Okay, the next drill is the behind the back
dribble. Not like before. This is when you’re trying to get pass the defender, and we use
this dribble when we’re trying to beat someone to the goal or just move the ball up the court.
So just imagine you have a defender on you when you practice this dribble, and what you’re
going to do, if I’m dribbling with my right, and I want to go to the left behind the back,
I step with the opposite foot, but that way. So I step with my left foot and take the ball
behind my back, you see. I step with my left, take it behind my back to my right, to my
left hand, and then I dribble. Let’s do this again. If I want to go left, I step to my
right, and take it behind the back, catch it with my left hand. Same way with the opposite
hand. If I want to go right, I step this way with my right foot and go behind the back,
and catch it with my right hand. And that’s the behind the back defender evading dribble.
Just remember, whichever way you want to go, step the opposite way. It makes it easier
to control the ball. And stay low. Practice staying low like I taught you before to control
the ball better. And that’s the behind the back defender evading dribble.