Q: Now, Broadway, you know I love this game
of basketball, right? Broadway: I love this game. Q: And, I want to make sure I’m playing the
game the right way. Broadway: Yeah. Q: So, can you explain to me the basic rules
of what we’re trying to do when we’re playing the game of basketball? Broadway: First of all, you have to dribble
the ball . . . Q: Dribble the ball. Broadway: Up the court. Q: Up the court. Broadway: And, once you stop your dribble
. . . Q: Yeah. Broadway: . . . you have to pass it to somebody. Q: OK. Broadway: You got 5 seconds . . . Q: Five seconds? Broadway: . . . or you will get a Five-Second
Violation. Q: OK. OK. Broadway: So, you can’t take the ball and
run around . . . Q: You can’t run around with it. Broadway: No, no. Q: No, no, no. Broadway: You’ve got to maintain the dribble
. . . Q: OK. Broadway: . . . until you’re ready to make
a pass. Q: OK. And, we got five players on the court. Broadway: Five players on the court. Q: And, you all work together to score baskets
on either end? Broadway: That’s what’s called “team basketball.” Q: Team basketball. Broadway: Two sides to the game. Offense . . . Q: Offense. Broadway: . . . and Defense. Q: Defense. Offense, obviously trying to score baskets. Defense, trying to prevent the other team
from scoring baskets on you. Right? Broadway: Yep. In most games . . . Q: Yeah. Broadway: . . . standard high school games,
you get about five Timeouts. Q: Right. Right. Oh, Timeouts too? Broadway: Yeah. Quarters are about eight minutes. Q: Eight minutes? Broadway: Yeah. Usually two to three referees in a game. Q: OK. Yep, yep. Broadway: And, you have all kinds of different
rules. Three-Second Violation. Q: Right? Broadway: You can’t stand in the painted area
more than three seconds. Q: Three seconds. Now, we can’t forget about the outside lines. Broadway: No, that’s called out of bounds. Q: Out of bounds. Sidelines, baselines and we have the half-court
line. Broadway: Yeah. Once you come across one side of half court,
you can’t retreat and go back across that line or that’s called a back court violation. Q: Back Court, right, right. Lots of rules, man. Broadway: Lots of rules but you got to know
the game in order to know how to play the game. Q: That’s true. That’s true. That’s true. Broadway: It’s like your game. Q: Right. What game is that? Broadway: That other game. Q: Oh, you know I was doing that? When I get the (?). Broadway: Yeah, yeah. Q: You know what I’m saying? But, that’s a different game. We don’t even want to talk about that. Broadway: Yeah, yeah. Q: Right now, we’re talking about the game
you love. Broadway: Yeah. Q: Basketball. Broadway: I love another game. Q: What other game you like? Broadway: I used to play catch and kiss. Q: What? Cut that out. You know what? Check this out. If you guys want to know more about the rules,
check out these videos that we’re going to show you. But, that’s the basic rules of how to play
basketball, with the Harlem Wizards.