now India is the best and all the team it needs a great team obviously they have the best person in the world India’s definitely a strong team actually it is talk to me you know we love India and all the best were 2019 World Cup I’ll get it yeah hello guys this is a brand for Bangladeshi youtube channel non-stop videos and this is a collaboration video it’s LVDT your indian abroad in this video we’ll ask Bangladeshi people about Indian cricket so if you like this video make sure to hit the subscribe button and subscribe to savvy DG your Indian abroad and write down in the comment box below that which country is better is it India or Bangladesh also you can visit our tunnel that is non-stop videos link is in description box so let’s go and ask Bangladesh about the man in blue I mean the Indian cricket team do you enjoy watching cricket I mean are you at wicket fan yes of course I am I created pants yes yes yes I use cricket fan must yeah NZ yes enjoy I’m picking very much bigger nice bar this follow this obviously Bangladesh of course Bangladesh obviously button firstly Bangladesh is my favourite team then India India too many customer man I can’t sleep at night so I just keep writing so there are about 105 wicked pain countries that recognize me ICC so among this all which is the best if not favorite festival according to I’m applying in years now one of the best and I think I think West Indies India that was radio batteries Australia champions or five times Bangladesh must be India India if I consider recent performance I think India India is a very important balance stream now India is the best and all the team what do you think is best in objectively strong team or gives just a high pop music actually it is talked India no there is strong enough because they perform well in home and abroad as well in a great team obviously they have the best person in the world without Kohli without a doubt and they’re pretty good balling lineups yeah India is good he has obviously strong team and something is I have of media they are there in the strongest they are strong is actually their strongest but yes the coverage made in so much media coverage they have actually not a half of media they are playing well and they have a bunch of good players in the team and they’re actually develop much India’s did a definitely strong team in recent performances actually strong go to campaign in India Mahendra Singh Dhoni Salah in mind a single this man drew Singh Dhoni India Mahmoud – Roy it’s an interesting question like if you get a superpower that you can get four player from India and you can join them into Bangladesh first absolutely – in honey then Barrett Kali Mata honey and write so much video and osowiec vid : Rohit Sharma and of course MS Dhoni goes from campaign again Rohit Sharma ball our boob – come on it’s Ben savage our first layer should be – Antonio obviously Virat Kohli just with boom era and I think motion will be very good so in LAC face ballers I don’t know that I just know weird college because I’m a charmer ms dhoni rich amma dared Carly Johnny Asha Gotham first of all – Nguni will be at coulee also and normal Sammy at first be radically sure of Ganguly Rahul Dravid mom mom in front of this way it will be a man – singh dhoni Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma and hardik Pandya and I will give you three options for each and every questions who is the best batsmen Royce or Marco holy Tony Vinod Khanna : it’s a difficult question but I think Rohit Sharma Tony Romo Bali direct Kelly Donnie based polar governorship come on boom da ma ma ma ma ma Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Munna come on move inertial kumar is one of my favorite bowler but I think recent performance is boom bruh better boots who is the better words Indian silicon I will say Bangladesh coach Bangladesh goes sandy Bangladesh one of the spigot India India in 2000 is that our sector messes the about says for the religion mapped on means their condition Authority cassava locale laboratory it is for the National one karate Malekith the variety we have a very not not a good connection with Indians because of the Facebook calls and something but you know we love India and all the best were 2019 World Cup tomorrow neck hollow kill so stinking spiritual near to mother pattern just another steam follow vertebra shape every man has a package respect for our chief I think the economy her duty to but I hope validation dejalo even better tomorrow yeah Indian fans are used but at present the quantity of attendance in Indian Stadium are decreasing day by day I think they will was cricket at presenting at stadium and especially the Test cricket because Indian has a very reliable past of Test cricketer who molecules move should I would be Shiva local with people personally about you know I mean I was sure a Volvo that the Shea the media on a cutie recorded offender from India k2 lady super talk where they say they also gave the chapel was a machine madam Mao here and vomited a shuttle did a a cuckoo little vodka I’m on Tata kill the Shiva bhakta Paribas in it I’m Russia left a message editor Jerry Thomas a recent performance a bomb on a gay German Keller – Jake helicopter Bangla India and Pakistan a buta teams open Phil toka phone for a show vodka tonic BC Jonah beautiful – Kim – shhh – a temperature let’s check Bangladesh I mean be a good boy – in bi one biology at open biology pursue practice of chair when a basic Avenger Corrigan where am I India supported that Volvo Bangladesh India huge supporter receive huge fan of Bangladesh a busy busy in BRT massive imbalance at the airbase basic allahu la Valse take another in the india surrogacy jovem india toaster pro bono of the car [Music] do not forget to watch these other videos right here also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram links will be in the description box below click on my face somewhere right here to subscribe to my channel let me know what you’d like to see next ill next time see you and good bye [Music]