Tips for Fresh Players(4) Do not partner a player who always ask you to hid at the net If you are good player in your club and if you are fresh player in your club like very new to badminton then you must watch this one I am 10 years eperienced and play very well in my club and Stephanie is only few months fresh badminton player I don’t want to use beginner I some how I don’t like the word beginner that’s why I am using fresh player she is fresh player okay so ready playing match against reasonably good player but this good player force Stephanie to hide at the net when I serve please go at the net yeah and stay yeah go we play yeah like that okay like this yeah so so whole time poor Stephanie is hiding away so ready so now changing okay ready Stephanie is good I am fresher okay ready so you just move around yeah okay yeah go serve and then this player go there she goes there he hides he hides just moving around okay thank you so this player for whole time keep hiding at the net and keep practicing his/her head to look where to hide a player like that for several months she will develop hiding skills and later difficult to change it if player this player experienced player is really good and willing to help Stephanie then she should move around that’s better players job that is better players role to give the fresh players confidence and learn how to play in the proper way rather than pushing them to the one side of the net all the time and I saw many ladies have developed this kind of skill because from the beginning she has been told move in If you are fresh player then it is not good idea to play with a very good player who always ask you to move to the net and hide. The best partner to you (Fresh player) is a same level player or better player than you but still happy and willing to help you to play whole court. It is far better to play proper way and lose a match than win a match by hiding at the net during the whole match.