Now let’s talk about something that’s called
the hockey dribble. Some people might call it something else, but that’s what we call
it. What it is is basically you’re going to be coming down and you’re going to give a
fake with your head and your shoulder. If you’re right handed, your left leg is the
pivot. Then you’re pushing off to the right. It’s a hesitation like you’re going to go
left. Like you’re going to go left. Then you’re pushing the ball off to the right and in front
of you. The benefits of that are that once you practice it and get it down, you’re going
to freeze the defense. Some defenders, which they shouldn’t do, but they do, some defensive
players will watch your face and your eyes. With defense, we should always be focusing
on the stomach area. If you get someone who’s opposing you and defending you and you notice
that they’re watching more of your upper body, head and your face, this will be pretty effective
because you can give the illusion that you’re going left. Without pushing your body really
so much in that direction and then just pushing the ball back to your right and then going
in for the basket. Let’s go ahead and give that a try.