what up guys welcome back to eb and J and today we’re gonna be doing another shoe review but today we have one of these Nikes deenis under No 361 and you guys are probably asking yourself what is 361 so 361 is a Chinese company that sponsors sometimes you don’t realize how far you are out you know when you shoot it when you’re actually in the game and then you see it afterwards like I was pretty deep Jimmer Fredette so as you can see on the back it says jf I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of them cool thing about these shoes is they look a lot like a nike hyper dunk um I like them a lot this sock fill right here gives it kind of a gripping feel to your ankle I’m trying to compare it to it’s like a hyper dump I said that or a hyper read 2014 hyper I’ve kind of a sock filling another thing I like about it is the design I think the design is pretty sweet right I mean it has that kind of Nike Zoom foam that all the shoes have it also has this like carbon fiber look it’s actually not carbon fiber but it looks like it and it’s a pretty comfy shoe this shoe is not sold in the US I think you can only buy it online in China it has a clear bottom sole so the overall I’ll give the shoe probably an 8 out of 10 so let’s let’s run run with it and and shoot a few shots and see how it is thank you strictly Seoul’s response to this portion of the video you can get the latest street wear the latest shoes on their website first person to DM me about this promotion will get something special thank you again for sponsoring this portion have you guys ever seen Like Mike yes these shoes I don’t know I just tried it one day anymore yeah you would be cool so if you guys want Jim arrange don’t forget to go to China and get these shoes um oh yeah so we post weekly videos so don’t forget to hit the bell notification and today subscribe to us so you can get all our content and don’t miss out on anything and again thanks strictly souls for sponsoring this portion of the video and buckets