(fans cheering) Jacob: It was actually a real surreal feeling. These thousands and thousands of people are holding up my artwork
and all of a sudden they rip it in half. (music) It definitely was kind of weird at first but then I realized,
“No, it’s an awesome thing.” At that moment,
I was integrated into this tradition. (music) (music) I actually started off as a cartoonist. It was my freshman or sophomore year. I loved it but I kept seeing
at the basketball games there were these really awesome inserts that were being held up by the student section
and it was hilarious. They were well done. And I just thought, “Ok, I like what I’m doing now but how can I get there?” (music) So essentially what the traditions is when the starting lineup of the visiting team is introduced at our home games, we make fun of them by reading the newspaper. We’re like, “We’d rather do that
than pay any attention to you.” There have been some hilarious posters. We try to keep our toe on the line
of what’s too much. We’ve actually made
a few of the coaches on the visiting teams pretty upset with some of our posters. (music) Everyone recognizes it. Everyone is like, “Oh yeah. That’s the tradition
where they make fun of the other team.” And to be able to say
that I lead the group that does that is really really awesome. (music) These are characters
that are telling a story and one way I look at is
if these basketball games are stories, we are the illustrators of those stories. (music) I think it’s just so awesome
how like in Allen Fieldhouse you get this overwhelming sense
of history and it goes back
so many different generations. I’ve actually lived in Lawrence my entire life. My parents are both KU grads. Yeah it’s just always been a big part of my life, a big part of who I am. (music) What does it mean to be a Jayhawk? Obviously the term Jayhawker that represented people who fought for what was right and I think if I were to sum it up
in a very simplistic way, I think being a Jayhawk
is being proud of who you are. (music ends)