Hi I’m Dan Murphy, I’m president of Bandon Rugby Football Club We’re here to promote Bandon Ruby on Broadway, it is on the 27th of April in the Bandon GAA pavilion.
We are raising funds for
development of our grounds and our club house. We published last year an
ambitious five-year development plan and and part of that was developing two pitches at the time, we went on to develop a further two pictures,
we’re now at the next stage where we put in floodlighting and match quality
floodlighting and two other pitches our dressing rooms need upgrading so that’s what Broadway is about. We were lucky enough to get lottery funding, the Rugby Union has been good enough to give us a grant as well.
Tickets are available online through Eventbrite dot ie Our main sponsor for the night is Kevin O’Leary’s, Mazda they have been very good enough to sponsor us, tickets are available through
there outlets and also through our underage sponsor Dan Moloney’s Meats in South Main, Street, also available from from any member or from the clubhouse.
It’s great to see the GAA given us a use of their facilities, we have a very good
relationship with them we will a lot of crossover between players.
Broadway is where a number of people get together and decide to perform an act based
on a Broadway musical, that’s what it is it’s kind of an amateur musical where
that they’ll perform one of the scenes or one of those songs from their
favorite Broadway musicals We have eight acts on the night, it’s coming together
and it promises to be a very good very good night’s entertainment hopefully
fundraising aspect of it a obviously admission on the night but each group is looking for sponsorship each of groups have sponsorship cards
available and there’s votes available on the night as well but I suppose in the
modern society that we live in and what we’ve done is we’ve launched Go Fund Me pages for each of the acts and the Go Fund Me pages there
available if you Google Go Fund Me Bandon Rugby each the page will pop up.
So probably go over but hopefully saying that was a great amateur
production. Thanks for watching.