bouncing basketball that is the JustInTymeSports mini pro
ultimate hoop in this is review video this is a mini
basketball hoop review this is a review video yeah that’s a
spring-loaded breakaway RAM mounted to a polycarbonate backboard
that’s a quarter-inch thick you’re not going to break that guy
liability disclosure I mean you priebke break a leg hammer something but is like don’t break
it not yep you may know is that a pretty big room
for miniature basketball hoop yeah its twelve inches in diameter that’s
what she said sorry because have the strength to the mini
pro ultimate it makes it perfect for dunking dump on part-time the it’s a lot of fun for outside shots and it’s great for he had battled
one-on-one got but yeah I not in my house about you’re following
me that’s a thou that’s ok now about I’m
here to use a check to give back not so hard now Paulo lot check oh you know double check
new straight up new movies and one Carolina
nothing Mike drop overall the many pro ultimate
is just that its ultimate the things built
with like nasa technology like the aluminum frame polycarbonate like spring-loaded they i
mean are it’s an ass is like sending rockets to space and product better
technology but it’s really high-quality in full disclosure this is an ultimate
hoop so you need lag bolts to mount to the studs on your wall you know can use like little BB bolts to
mount a little BD hoop is a ultimate hoop needs lag bolts so if
you’re looking for a strong and durable miniature basketball hoop the many pro ultimate is the way to go
just transport also has over the door hoops other mountable
hoops that are smaller if you don’t want the ultimate hoop experience you don’t
actually have to say it like that but I mean with lag bolts and polycarbonate
stuff probably how you should talk about your basketball game learn more about the many pro ultimate
in the description below with other links to just in time sports number to finish their game a one-on-one
and tough opponent the something back in town well like you know back you down it get it done and sports with your girl pregnant now for no for gotta the I ladies and gentlemen use caution when
playing with just in time sports hoops you could pull something Thanks for Watching