what’s best for me that’s gonna put me
in the best situation to make my mom happy, so, I think me going to Benedict’s
be the best chance, and chances like this
don’t come often. So I wanna take it
while it’s there. I don’t want them
to just forget about me, and then I’ma be stuck here. If it was up to me,
I’ll leave. If I could leave Friday,
I’ll leave Friday, finish the week out here. This can’t wait till
the end of the season? I don’t think– I don’t think
that’s what’s best. You’ve gotta dribble
the basketball. I don’t. I’ma help you do
what I think makes sense, but you gotta dribble
the basketball. That’s why I won’t force you
to stay somewhere where you don’t want to stay. But this type of situation is going to get
probably a little messy amongst coaches
and things like that. I want whatever
is best for you guys. It’s not me trying
to sway somebody
one way or the other. I know that’s
a big decision for him. I had to make
big decisions before when I was younger
growing up, and I was thankful
to have the help of my mother and my father
and my coach. OG, what do you think? Because you’ve dealt
with this before. Actually, this is
the first time I’ve heard someone wanting
to leave mid-season. I mean,
I know how the game go, and I’m not mad at people,
because that’s what they do. That’s they job.
It’s a business. But, you know, sometimes we gotta be loyal
to who we’re loyal to. You know what I’m saying? Like, when Jay did
the team goals and all that, his goal was to win
a state championship
for me and hisself. – Yeah.
– You can’t win that there. I mean, not this year, not next year,
not the year after. I don’t know. It’s just–
I’m just caught up. Like, mid-season,
I don’t agree with that, where I’m supposed
to be loyal to some guys and they’re loyal to me, and then I just
walk out the door on ’em. End of the season,
it might be a little easier. But right now?
It’s, like, what benefits me
if I leave right now? You know what I’m saying?
You gotta weigh that, too. Like, I mean, you gotta
think about everything. You can’t just say,
“I’m out.” They get six pair
of sneakers. They go here, they go there. Sometime that stuff
don’t mean nothing, man. But like I said,
it’s your decision and your mom’s decision. Jay:
Ball’s in your court. Think about it. Whatever you do,
I got love for you. All right?
I’ll see you tomorrow, man. – Okay.
– All right, brother. I mean, I don’t think
he’s mentally ready
for that, personally. He barely said two words. He talking about he mature?
He barely said anything. And you talking about
trying to play
at St. Benedict’s? That’s what I’m saying.
But I don’t think it’s him. I think that somebody said,
“You gotta get out of here. You gotta get out.
You ain’t gonna go
nowhere from Central. You ain’t going nowhere.” He thinking about leaving. – Mid-season.
– St. Benedict’s. – Mid-season?
– St. Benedict’s, though. He gonna go there
and he ain’t gonna have that connection
with the coach. And he ain’t gonna have
that connection
with the players. We more than just
practice and games. Ain’t gonna be no,
“Yo, I need to talk
to you after practice,” in a situation like that. ‘Cause your problem
is going to be more than
what they used to. They just going to
find a replacement. Why would he commit
career suicide like that? – Uh, cool.
– ( line ringing ) – Zarique?
– Yeah. Hello. – How you doing?
– I’m good. You? Good. How was
your meeting today? – It was good.
– You had an interview? Yeah, we having an interview. They recording right now, too. I don’t know if I want
to be recorded. ( chuckles ) Uh, give me a call
when I’m not recorded. All right. I don’t know, Zarique. I’m still a little
nervous for you. I mean, y’all on
a good run right now and you got something
special going on. I just want you
to finish what you started. They saying that
they are going to work
on my skill level to make me a better player and try to get me
ranked in the country so I can get more looks
from colleges. And, like, you want
to hear stuff like that, say you’re gonna
blow up and stuff. So I wanna– I wanna– that’s what’s feeding
into my head,
like, “Just go.” That’s what’s making me
want to go so bad. His reaction was,
“Why you gotta leave, bro?” I said, “I want to do
what’s best for me and mom.” He said,
“Well, do what’s best
for you and your mom. Just make sure you come
support me when you can, and I will support you
whenever I could. And if you blow up,
don’t forget about me.” That’s what happened. I still don’t think
you should leave mid-season, but Zarique has to play,
not me. ♪ No time to waste ♪ ♪ Now I’ve gotta raise ♪ ♪ The stakes ♪ You want to see
what happens next? Watch another episode
of “Best Shot” now,
only on YouTube. ♪ Put my art on the line ♪ ( vocalizing ) ♪ Gotta move like it’s mine ♪ ( vocalizing )