hi my name is Brandon Ball, former pro
point guard & CoachUp Coach. Ball up into the lane, scoops it up in and in! And this is the between legs crossover A between legs crossover is a quick move
used to explode by your defender. let’s say you’re come down in transition, you have a defender between you and the basket and you needed for yourself to get to the basket.
So wanna come down come down the floor transition you’re gonna go between your legs crossover as fast as you can now it’s important to make sure your eyes are on the rim are makes your eyes on the rim. The reason why I say that is because if you can see the rim you can see everything So if a teammate pops open you can hit him with a quick pass, but right now we’re trying to get you to the basket So between the legs crossover you come down and then explode to the rim. That’s it.