LJB Type 3: Tim – 2 Where to Smash and Where to Return Opponent Samsh Hello Tim first of all I would like to say to you well done because I can see two improvements from the following video action clip of yours the first one you made improvement is you are doing more low services than flick service, that’s very good as level goes higher you can get more points by doing low service than flick, because opponent can hit it down second improvement I saw is your net positioning is backwarded and your awareness of front court looks wider, so looks you are intercepting covering much wider front court ok now, I saw your second action clip I am going to focus on two things number 1 where to smash number 2 – where to return opponents smash and why please have a look and if you don’t understand or any questions, you can email me at any time ok, well done Often cross smash could put you under pressure when I see you play, some times you smash to cross direction so let’s say my friend is you, Tim some times that yellow thing is your partner at the net sometimes you smash here from that corner, this is quite often very dangerous because from here to that corner no body is there, is empty and because it is straight it goes faster and because it goes straight, your partner at the base very difficult to intercept have look what happens so this is your opponent that’s you and that’s your partner cross smash please ok try to take it yeah try to take it and then I hit here so that’s dangerous because it opens empty court for him very difficult because shuttle will fly from here that way your partner to take this one very difficult because he has to move same, the other way I saw some times you smash this way cross too here, here bang, cross smash and then that’s all empty here forward little more ready, cross smash yeah, because you have to go all the way and this is straight much quicker same reason, your partner will be very hard to take this one because shuttle is away from him, watch again after smash try to take it yeah, difficult one more yeah hard same, from here your partner point of view smash, I can do that its very deep corner he has to move I can block which is away from him and he has to move and difficult so, cross smash very often opens your court and make your partner at the net difficult to intercept so unless you have very good reason what reason? lets say two opponents he is very good this player is not good so you want to deal with him because he can’t make good shots then you can attack to him but if two opponents levels are same then you have to deal with this person Where to Smash ok the best place to smash if two of your opponents are same level lets say you are there that corner like my friend you are there you are attacking from over there my friend is there your opponent if your opponent is reasonably experienced he will not stand here he will stand little bit this side to cover here because its straight and his partner won’t be center if they are reasonably good players he will move here and then I will move here ok so, if you smash to the center line this is dangerous because when shuttle is there this player, this opponent will move little bit this side and his racket will be here pointing the person so if you smash to the line from there you are smashing to his racket because his racket is there yeah, so it goes fast this is not the right place in that situation then where this is not the center when person is there attacking the real center is here because I will be moving here this persons partner will move there so real center, when you are smashing from there is not the center line it has to be there can you see the point but this is real center when you are smashing from the center then he will be standing center his partner will be standing center so this center line this center line is real center yes so when you smash from center to here right but when you smash from that corner, no because of this racket is there bang racket is there bang racket is there bang so real center is here watch this so his parnter will be there so little bit there over there this person will move little bit there so, you should smash here make this person to deal with this shuttle not him so, if you smash here that corner is empty but for me to hit this shuttle cock to that corner my shuttle has to pass your partner so he has chance to intercept and because its cross direction you have time to hit if he miss it watch this smash here another reason, when shuttle is there he will be ready like that if you smash here he has to turn it it takes longer and difficult so watch this smash yes smash yes smash yes so, it will go near to him from here does not matter where I hit to the corner most of the shots will be near your partner ok, so if you smash what ever reason this smash returned from your opponent still you are safe because I don’t have direction to deluge you ok, here bang yes this is the best corner even this person knows you are smashing here still this is the best because of all those reasons ok now the other side please, Mayur then as I said, this player will move there, because shuttle is there me, this player will move little bit there because of straight fast so, if you smash from that corner to the center line because you think this is middle centre line no its dangerous because he moves here and his racket will point you so when you smash to the line centre line you are smashing to his racket here like this one more here yeah, very difficult for you to get if you smash not the line here, this is the best point because number 1 – his racket will be there if smash comes here, he has to do that or he has to do that so it takes time number 2 – what ever shot this player hit any corner from here it will go to your partner at the net so he has much better chance to intercept watch this smash here please there here like this or he has to do like this so I cannot deluge your side but you may question Lee How about down the line down the line some times good but that’s second very best because number 1 – if you smash down the line I have more shots than when you smash here here, smash down the line I can do block he has to do, your partner has to come so he will worry about that then I have that corner ok one more yeah so its very wide corner he has to cover but if I take shuttle here its almost 40% easier for him another shot here I can go drive it middle court he can’t take it and you find very hard to take it but its different when you smash here no that’s problem then here yes its much more difficult to recap, centre line is the right place to smash when you are smashing from the centre because I am here and my partner is there centre is real centre but if you smash from that side that is not the real centre, that’s dangerous centre because he will hit over there so real centre is this side same over there Mayur so if you smash there, it will be the best yeah like this yes here not, from that corner not the centre line because this person will simply drive Where to Return now the next point is where you should return opponents smash I know you try to do block quite a bit but the best return is flat middle court push like this go so smash here like that yeah, flat so even if his partner or your opponent partner takes that shot he has only two choices block it again or lift because its flat so in doubles, cross shot 60-70% dangerous but once you are ready cross shot intercepted by your opponent straight yeah attack because its from here, to your partner is straight he does not have time to defence finish it yeah like that he has no chance so Tim this is you smash, this is smash opponent you are returning ok ready go now compare can you see it because if you block straight not slow block look, if you do slow block he have two chances, one tight net yeah or some times your straight block is lose he can kill it but if you do this kind of shot yeah forcing, middle court pushing it they have no chance other than block and lift but remember, do more straight unless because you did so many straight your opponent partner knows, so he moves this side already and then you can do that but if your opponent at the net is normally prepared little bit there that is better take Mayur this is you Tim, opponent is smashing which ever way here, here, here does not matter if shuttle is there he cannot move there there yeah that way or here straight straight rather than try to be very skillful block easy also across block so easy 2,3 times easier than this one yeah you just see it this you are giving to much time when you do the cross shot, you are giving to much time than this sorry again yeah like this ok recap, when you defence smash straight mid court is better straight block is better forcing block is better than soft block yeah what I mean is can you push to me not soft block because they can kill it force it, attack force it so he has no chance to kill it or intercept so be careful with cross net, cross drive in order you to do that you have to have good reason why? when your opponent is expecting straight return from you then may be you can do that but if your opponent is ready for both side equally then straight is much better