Tips for Serious Players (7) Do not highlight your mistakes and opponent’s good shots There is no one who plays a match without silly mistakes without errors and during the match his opponent will of course make good shots so he will lose point that is the match the important thing is who wins the match point until then many things can happen but sometimes some players when they make mistake they highlight that moment and when opponent made good shot good point this player highlights that moment by doing that make opponent happy and make him going down more yeah for example he is playing and then chance came higher here and he made smash unfortunately it should be his point but he hit the net then what happens what he does he hits the net oh my god he highlights that moment when he does it it only makes him happy he shouldn’t be like that every body knows this is great chance for him and he made mistake that will happen that is match okay so in that case he made painful mistake and just treat nothing nothing happened and just get on the match so he will minimize the effect of making such crucial mistake because he is not highlighting it compare like 18-18 crucial stage chance came he made mistake bang wow my god how can I make that mistake and he stays there for 5-7 seconds and do nothing okay watch in a match playing singles 19-19 during the match he made bad lift opponent made smash he lost the point and become 20-19 and he does this after he lost the point he stayed there and highlight that moment for every body including his opponent and he is showing how painful that point is to him it should be like this 19-19 he made bad shot and then opponent made good smash like that it looks like nothing happened okay I will give you the example the person who behaves the person who highlights this kind of moment when he lost the point, when he made bad mistake is like this let’s say he has 100 dollars in his bank that’s all he has got some how he lost 100 dollars so from tomorrow morning he cannot eat so when he lost 100 dollars he lost everything at that moment people will behave like this oh what happened what should I do I lost what all I have but compare I have 1000 dollars in my bank and I lost 1 dollar how will I behave 1 dollar nothing yeah I can still survive that’s very small no problem I can carry on my life without any issue because I still have 999 dollars in my bank the player should behave like that even though its 19-19, 18-18 he made such bad mistake I made mistake just carry on specially when the player made bad mistake specially he should not highlight it because it makes him happy and the atmosphere bad for him so next time when you play a match remember you have so much money in your bank you just lost 1 dollar losing 1 dollar doesn’t change your life do not behave you have only 100 dollars in your bank and you lost 100 dollars