What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (6) Using too much thumb Ok this one many players have wrong idea they think using thumb for backhand clear yes, but for backhand clear thumb is supporting thumb is not the main element to create the power watch this my thumb is there too many players are using thumb too much so shuttle is there they when they hit it they use their thumb to push it like this like that because of this it pushes the shuttle cock watch this please I am copying those players move back they think ok backhand I must use thumb so end of their thumb goes there like this because they belive thumb has to be used thumb has to push the shuttlecock like this so what happens ok shuttle is there they use thumb to push it push the backhand clear this should not be used the end thumb this area should not be used for backhand clear backhand clear this area has to be used there not there ok watch this here I hit if I take my if you look end thumb is not being used that’s used not this I will show you the wrong way using the end thumb to push, generate power there look not like that again one more then you may question me if you don’t use thumb to push it to generate power in backhand clear where the power is generated is this four fingers this this this pull forward this just support not this pushes it four fingers pull and tap not thumb and thumb push it you lose lot of power doing that for backhand clear please feel it impression few more shuttles this is the right way this is wrong way wrong way right way CoachingBadminton.com