the hockey world has it has always had
it set shira planted entertainers uh… believes are important group of people
but the great thing about hockey has been the hockey mask dot plot was the
first person to wear one uh… back in the nineteen sixties
unbelievable when you look at polled footage of hockey you see these guys
like gump worsley and john plotkin an old goalies not wearing masks and the
brown i believe is the last one cannot wear mask in the n_h_l_ and and they’re
just facing the shots of course shots that was before the development of the
really hard slap shot at that time is mostly rishabh some snapshots but at the
same time it’s ridiculous to have this pop coming at your face at many miles an hour and you also sticks going up and down in
front of you anyway there were some great masts and
that early era in the seventies patrick and i wanted to take uh… that look at
back at some of them and i know i don’t know if we’re gonna go in any order here
rikki i have a personal favorite mime was always jerry cheaper if we can save
that for last if you’d like uh… but some of the current masks
uh… or or the sort of the new wave of masks by i i really like brian haywards
mass when he was the goalie of the fledgling san jose sharks uh… hazy now
the voice of uh… you see there it’s the sharks mouth uh… i think it’s it’s a great look uses eyes come in through it and these
painters who painted around the mass but now today uh… we have uh… another
shark mass going to have another whose message this tricky family’s grief
yet thomas greases mass going i i’m you know in the old hazy way this one looks
a little jaws here it looks a little uh… rate whiter you know how it looks
real the painters have gotten better since brian hayward was in the place yet
but uh… and also that the shapes of of massive change drastically as well so
that’s a great that these two are great of the classic mass one of my favorites
growing up i was in new york rangers then and i used to go to games in my dad
remember brother all the time and there was a ranger rowly name usual
crept home jill’s where tom is known they call them gratuity uh… because he was crazy and this is
his lion mask will apparently he believed he was so crazy
did he actually believe that he was in the roman coliseum but he actually
believed that he was living in the life of someone who was a gladiator coliseum
yes so you where the lion mask the defendant and they would say that he was
such a bad boldly in this is not war there there were tapes of this at the
time or i guess it was film at the time getting out of the way of pops when he
was standing in the polls because of the he thought they were stoning them in the
indiana major of uh… the roman ages so it’d be interesting part about this one
was that i i i’m not sure if you her how he got that is masking read
something here in the story about fighters in national geographic and then decided no worries that i i
want them right hander but it looks like a lot and we are willing to admit it’s
actually effect i thought it was the famous line instead of the tiger it
looks more tiger another look at i was little and but in any case shows that tom played in the
n_h_l_ for like twenty minutes i don’t think he had much of a career uh… forty-seven and forty seven games
ads uh… tapestries and by the nazis in the hockey hall of fame and i believed
he wants the math back right but it doesn’t they said it
belongs to the n_h_l_ over its only thing we belong to the
team to the steamboat paypal i think it’s parking parking self
discipline that he can’t get it back anyone’s with so little pharyngeal kept
on thinking that that was really really cool mask um… and immediately you know
and then isle of curtis just for for curtis joseph as one of the great
nicknames in sports crew joe uh… and of course obviously he had to
have to do a painted onto assembled in oregon uh… where he got the master of
the new nickname nick well his name is curtis joseph so uh… it was i’m guessing see you from curtis jail from joseph for is actually a stephen king novel y
know that it that’s why i could just there weren’t enough there was a thicker
yet uh… i definitely have implicitly no
yeah uh… let’s go to the next on the put up
on the screen phyllis steve shields yes the shields a good one here uh… steve shields well you know let’s
let’s i think we need to before talking about steve shields we need to talk a bit jerry tutors jerry
g verses that is my favorite there it is uh… agencies got them that this is
what masks will flight at the genesis of of hockey mask you see that yours were expose it was
just a little plays on the back and then you pulled it over your face j_j_ boers
every time a mark was made on his hockey mask he would paint uh… stitches where he otherwise would
have been hit by something so those are all the stitches he would have had had he not have a mask and that’s the shield generations later
after jerry shavers went ahead and had his mass of look at
that again faded just like jerry cheaper snap nigel
what i think very very cool i think almost as cool it’s the same thing of course the
masters as evolve a little bit so that they had the cages in front so they have
better i’d you know they they can see better better of lines vision but what what what he’s done is he’s
painted jerry cheaper spears on the side of the massive and painted a back to the
mass so that the painting that’s not just that’s not the fields any red hair
i think it’s really cool that things have almost cooler and very few something different to cool masks to anymore uh… dairy simmons okay the cobra year
gary sims the cobra played for the hapless uh… california golden seal was
an effort on the oakland seals yesterday and uh… weak field jerseys they were
unsuccessful franchise the jim nielsen uh… was it good they called me eskimo he was uh… alaskans who play for them to play for
the rangers later he painted the dragon just shows you how far we’ve come there’s just an inexplicable dragging on
his uh… mask he played for the seals of any deal with
the distraction from those ugly jerseys with bush markets s but some parts of the sneaker
dragon uh… isn’t what i think it’s a place
for requesting minor we busting is a visit ok well but we now i think it’s
appropriate ok it doesn’t matter is that we know it’s not a steel uh… and he
played for the seals that wasn’t that great mass that it was
the indicative of what was going on in mask
technology number they became believe golden seals uh… i think it
will become the kansas city scouts or the cleveland barrett accidentally
woodlands habits of thought to be in the cleveland browns uh… with their
captain cmo no way in their goalies you’ll know walsh uh… over the parents
play they worked arable saw and dennis meru was uh… was a big uh… he was there before sir and and story score political whilst we
have uh… that it uh… which if it was a very divisive
i’d really like midi mappings d_n_a_ models it shows uh… akkada for sales up a phone it is not
because break at the end for certain that unites people happen as part of al
capone i thought this was pretty cool pluses it’s very detailed the above the bullets flying down any of the
political life in writers have a very was pretty good and i i don’t like the
flyers all but i’m still with that being the calm at
the boards the bullet had no was the fires outside of philadelphia strip that
is a dirty team they’ve cheated for years and uh… and these three three four and chris pronger and have chris pronger but i don’t have
that uh… leslie go with uh… dairy bar jerry brown
happily jerry wrong the let’s see probably uh… what way and there wasn’t
he really was the initiator of the skeleton mass which is seen lots of
different information services for showing me this this is the ark type of
that this is the very beginning of skeleton mask history probably played i i’m aram re he played
for vancouver will simply play for buffalo the listener members vancouver
yeah powell gary bromley uh… of course uh… uh… started the skeletons and
then there were many many films after that the to me jerry keepers and and steve shields
those two masks are the best uh… that they’re banned because at all
plays off of hell called she first mass was originally there’s one more that you
that you brought up before we went out of the segment and that was uh… tour
of the for early edge a broker is an important one to see because jim
rutherford will not the first gotta wear masks and that’s also not one of those doubts
when that since the first one to paint at at that time there are all usual
gloomier and and and he talked with the rangers goal is to just four white man’s
so so somebody had the idea that maybe they could take a little bit onto jim
jimmy rutherford so they gave him kind of these days i make up the speech
we we gene simmons stuff going on in the face now with a little bit of the end of
the detroit red wings on it so and that was pretty cool and it is important
because we will he was in the first to wear a mask he was the first uh… to paint
on the mask and and that’s important and he’s still with the bread but i believe
i believe he’s there g_m_ anyway at very cool well walk down mask memory lane is
the coolest thing about uh… about hockey uniforms as they get the paper
that’s what