One other point that will determine whether
you stay in or out of the game is “fouls”. Usually, if you are talking about high school,
you only get five fouls, high school and college, when you get to the NBA, you can get up to
six fouls. Once you get over that amount of fouls, that is when the referee will pull
you and you can not play anymore, because you are in violation, you have to many personal
fouls. Now when you are talking about fouls, you also want to keep in mind that if you
are playing and coaches will usually do this, if you get over two or three fouls they will
probably sit you on the bench, just to prevent you from getting anymore fouls and you fouling
out of the game. So always keep that in mind. Now what a “foul” is exactly, is anytime the
referee feels like you have put your hands on another player in a manner that was not
part of the game and you also have “flagrant fouls” and that involves overtly hit someone,
as if you are trying to injure them. “Flagrant fouls” and also you have “intentional fouls”.
“Intentional fouls” is when you absolutely know that the player has come and tried to
commit a hack job on someone else. You want to keep that in mind now, you want to keep
everything above board, because like I said early safety is first. You do not want to
get anybody hurt and you do not want to get hurt, so always keep in mind, personal fouls
is part of safety.