Ok, we’ve got one spot left on the Samoan national team. Pick me! Pick me! I’m fast az cuz! Nah, you suck cuz! I’m not picking you! Nah, they call me the “Chocolate Thunder” cuz! Nah, that’s nothing to do with rugby cuz. You’re a nugget! Nugget!? I’m not a nugget bro! Yeah you are! You’re wider than you are tall cuz. Nugget! [Laughing] Pick me bro! Do you even know what rugby is cuz? [Laughing] Go on, chuck him the ball cuz! [murmurs of awe] With natural talent like that, you’re already the second best catcher on the Samoan national team cuz! That’s it. You’re picked in the team. Congratulations. Are you guys taking the piss? He’s a bigger nugget than I am!