How to Make a Shuttlecock Slower or Faster How to make shuttlecock faster or slower I see some players when the shuttlecock is too slow they just throw shuttle away and change another shuttlecock don’t do that you can make shuttlecock faster or slower how? Let’s say if this shuttlecock is too slow then you tip in like that so shuttle (feather) goes in so there is less air resistancy let’s say if this shuttle is too fast then do opposite you tip out you may do depending on how fast if you want just little bit faster then you can tip every other instead of every feather because if you do every feather it will be slower, may be too slow so if you just want to make little bit slower then do it every other or every two other its all depending on how slow how fast this shuttle is and how much you want this to be slower so depending on that you can do every feather tip out or every other feather tip out same if it is too slow you can tip in every feather or you can tip in every other feather depending on that so don’t just throw the shuttle away you can make slow shuttle or fast shuttle to be the right speed Yeah please remember if shuttlecock is too fast tip out if shuttlecock is too slow then tip in