What’s up everyone? This is Blake Stockton from Youth-Basketball-Camps.com and in this video we’re going to count down the top seven basketball camps in 2017. Are you ready? I’m ready! Let’s do this! Starting off our list at number seven is Pro Camps Worldwide. This is the go-to camp if your son or daughter wants to go see a celebrity basketball player. They host a ton of camps for famous players like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, Porzingis! Kemba Walker, Kyrie, James Harden and many, many more. Location-wise these camps are not always in the same place where the pro team is. Sometimes the players go to their hometown or where their college team played. So you have to go to the website to learn more. Coming in at number six is Advantage Basketball Camps. Advantage has been around for many years. It may be the one camp that has the most locations in the US. What makes Advantage unique is that they’ve had 20 years to perfect their basketball teachings. They place a huge emphasis on muscle memory and repetition in their camps which is a great way for younger players to learn instead of throwing a bunch of new information to them and saying “Hey remember what you can, good luck!” One thing I recommend as a parent to do before you sign up for Advantage camp or any camp for that matter is do the research on who is hosting that camp. Know their background, know how many years they’ve been teaching camp, make sure that their background and their skills and what they’re going to be teaching is right for your son or daughter. Coming in at number five is IMG Academy located in Bradenton, Florida. This is probably the most elite camp on the list. They have students going to school there that learn school stuff half the day, and then the other half they learn their sport. I’ve actually toured there and it’s an awesome place. Great facilities, elite coaches and it’s filled with players who are college bound. So there’s overall a great buzz there. The main downside of this camp is it is pricey. It is expensive. It might be the most expensive camp out there. And this is because it comes with the top-notch facilities. It comes with the best coaches, the best facilities. It comes with that great talent there that if your son or daughter is looking to play in college, it’s a great place to find the competition that they might be playing against if they make it to that next level. Coming in at number four is Coach Wootten’s basketball camps. And Coach Wootten’s basketball camps has been around forever. Maybe one of the longest-running camps in the world for that matter for basketball. And they started doing these camps in 1961, back when JFK was president. So that’s like 55 years! Over 55 years! And coach Wooten is a basketball legend. He has one of the most winning basketball records in high school play, winning over 1,200 basketball games in his career. He doesn’t run the camp, his son does. But he does come and interact with the campers and teach them as well. What makes Coach Wootten’s camp unique is the tradition, the family environment, and the dedication to learning. I mean if your son or daughter really wants to get in a ton of basketball, this is the camp to do it. They have morning workouts that start at 6am and they have evening workouts that end at 10pm. So they can do a jam-packed full day of basketball learning. Coming in at number Trey I mean number three is Breakthrough Basketball. They are located in almost every state so there’s bound to be one near you. What makes Breakthrough different and unique is that they cap camper participation on every camp. So only 60 to 80 campers are allowed in a given camp. And this is awesome because it ensures that you have quality instruction at your camp. They aren’t a camp that’s trying to stuff it with as many campers as possible so they can make as much money as possible. There’s, you got to watch out for that. There’s some camps out there out there like that, but breakthrough is dedicated to that quality which is great for improving your son or daughters skills at the camp. And it means Breakthrough sticks to their principles: quality instruction, quality instruction, quality instruction. And what also makes Breakthrough unique is some of their camp offerings, what they teach the campers. You’re going to find unique classes like decision making on the court, offensive attack footwork, and focus on finishing. Which I love because if you make a move and can’t finish. What’s the point of making that move? Coming in at number two, number deuces is PGC Basketball. Full disclosure here, I actually went to this camp like 18 years ago when I was in middle school, high school just between those two. And it was, out of the 26 camps I went to, it was my most favorite camp. And it was my most favorite camp because they do something really unique. Half of the camp is spent in the classroom learning how to do these skills and techniques in basketball. And then the other half is spent on the court learning those techniques. And that’s specifically their Point Guard College training. Now, they offer several different camps and trainings. But Point Guard College camp is where they offer that. And I would highly recommend it. The emphasis is on learning which is what makes this camp unique. And what also makes this camp unique is their money back guarantee. They don’t give you a money-back guarantee, they don’t give you a hundred and ten percent money-back guarantee where they’re paying you some extra money if you’re not satisfied. They give you a two hundred percent money-back guarantee! And what that means is that if you’re not satisfied, if you attend their camp and it hasn’t drastically improved your game, if you’re not satisfied with how it’s improved, they will pay you twice as much as you paid for the camp. I mean, that’s insane! I mean who would do that? They got someone over there must have lost their mind, right? Coming in at number one in our Top Seven Basketball Camps in 2017, can I get a basketball drumroll please? And it is US Sports Camps also known as USSC. And they provide…the reason the reason they’re number one is because they have so many different camps. They have great quality instruction. And they have camps from names you might have heard as such as Nike, NBC Camps, Sarah Behn, which is a girl’s camp in the Northeast, and McCracken camps which is in the Midwest. They have over a hundred camps throughout the US and internationally, so we’re talking about camps outside the US as well. So there’s a good chance you’re going to find a camp right near you. What makes USSC unique, is their quality across the board. The trainers, the facility, the training, the actual instruction, is all top notch. And you can see a lot of this on their website. You can look at their reviews and learn more about their training. A lot of, they offer a lot of different types of basketball camps. So you’ll have to go to the website to learn more. But, every director has just a fasc…I found it to be, a fascinating background. Something to think about when choosing your camp is that not all the training is the same. So you’ll have to do, again just similar to what we said for Advantage, do your research. That wraps up our list of the 7 Best Basketball Camps in 2017. I hope you got some value out of it. If you’re looking for more basketball camps near you, your perfect basketball camp, visit our website Youth-Basketball-Camps.com you can find a link right here. Click on this white box. Did we miss a camp? Is there a camp that you want us to know about? Leave us a comment below. I’ll be reading the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Once again, I’m Blake Stockton from Youth-Basketball-Camps.com and ball on my friends