How to cut a Broken Racket String Let’s say you use your racket and you play and then suddenly string breaks so one string is broken now you want to cut it to take it out it’s better cut it sooner otherwise the shape can be damaged it’s not good for racket leaving too long in my experience if stringing is done right and if you are experienced good player and your shots are normally accurate then normally string breaks that’s center the spot point power point is not center power point is from the center about 2 or 3 strings up its the power point so if you break your string about here or down here these two there or here if you break string there or below one you can say you have good impact point clean impact point but normally the players have bad/poor impact then some time they break string here there or there then that tells you you don’t have clean power spot hit okay now let’s say string breaks here or any where now do not cut one side all the way so let’s say you are cutting from here cut cut this way cut may ends up breaking your racket because if you cut it there this is loose this is tensed so the racket shape will be changed same if you cut it down here to up same problem so then how to do it so you break here then you cut down here and then one here and one there so it evenly breaks and then high low central area side side and then it will be evenly loosed once string is like that loose then every part is loose now and then you can cut and it will not damage your racket so once again be careful just cutting one side it can damage, its not good for your racket cut same part one by one and then once its loose all together then you can cut it which ever you like