What Destroys Your Smash (3) Taking it above your head (The highest point) I know many players are trying to hit their smash at the highest point and because of that their power is lost 30-40 percent their control, direction becomes poor ok this what the players are trying to do ok they have been told they have been heard the shuttlecock must be hit at the highest point the highest point to me for smash is here here please watch my hitting action so I am trying to hit the highest point so my power goes up please remember I am not hitting shuttlecock to the ceiling where am I hitting the shuttlecock I am hitting the shuttlecock to forward so accurately the impact point must be in front of my body so my arm must not be stretched vertically upwards my arm must be stretched forward that way not that way watch with shuttlecock I am trying to hit shuttlecock at the highest point so my power goes that way there are many problems number 1 I lose power because my arm moves up my eyes has to go up so I lose vision after I hit like that my weight is center so I lose recovery my ready for the next shot is slow because I hit like this now compare so same same it should be there there I have to move impact point should be there not there so the players the beginners newly coming to badminton and some advanced player in the club telling them you must take shuttlecock highest as you can so they heard that with out thinking of course they cannot because they are beginners they have no idea so they just try to hit like this they look high and they go up like this and I met many players like that and their smash, clear, dropshot all of them completely ruined impact point must be in front of my body not above my head not there it has to be there CoachingBadminton.com