The next dribble we’ll talk about is your
basic crossover dribble. Same principles are applied. Keep your body low, your head up,
your knees bent, and if you’re starting with your right hand, do a front crossover dribble,
you’ll step with your left foot and go in front–over to your left hand. Same with your
right, you’ll step with your right foot and go over to your right hand. Then we have the
between the legs crossover dribble, which is pretty much the same except you’re stepping
with your–the opposite foot and going between your legs. So if I’m starting with the right
hand, I step with my left foot and go between and catch it with my left hand. Same with
your left hand. Start with your left hand, you’ll step with your right foot, and go to
the right hand. Keep your crossover dribbles simple and easy and clean.