Tips for Freshers (8) Do not catch shuttlecock before it lands Normally the better players in the club do that let’s say I am playing with somebody and during the play my opponent hits out wide about here I know its out my opponent who hits it knows its out and somebody may be watching this match also knows its going out but this player must leave it until it lands and then he should pick it up after it lands regardless how much it went out but this happens so we are playing and then I serve short my opponent hits out there there then I should leave it to see its really out he picks it up before it lands because he didn’t say but he does it because he tells everybody it was out yes we all know it was out but he must not pick it up before shuttle lands normally the fresh players don’t do that they follow the rules but better players in the club some of them they do it okay one more so during the play like that he will pick it up out but actually he lost the point because before shuttle lands he picked it up so he should lose the point but very few normally better players disregard the rule and does it which is not good if you are fresh player please do not copy this kind of things this is not good manner to the opponent.