Tips for Serious Players (2) Stay away from doing fancy shots If you are serious player you want to play nationally, internationally then try to stay away from the fancy shots what I mean by fancy shots is hitting this way hitting that way you might challenge me Lee some top players still do it sometimes excellently he can take I disagree if a player try to take shuttle early as possible high as possible then he will have habit of doing that that taking shuttle like that already means there is some 10 percent fun factor is in this player so this player is playing a match ok smash ok compare here smash ready ok ready like that compare compare again that means this player is already having intention to do that now once you do it you will do it again you will make opportunity to do it again and you will be getting away from pure, serious competing badminton player there is a saying needle thief eventually becomes a cow thief the small habbit will bring that habit big later so do not even try to do this kind of fancy shot if you want to be the top player you can do that after you retire you can go club you can enjoy yourself but not while you are competing