presents How to catch a shuttle cock hit one shuttle to me if your opponent give shuttle back to you then do that rather than some beginner players, they do they try to hold it by 2 hands and then take it if they are lucky they can take so, when shuttle is flying your racket goes to the shuttle stay with the shuttle, come down together ya, you can take it by backhand forehand go to the shuttlecock there try, you can learn very quickly rather than, don’t wait down there and then you make bounce stretch your racket to the shuttlecock and then down sometimes the monkey can fall from the tree you can practice by yourself, watch this forehand backhand forehand backhand forehand backhand forehand backhand or you can practice slice slice slice slice slice slice slice ya you can practice, play with it the key thing is don’t have hard grip but not too soft, medium ya feel it so you think your finger can be used See more Badminton Videos at