cancel on the delay front door Crosby
stop by obey absolute larceny on Getzel the save part to ridiculous say from the
caption that binder lost this stick and made the same
remember that one what I what I say by Lundqvist
unbelievable pad save Walmart across rafalca shop
sprawling st. by Dubnyk he doesn’t have his stick scroll across hands first did
me the same get that guy a soccer ball he dome across the crease a play reaches back and keeps this game
scoreless for ticklers it back go to Rashad was sent by Lauren hey Rob – I’m
diving across the place Oskar goaltender come up one or two big saves well this
is flurries about fourth or fifth look at this Patrick came at half the net
looking at him and John Gibson and clinically a brilliant save what a stock
in his formative years yeah I think he got it twice
that’s 1985 vintage goaltending there from Louie to Ming Browdy but comes to the front quick pass across
look I can’t believe you saved that I was expecting the red light to go on the
by the terrific stretch by the tall marks from again that skate down looks
like it’s a wide open net Sidney Crosby for the win on the old crop stood up as
Crosby moved in and they haven’t sat down yet he’s got his man breakaway
chance Seguin to the bucket diving save I hope they won’t be got the stick and
somehow Rob Seguin diving McDavid reenters with speed steps around
strowman plays it back rat he shoots and it the flex and that Wentz right off the
nog and diving back he’s good for two or three of those at least I mean
spectacular saves over the course of the game Canucks have to rely change get out like a fighting kazakhstan ii
and scorpion in there what a stop high club sign up darling
big rebound capita see who’s on in front say bye Scott darling like the patch to the point mom tore
towards the net tipped up in the air what a save by read
a three days down what an unbelievable save it was up behind Rene and he just
reached behind him somehow absolutely incredible Brian Miller in front no sick
the night diving Miller robbery that time as he dole all the way back on that
chance taken by Nick Holman that was Dom in a caching flight just for himself
equals Lee back into the net it was five seconds remaining how about the two stars my cheese rhymer polish stop by Reimer
gourd with a Ariel past that bounce to a stick he caught it plush head soda
driver Johansson pass in front Fiamma one saved by Jacob with a stick I
believe he kept it out of there and a really insane like J gallon that is not
in the debt that it is a phenomenal savory fair by Allen dad goes his way
through Vegas Peterson kept it out howdy make that
save off the stick bank hi and right into the gun by a volunteer boards held
back by parked up there and they get to the loose puck it’s walk take advantage no first save pad second
one hold Bush hold push and then he gets it with a back leg
they zone one by Victor ask a shot that somehow flutters towards the middle
quick was alert to that half speeder low shots are things that concern me he makes a remarkable save on one of the
bunch of bright point the bins he tries to move in a fight turns it over stones
Colonel Connor this man a slap shot deflected in front by a schmuck get a piece of that one
for the Hawks to tie it up and the flames dodge a bullet in the final six
minutes of this one now hear comparison incredible
powdered pecorino reached across I think he might have been seven foot six and
not six foot six on that early on Billy and Billy battle back to win six to Paul
I want to stop the brass key on yet another deflection reaching out at the
Bross key on his knees stretches and gross at Ketchum it up or it could be
easily three nothing here in the first I can’t do funny look up on the board centering pass line
a is open what a save by can’t ward
Kyle Connor looking for his first NHL hat trick and denied was always check
when super all giveaway close at shoot second time Krejci takes it right on
Johnson center back and watch dad for Shaw but still aged away the crease marks on
deep get all of it but a miraculous stop falling backward from Haiti to spent
sending it in for da da da da da da going to them
the votes mark was down and out I robbed Oh mark
of a great save by saying and hit the post and all it isn’t he made the stop
he later found the data same I bet two left feet what a great club scene there
the goal line that he saved that with the back of his
leg dropped in between and then he just without even but like how can you feel
the fuck with those pads on Anderson looked like he might have been able to
keep it out and Patterson just dives he keeps his puck from completely crossing
the goal line lead pass is cutting in McDavid shoots saved by Messalonskee
makes that stop there as McDavid Wade and Wade and Wade and
went by the net as far as he could to still have an angle and Vasilevsky
stayed with it she’s have taken back by stone drop to
pass back shabbat with a shot going to see this once every year by
your team where you think it’s a sure goal in your own head and the devil’s
making incredible defensive play where the concoction–
turned over to chuck are you kidding me by Jake Allen vodka Chuck great reaction
we talked in the last game with Jake Allen that glove is like butter right
now Matthew tkachuk 7 a heck of a year but he is absolutely robbed there when a
Sinkin taller with a shot Canada murasa two saves Jacob’s Rana had the second
chance wander into from Seigenthaler deflected follow-up chance great save
Barossa go smoke scorpion there on the power play what he nothing there’s a
justice a knockdown by that so left he puts the might of any managed to cover
it up wait 7 scant the lane vasilevsky some big stops in tight
against one of the best in the business speaking of durable players winds it
around and it fired right up by braun rebound loose gibson completely turned
around had no idea where the puck was and still laying stacking the pads and
the goal crease was without his goal stack this guy makes more of those types
of saves john than any other goaltender in the game battle
and to come up with nothing but robbery to either boy started an NHL game
account what a right skate save out the question in trouble what a reaction that
one great reaction saying because he was already leaning to his left he kicks
back there Sanko makes a nice move on hey and the bones with a wide open goal
and hard cut bumper and on a short his bat I thought that went in that’s hard
slit across I don’t know how that one stayed out rush gets it back Crosby
dusted off into the slot wasps rust stop by John Gibson that’s about it goes against he had to
drop this stick to try and get over there
when they get the first one here they are tough savers give it away here’s a
chance at a clean us up are you kidding me full of confusion and Lina’s hallmark
curtain he throws this one back creep to the Calgary player Halloran close
quarters they are still standing here I thought
was priceless they seem just as good as a great ball
one nice little Cutrone shoots koskinen cops
a classmate’s the fairy and gone again no celebration on the
play but it goes off the post off the back what is saved by Koskinen that is
incredible he’s giving it up as a short edit break go back for the Trapper and kept it up
and kept this game alive and you should have seen the look of the flames bench
they could not believe that didn’t go in welcome to the game
Devan Dubnyk redirected by Boychuk letter makes the same he pumps that one
over top of the net from Bergeron three great stops from Roman letters Robin was
down from his knees and this shot here was unbelievable it flashes across what
a recovery I mean that was just simply amazing out Carter Hart got across there
did everything he could to throw his body in front of that shot attempt
Carter Hart makes a spectacular save there’s a buffalo got lost again Leena Solimar Marc miss Moreno and
glorious opportunity Billy Iike charging toward the net he shoots a Tony of bedlam inside the zone uncovered
attack Vasil Levski unreal that’s what I refer to as what’s next he never gives
up John reject the other way it’s the graduate numbers in the circle of trust an elephant team full stretch glove grab
by her Golden Hill wine he’ll shoot directed say that’s enough he got help
of the boat day by lucky here at frame Shannon can’t believe it is Olaf ski are
you kidding me dropping ham and the Rangers on the game
in an outstanding save from your ass laughs a lot
oh it doesn’t get any better than that cleared away by Colbert in the shot
there let’s not debate they’re a buncha competi say they gets a Wessel wheels
around on his backside and make sure he’s facing the puck all the time that
is terrific stuff there here’s control turning in sets up to Chuck who tries to
pass to the back Daenerys stop by Reimer that’s the house wow he looked like he
was making snow angels on his belly and somehow he got that bad on it yeah mark
with speed looking to be down and out what’s my Pekka
watch this save Pekka comes flying at the hole that’s open right now look at
him flying across you don’t see that much anymore the two
pads stacked but there’s also a little bit of a breakdance involved there where
he’s spinning around the same time brings it into the Anaheim zone make
something kick the side by now rich is back to make the spectacular stop on
Sonic he had a 4×6 and it looked like an easy goal Miller dives raises the stick
it’s a little piece of it these are off the drive switch directions that punched
by Bishop nearly fell behind him he lost his stick still doesn’t have one and
fights off a shot at the glove this is acrobatic
incredulous net binding from Ben Bishop how does that Emma whether he just
sensed it or what Jack Adams tenders the state will see that time and time and
time again not only to show this one he knows my players are
these stories just want to say that’s campaign goal and Alan got a stick back
and made a city that’s remarkable disto remarkable seeds moved across so barks
right away angle down say we stop that merci I think he did that is spectacular
that body I don’t think I’ve ever seen a finer save from that Murray than that
one there be down to circle centered by absolutely
ridiculous tonight that Mori and the jackets and their fins stump again
Wilson with Soderbergh his shot body down the stick
wow what a magical stick effort flexibility that is like I said let out
magical to Rudy the game and the crowd erupts
chanting grew as Agostino got a perfect redirect the lid cost attrition mr. and almost separated his shoulder
down the right wing side I got a daughter you have no idea how
that fucked everyone in essentially three stops right there strike me on the back door
safe everyday absolutely
oh my goodness Peck arena battles to make that same that was a sure goalie
just took away from I don’t get me yandel try to clear stole it away the night birds are out of a goal I mean
what are the odds he was fully cometh in horizontal sharat on the blue line shop give it up but your best player is
Carrie price and when you need your best player to be your best player what a save by Lundqvist on the attempt
by Wagner get a piece of it ooping sprawls to make the save
lost his stick to the process I can’t believe he even got that one I mean he
was facing the opposite direction crawling on the goal line at the other
side of that jay-z bumper right in flood here’s a save if he’s six foot six but broadly
score and it looks like McKinnon’s got a goal and he reaches back Koskinen to
deny him go TCC up with a pocket he’ll play in a cross-racial opposite the only thing Nielsen and believe it
he’s like six foot a hundred so when he stretches that arm out that’s a good you
know seventy feet he gets across which are all broken up
Edmund shot off bodies come on spirit betters wanna stop Steven Stamkos at the
side of the goal the left side of the body for Sergei Borowski Cape in the
Columbus Blue Jackets in this game number one into the middle height in gym
today you know there’s times in a game that
your goaltender can inspire your bench and boy what a time this has been so
many chances in fun here’s the latest given back Bergeron to the front of the
net he’s telling it can we’ve seen that club
hand at least three times now Anderson not able to hold on to it but able to
get it back and underneath his body so at the point frozen in part safe on the
rebound it’s on save by the liver Jessa’s gonna get skills and a right leg kick out dental
enter stops gentle with the shaft of the stick at the clutch wine chicken the cross the save of the series Catholics and
from our vantage point what a stoplight like Smith here to
Kentucky wines is loose but back to generation watch the left had a groove our he’s
going to lift it up here off to make the stop on michael bakwin to save the
contest there’s rain and riches shot we’ve got motion Greg Anderson stretched out his right
leg and me to save up a Brad Marchand after another turnover just about ended
up in the here’s a chance stop countable the globe
logon Kajol with the great look all that adds up to the same score it still 2-1
Colorado again
pokrovsky unbelievable game the two-on-one commences and lino takes
it straight to the net and grass manages to get that left glove out there
terrific save but fire shooting enough to fucking walk rebound
Jones when it looks like McKinnon’s headed Oh besides deflected saved and
then this is absolutely brilliant bite Martin Jones grizzly then back to coil okay that time can’t do it any better
than that Brian you just cannot think for one second that it’s in the net he
comes across as good as anybody in the National Hockey League
here come the Islanders it’s ever laid in front for running under bench jumped-up thinking it goes
in right there there’s a daylight he whacks at it the glove was right
scoop it up for backhoe many large from moving back up
it’s within incentive to remain in probably doesn’t need much other than
adding it to the highlight reel but sensational brought back in front of the
save by Jones and was huge there for Martin Jones what
a bang bang Traven just delays and meet a writer to get anything in on the
short side what a save by Mrazek watched the top
half of his stick this puck is going in and veronik somehow keeps it out of the
back of it left arm save had a beauty and if there with the quick stick it behind his
goaltender and then the fuck disappears for a second there you see hung up at
his gear the change Jordan Bennington really aggressive goes
with the Pope check misses the dad but follows it up with the glove over top of
the badge hanson tried to go up and over and
Binnington was there the joke came Nordstrom fittings and
just wore off