Do Not Land on Your Toes In badminton movement is very important skill I feel in a way you are hitting the shuttlecock with your feet not with your racket why I say that it doesn’t matter how good hitting skills you have if your movement is not efficient if your movement skill is not right you can’t get to the shuttlecock fast enough further more you cannot find exact right spot for each shuttlecock if you find wrong spot the impact point will be different there fore your hitting skills will not work I have been coaching for many years but I am surprised to see many players fresh players to badminton intermediate players and even experienced club players have this problem I have not found out why many players have this problem it does not look comfortable and this is causing many problems but still many players are doing it what is it? Landing on your toes what I mean so shuttle is there you go to the shuttlecock please watch my right foot when you are landing at the impact it should be your heel landing first watch me like that like that like this like that that way your landing is solid because your landing is solid you can recover powerfully straight away promptly but many players at the time they are hitting at the time they are landing they land on their toe they are landing in this way if I move side way they land like that not like that same backhand it should be like that like that one more like that but surprisingly more than 60% of players I see they are trying and they are landing like that like this number one it is not comfortable at all number two landing on toe limits how much he can go to the shuttlecock number three because landing on toe is not strong it can cause problem on knees and ankle, it can be turned it looks like the person who is doing that in the normal life walks like this no person walks like that because it is not natural so watch this here this is wrong way what I see hit like that hit like that hit like that hit like that only one reason I am thinking why many players try to land on toe is may be they saw textbook what some experienced players advice them use your toe so use your toe is right at the base but not when you are hitting when you are landing so watch this I am here I will land toe to go over the line from here over the line because shuttle is over there I try to land on toe I have to do that same I land my heel first which is right way, which is natural way yeah I can do that I can do that but if I land on my toe I can’t go there so when I ask players try to land your heel first is this naturally like that and sometimes the players who hear that and try to do well and they do extreme way yeah that’s too much that’s not what I am asking just naturally that that ready compare that ready is wobbly I can’t move now but if you land on heel you are ready and when you land on heel your posture is solid than like this like that not like this very dangerous to your ankle and your knee because you can’t land on toe straight way the players who land on toe normally they turn it and their ankle direction is wrong their knee direction is wrong so please check you may do it because in my experience out of 10 players 6 or 7 players have this problem surprisingly please check yourself and if you are doing it change it straight away