Tips for Beginners (1) The most important thing to know This series is for badminton beginners the number 1 thing is the right attitude which is passing shuttlecock to opponent to partner nicely with respect badminton is such good fun demanding at same time sport but if 1 player out of the 4 has disrespectable attitude it ruins the enjoyment of the other 3 when you pass the shuttlecock to your opponent please do not pass that way it is better to pick it up move back and give shuttle nicely to your opponent same same when you pass shuttlecock to your partner not like that pick it up give him or pick it up an give him rather than like this and some people they pick it up fine but pass the shuttle without respect because they are angry by just losing the point they pick it up an pass shuttle like this and he does not care where the shuttle goes he picks up and then like this this is equally not good pick it up like that now there are more important things here when you take the shuttlecock walk back and pass you are incharging the shuttlecock you have control of the shuttlecock which means you are controlling the game once shuttlecock is in opponents hands he is controlling the game so by taking shuttlecock and think what you are going to do why you lost the point it gives you the time to plan ahead for the next rally so the way to pick it up pass the shuttle respectfully is not only talking manner there are technical reasons there so please remember pass the shuttlecock to your opponent to your partner nicely that is number 1 lesson to you as badminton beginner If you have this one right everything else you will enjoy badminton for long time and most importantly other people will respect you