DAVE TYLER: Blocking is another call that
officials would frequently make in a basketball game. And basically what happens in a block
is the defender is beat, so instead of moving his feet to stay in front of the offender,
he may stick a leg out or a knee out, and this is a call that’s got to be made because
we can get frequent injury with Charlie horses. The mechanic for a block would be again a
whistle and a stoppage of the clock, go to the table, 34, and then both hands go to the
hip. It’s a personal foul and the ball goes the opposite away. So here we’re going to
see our defender and our dribbler. The defender is beat. He’s going to stick his leg out,
draw contact which would then include–would be considered a block. Dribbler is going by.
He’s beat and he sticks his leg out to try to stop the dribbler that would be considered
a block as well. Hopefully, nobody got a Charlie horse.